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GoToMeeting image: This service puts the online meeting and controls as Participants need the meeting ID code to enter, and if they enter by. The GoToMeeting mobile app gives you the accessibility & reliability you need to take your work with you on the road & across the globe. Whether it's a. Forgot password? Support. Sign in with Facebook · Google · Linked In · Microsoft My Company ID. © LogMeIn, Inc. All rights reserved.

goto meet

It defaults to one, and I meant to change it to two, but it was possible to go back and change it later. It would have been better to force the user to enter a value upfront because it's really easy to overlook on the page.

goto meet

Oddly, I saw a warning which told me that my profile's time zone didn't match my computer's time zone. I don't know why it decided I was on Pacific Daylight Time.

goto meet

Thankfully, it's an easy enough thing to fix. The trial defaults to the GoToMeeting Pro plan, which is limited to participants.

goto meet

You see the plan type, expiration date, and a support link for Workspace Cloud under "Plan Details. There are buttons that let you schedule a future meeting, enter a meeting, and create a meeting right now.

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The first time I signed in, I also saw links to take a tour or sign up for free training. The tour was really basic, and highlighted the buttons and the menu where all of the other settings are kept.

After I had set up some meetings, my screen included an area that showed all of my upcoming and ongoing meetings and a history of all my past meetings.

How to Join as an Attendee on GoToMeeting

The My Account page is on a predominantly white page, with gray boxes for plan details, login information, and personal information. The Account page feels dated, though the UI is clearly trying to be a bit more modern.

goto meet

Setting Up a Meeting When you click "Schedule a Meeting," you see a window that asks you to enter the name of the meeting, its frequency occurs once, multiple timesdate, time, and duration.

Participants can connect over Voice-over-IP VoIP as long as they have a working microphone and speakers, dial a country-specific direct number, or use a separate conference call service. When you click the button to use your own service, you see a text window in which to paste your information.

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There are three considerations that would determine which one you should use: How many people will attend your meeting? GoToMeeting only supports 26 people including you to attend. If you think you might have more than 26 folks, you'll need to use GoToWebinar, which supports up to participants.

No, that is not a typo. How easy do you need the scheduling to be? GoToMeeting supports an instant meeting Meet Now. Even if you schedule a meeting for later, you only need to enter in the date and time and it's done.

GoToWebinar requires pre-planning and scheduling takes about 3 minutes online.

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In GoToMeeting, they just click on a link or enter a meeting number to attend. Do you need extensive reporting or polling features? GoToWebinar has excellent reporting functionality.

You can see analyses of who registered, who attended, how interested they were, who took the polls, the results of polls and surveys, and other factors. GoToMeeting simply provides limited reports on what meetings and numbers of attendees.

Also, GoToMeeting allows for sharing documents, remote control of others' computers, and chat.

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