Hey dante will we meet again in heaven

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hey dante will we meet again in heaven

[meeting Ernesto de la Cruz at the party] I'm Miguel. Mariachi: Look, if I were you, I'd march right up to my family and say, "Hey! Miguel: Ah! [gives the guitar back and Abuelita is stomping up the street with . Miguel: That's just Dante. . Héctor: We drank together, and you told me you would move heaven and earth for. The relatively unscripted theology of Purgatory is a theme to which I will return . No one, without exception, whom we meet from Purgatorio 1 on is unsaved. Again, the point is that the system is fundamentally binary: souls are damned and to Dante, completely invented by him), Lucifer's fall from heaven excavated the . Chris: “Hey guys! Will we meet again?” Dante: "I can't say for sure kid but, take my power with you for this one.." (Dante hands over Rebellion.

Those who journey to the top of Mount Purgatory are engaged in a quest to purge themselves of sin. This is a process in which humans essentially return to a condition of first innocence, of existential newness.

There are two adjectives in the verse just cited: At the end of Purgatorio the self is reborn and renewed, as is Dante: When Adam and Eve were new, they looked upon the stars that Dante sees now, the stars that are only visible in the uninhabited southern hemisphere.

The place where Lucifer fell and hit the earth is the place where Christ lived and died, Jerusalem. That displaced earth rose up on the other side of the globe from Jerusalem, exactly opposite to Jerusalem, and became Mount Purgatory. Mount Purgatory is consequently in the middle of the uninhabited southern hemisphere. The southern hemisphere is completely watery, containing only one land mass: No living human has touched the earth of Mount Purgatory since Adam and Eve left, although—as we shall see—one human navigated these waters and came close enough to these shores to be able to see an immensely tall mountain in the distance: It appears first in Purgatorio 1.

Is it this syntactical loophole that allows Dante to say that the stars of the other pole have never been seen except by the first people, when Ulysses certainly indicates that he saw them?

hey dante will we meet again in heaven

And, again, as in Inferno Where Ulysses is concerned, the world itself and its component parts—the night, the shore—are the only witnesses to his grandeur, and to his failure. In these verses Dante is reminding us that the one previous living human who navigated these waters, Ulysses, was not able to return.

The narrator has created two sets of beings with respect to the right and ability to reach Mount Purgatory: There are two men who have journeyed to Purgatory in the flesh: Ulysses comes by sea as it turns out that the dead souls also dowhile Dante comes by land. The dead souls who journey to Purgatory journey by sea, like Ulysses.

However, these souls, who come here licitly, will arrive by a different route. They come from the mouth of the river Tiber at Ostia, near the Vatican in Rome, as we will learn in the next canto.

What served you both as lantern when, from the deep night that will always keep the hellish valley dark, you were set free? The laws of the abyss—have they been broken? Or has a new, a changed decree in Heaven let you, though damned, approach my rocky slopes?

He then explains the various features of this special journey: Moreover, the path to salvation required Virgilio to lead Dante through Hell and now through Purgatory, where he intends to show Dante the souls who purge themselves under the governance of this patriarch: As verses show, Virgilio knows who the identity of the soul to whom he is speaking. He knows enough of Purgatory to know under whose guardianship it is.

Virgilio therefore tailors his request to his interrogator, declaring that Dante-pilgrim is on a quest for freedom analogous to the quest for which his interrogator gave up his life: Or ti piaccia gradir la sua venuta: Virgilio here defines his interlocutor as one who gave up his life for freedom.

How does Virgilio know that the person to whom he speaks gave his life for liberty? Apparently those in Limbo know that one who was once one of their own—Cato of Utica, a Roman and a pagan—is now the saved guardian of purgatory.

Here we see Dante save a pagan who killed himself rather than lose the freedoms of Republican Rome, freedoms that were lost when Caesar took absolute power. And yet, in the previous canto, Inferno 34, Dante damned as traitors those who killed Caesar. Cato killed himself rather than allow himself to be subjected to Caesar.

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Dante has therefore a more liberal construction of suicide than we might have expected; he does not view self-sacrifice for the cause of political liberty as a form of wanton self-destruction. In his address to Cato, Virgilio conflates the two quests for freedom: Indeed, the moral and the political do not truly diverge, as all readers of Dante know.

The identity of the guardian of Purgatory is shocking not only because he is a suicide, but most of all because he is a pagan. Indeed, the identity of the guardian of Purgatory creates shock waves that persist long after Purgatorio 1. This reality that has enormous and discomforting repercussions with respect to our friend Virgilio.

As discussed in the Introduction to Inferno 4Virgilio specifically told Dante that those in Limbo are guilty only of not being baptized, through no fault of their own, simply because they lived before the birth of Christ. In Inferno 4, Virgilio is very clear that the souls in Limbo did not sin: What are you doing here?! I was just getting a shine!

I know your tricks, mariachi! He was just showing me his guitar. You keep away from him. You will come home, NOW. What is all this? You've keep secrets from your own family?! It's all that time he spends in the plaza! Filled his head with crazy fantasies! It's not a fantasy! That man was Ernesto de la Cruz, gives Papa the photo the greatest musician of all time!

We've never know anything about this man, but whoever he was, he still abandoned his family. This is no future for my son! You said my family would guide me.

hey dante will we meet again in heaven

Well, de la Cruz is my family. I'm supposed to play music. That man's music was a curse! I will not allow it! But if you would just-- Mama: You will listen to your family! Miguel tries to play the guitar, but Abuelita snatches it from him Abuelita: You want to end up like that man? Left off your family's ofrenda? Abuelita along with the whole family gasps in absolute shock at what Miguel has said Abuelita: This isn't a dream then! You're all really out there!

You thought we weren't? Oh, I don't know. I thought it might have been one of those made-up things, that adults tell kids, like vitamins. Miguel, vitamins are a real thing. Well, now I'm thinking maybe they could be.

Yes, it is I, Frida Kahlo. Shall we skip the scanner? I'm on so many ofrendas, it will just overwhelm your blinky thingy. Looks like no one put up your photo… Frida? Okay, when I said I was Frida, just now, that And I apologize for doing that.

No photo on an ofrenda, no crossing the bridge. I'm just gonna zip right over, you won't even know I'm gone!

Hey Dante Will We Meet Again?

Aw, I don't know what I'd do if no one put up my photo. A-as a matter of fact… yes. I demand to speak to the person in charge! They wouldn't let me cross the bridge! Tell this woman and her devil box that my photo is on the ofrenda! Well, w-we never made it to the ofrenda. We ran into uh What is going on? He sure doesn't look like an alebrije. He just looks like a plain old dog Or a sausage someone dropped in a barbershop. Whatever he is, I am [sneezes] terribly allergic. But Dante doesn't have any hair.

Now, you look at the living and say his name. Now say, "I give you my blessing. I give you my blessing. To put my photo back on the ofrenda And to never play music again! She can't do that!! Well, technically, she can add any condition she wants. Then you hand the petal to Miguel. He looks out the window. This isn't fair, it's my life! You already had yours! Don't make this hard, mijo. You go home my way, or no way. You really hate music that much?!

I will not let you go down the same path he did! She's just looking out for you. You need to clean up your act, amigo. Oh, that's-that's so nice to hear you say that, because You like de la Cruz?

He and I go way back! I can get you front row seats to his Sunrise Spectacular show! I-I-I'll get you backstage, you can meet him! You just gotta let me cross that bridge! I should lock you up for the rest of the holiday, but my shift's almost up and I wanna visit my living family, so I'm letting you off with a warning. Can I at least get my costume back? You really know de la Cruz? Wait, wai-wait, wait, wait, wait.

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You're going back to the Land of the Living! Maybe this isn't such a good I-I can help you, you can help me. We can help each other. You said de la Cruz was your only family. The only person who could send you home. I do have other family, but— Hector: You could have taken my photo back this whole time? But they hate music. I need a musician's blessing. You lied to me! Oh, you're the one to talk. I'm being forgotten, Miguel. I don't even know if I'm gonna last the night.

I'm not gonna miss my one chance to cross the bridge, 'cause you want to live out some stupid musical fantasy! I'm taking you to your family.

Let go of me! You'll thank me later. You don't wanna help me. You only care about yourself. Hector chases after it in the wind] Keep your dumb photo!

Stay away from me! I-I thought you hated music. Oh, I love it. I remember that feeling - when my husband would play and I would sing, and nothing else mattered, but when we had Coco suddenly, there was something in my life that mattered more than music. I wanted to put down the rules. He wanted to play for the world.

hey dante will we meet again in heaven

We each made a sacrifice to get what we wanted. Now, you must make a choice. But I don't wanna pick sides. Why can't you be on my side? That's what families are supposed to do - support you, but you never will. We had a deal, chamaco! What is the meaning of this?

hey dante will we meet again in heaven

I thought you couldn't make it. I just met him tonight. He told me he knew you. You're, you're being forgotten. Those were my songs you took. My songs that made you famous! If I'm being forgotten, it's because you never told anyone that I wrote them! De la Cruz wrote all his own songs. We made a great team, but you died and I I only sang your songs because I wanted to keep a part of you alive.

hey dante will we meet again in heaven

You really did play together. Look, I don't want to fight about it.