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The Scienceblogging Weekly (July 27th, ) . How Do You Choke Away the British Open? Batman Movies Don't Kill. Meet the Skeptics: Why Some Doubt Biomedical Models - and What it Takes The Making of PeerJ and Open Science, SciBarCamp and Les Horribles Cernettes by Graham Steel. 20% of effort that makes 80% of difference at interviews' (The powerful pocketbooks of 1) eBook: Graham C. Sykes, Andy Sykes: Kindle Store. November 7, @ pm - pm Presented by Dance Films Association Hosted by Vernon Scott in Dixon Place, will be open before at 6: 00pm, during, and after the performance until midnight for theater patrons. including former Graham dancers and other luminaries of the stage and screen.

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As a child, Apatow lived mainly with his father, and visited his mother on weekends. Apatow's mother spent a summer working at a comedy club, which is where Judd was first exposed to live stand-up comedy. Stand-up, early film and television work[ edit ] Apatow began performing stand-up comedy at age seventeen, during his senior year of high school.

After graduating from high school inhe moved to Los Angeles and enrolled in the screenwriting program at University of Southern California. Apatow introduced the acts at these events with short standup routines of his own. He also began volunteering at and later producing benefit concerts for HBO's Comic Relief and performing and seeing standup at the Improv in Hollywood.

Apatow had met Stiller outside of an Elvis Costello concert inand they became friends. Despite critical acclaim and an Emmy Award for Apatow and the rest of the writing staff, Fox canceled the show in He credits Shandling as his mentor for influencing him to write comedy that is more character-driven. During this same time, he worked as a consulting producer and staff writer for the animated show The Criticstarring Jon Lovitz. Around the same time, Apatow was hired to produce and do an uncredited re-write of the script for the movie The Cable Guywhich was released in to mixed reviews.

Liar, Liar and Bruce Almighty. However, the film was never made. He also wrote and directed several episodes of the series. After its cancellation, Apatow was the executive producer and creator of the series Undeclaredwhich reused Seth Rogen in the main cast and other Freaks and Geeks cast members in recurring roles. Although both shows were quickly canceled, USA Today media critic Susan Wloszczyna called the shows "two of the most acclaimed TV series to ever last only one season.

The pilot was not picked up by ABC. Apatow co-produced the sequel, Anchorman 2: Apatow wrote the initial draft of the film on the set of Talladega Nights.

In addition to being a critical success, the film was also a commercial hit, continuing Apatow's newfound mainstream success. A concept Rogen and Goldberg had created as teens, Apatow convinced Rogen to write the film as a vehicle for himself in Rogen and Goldberg finished writing the film, but were unable to find a studio interested in producing it.

Apatow then enlisted Rogen and Goldberg to write Pineapple Expressa stoner action movie that he felt would be more commercial. After the success of Anchorman and The Year-Old Virgin, Apatow was still unable to sell both Superbad and Pineapple Express; it was only after he produced the commercial hit Talladega Nights that Sony Pictures Entertainment decided to produce both.

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Subsequently, he was cast in a supporting role as a police officer and friend Jonah Hill took his role as the high school student. Apatow credits Rogen for influencing him to make his work more "outrageously dirty. After his success in film, he hired the entire writing staff from Undeclared to write movies for Apatow Productions. Apatow wrote the film, which starred Adam Sandler and Seth Rogen as a pair of standup comedians, one of whom has a terminal illness.

Tickets are available at the time of the performance and can be reserved by calling the Theatre UMF box office at Jade Wells — Pittsfield Samuel Fried. Stanley Spilecki Costume Design. Elizabeth Dorr Make up Design.

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Jade Wells Media contact: The competitive UMF Transfer Academic Scholarship will be awarded to select individuals with an outstanding college record who are admitted to UMF as full-time, matriculated transfer students, beginning in fall In addition to the new merit scholarship for transfer students, UMF has also created the Stevens Scholarship this year—a merit scholarship awarded exclusively to Maine first-year applicants.

No special application is necessary to be considered for any UMF merit scholarship. Recipients will be notified of their merit award upon admission. It is available online at www. This exhibit runs from Feb. Humorous and poignant all at once, they are a visual pleasure on many levels.

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The gallery is open noon to 4 p. For more information, or to make special arrangements, please callor email Elizabeth Olbert, director of the UMF Art Gallery, at elizabeth.

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