Global investment meet kerala

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global investment meet kerala

Inaugurating the Global Investors' Meet here on Saturday, he said the Central projects included capacity expansion of the NTPC power station. The first edition of Emerging Kerala summit, was held from (KSIDC), to highlight investment opportunities available in Kerala and The meet could bring in 45 specific project proposals. The massive investment drive launched by the Kerala government by conducting the mega Global Investor Meet has fetched investments worth.

It was preceded by months of publicity blitz in India and abroad. In fact, its organisers termed it a "landmark in Kerala's history", an event which set a new agenda for the State, an "agenda for an Investment-Employment driven economy".

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Not surprisingly, several investors at the meet spoke appreciatively of the contrast the new agenda offered to the one that characterised Kerala economy until now: But, perhaps, the real significance of the GIM lies in the fact that it underlined once again the need for "genuine" political consensus in Kerala on development issues - not the kind of consensus that Antony and his Cabinet colleagues proclaimed for the consumption of the "global investors" at the meet, but the kind that took into consideration the concerns of all sections of society, especially the underprivileged.

At the meet, Antony declared himself a "changed man" who is now fully in favour of neo-liberal policies and privatisation and said that the "success of the GIM" was the result of the new investment-friendly consensus in the State. Achuthanandan among others, that the meet was an indication of this "new political consensus on development in Kerala".

But it was soon clear that the kind of consensus he was talking about was different from the one that the Opposition offered him. In his speech, Achuthanandan said: I am happy to let you know that there is consensus among political parties of the State and that the State of Kerala needs more investment for stepping up the tempo of development, even to sustain the past gains of our celebrated Kerala Model of Development.

global investment meet kerala

Nayanar explained in his weekly column in the party-run Malayalam daily, Desabhimani, the Opposition was not offering a blank cheque to the government. We can accept any investment that is beneficial to our State. Nobody should oppose such investments if they will bring in more jobs and development.

GIM fetches Rs 26,000-cr investments for Kerala

But projects that are harmful to the State must be opposed. In the name of new investments, the UDF is trying to sell off public resources in the State.

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The government policy is one that is meant to sell off government land, buildings, sea-sand and river waters. GIM is a cover for all this The LDF continues to believe that the main avenues for rural-urban development are decentralisation and people's planning for development implemented through the local bodies. But the UDF does not have such a vision. Achuthanandan and Industries Minister P. KERALA'S development paradox - of persisting economic backwardness despite remarkable achievements in key areas of human development, particularly health and education, and a measure of equity in the development process achieved through trade union action, peasant struggles and redistributive government policies - has been the concern of economists and administrators ever since the Gulf bubble began to burst in the lates.

In his opening remarks at the conference, Namboodiripad asked the international delegates to "please praise Kerala less [for the so-called Kerala model] and instead understand its [the model's] limitations".

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The conference had set a new agenda for the State, one that had to make a sharp break from the existing social service-oriented approach to planning and development, and take up one that led to a rise in industrial and agricultural production.

The LDF government that came to power in tried to translate this vision into action by undertaking the largest decentralisation development exercise India had ever seen.

It tried to secure people's participation in need-based local level development, create pressure from below for greater devolution of powers and demonstrate how resources could be moblised from below for local development. By the end of the five years of the LDF rule though, the campaign had an impressive list of development achievements at the grassroots level, making life better for thousands of ordinary people. However, the campaign became a complete success in only about of the 1, panchayat bodies in the State.

It ran into problems even before the LDF government went out of power because of the lack of adequate funds, the failure to institutionalise the changes brought in by the mass movements and administrative and political shortcomings.

Emerging Kerala

The port is envisaged to provide in total m of quay length in three phases and is designed to cater primarily for containers transshipment, besides providing for other type of cargo such as Multi-Purpose, Break Bulk. Kochi Metro Rail Project The Project envisages construction of a world-class Light Mass Rapid Transit System in Kochi to enhance the quality of life for the Greater Kochi metro area by improving regional connections and reducing overcrowding, traffic congestion, transit time, air and noise pollution.

The estimated project cost is Rs. Monorail Project in Thiruvananthapuram This is a prestigious single-rail mass transit project of Government of Kerala having a route length of Monorail is a rail-based transportation system based on a single rail, which acts as its sole support and guideway.

global investment meet kerala

The rail will be straightened on a track upon the median that divides the main road. Concerns like land acquisition will be minimum, as only junctions are needed to be widened to incorporate the passage.

global investment meet kerala

The running train is to consist of four cars capable of carrying more than persons at a time. The trains would breeze past through the elevated rails at a safe speed of 40Kmph. The total project cost is estimated at Rs.