Fun ways to flirt with your wife

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fun ways to flirt with your wife

All Pro Dad · Date Ideas. After a long period of time, the passion in a marriage can begin to fade. Keep the flame alive with these ten ways to romance your wife: . Use these creative ways to flirt to communicate interest, love, and fun to your spouse. You don't suddenly need to become a Sofia Vergara orGeorge Clooney to put the flirt back in your fellowship. Justfollow these simple tips from.

Justfollow these simple tips from Gandhi and Olver: So take some time to really consider the greatqualities your spouse possesses. Use the energy you normally wouldput toward dwelling on their faults to find the good in them again. Then, compliment them daily on something wonderful they do. Sizedoesn't matter here-small or large, it's the thought thatcounts. Yes, we know yoga pants aredelightful and the only thing that's clean.

But the truth is, youfeel better about yourself when your hair is done, you've shavedand you're wearing something that requires a fastener. And when youfeel better about yourself, you feel more confident to flirt. Andfeeling more confident also makes you more attractive. A hug,a shoulder rub-these are the touchstones of flirting. And sneakinga hand-hold under the covers can feel pretty racy-even if you'rewatching the latest Pixar flick.

It's shocking, buttexting can be used for more than reminders about the kids'schedules and appointments. It's OK to remind your spouse that thefridge is empty, but try sending a text every day that is aboutyour spouse, not about their to-do list. You can get edgy if youwant, but even a simple "I love you" can go a long way. Be present when you actuallyhave time near your spouse.

fun ways to flirt with your wife

Make an effort to really listen tothem. Listening and being receptive were what made those firstdates so exciting.

fun ways to flirt with your wife

She will feel attractive and sexy all over again — just like she did when she was a teenager. Below are a few examples of how you can flirt with her by giving her image-building compliments. Those jeans may be five years old but you slip into them just like you used to when they were brand new My colleagues' wife needs inspiration to join a gym, maybe she needs to meet you I lied to you when I told you that you were the most beautiful woman when we started dating because you are way more beautiful right now than what you were before five years The way you fit into those jeans, Levi's should make you model their pants I think it is time to bring out the sexy little black dress out of the closet again 4 Leave a Cute Sticky Note in Her Wardrobe Your wife will be delightfully surprised if she opens her wardrobe and sees a cute I Love You note stuck to her clothing.

This is a very flirty thing to do and she will instantly break into a romantic smile, especially if you are not there with her. It will make her miss you a lot. You can use this to flirt with your wife in a sexy way by leaving a Post-it on her underwear. She will break into fits of flirty laughter if she opens her wardrobe and sees a cute smiley on a sticky note pinned to her panties.

She will feel loved and it will be the most romantic gesture. Holding her hand will give her a sense of warmth, togetherness and protection. Don't ask your wife if she would like to hold your hand.

8 Creative Ways to Flirt with Your Spouse

Just slip your hand into hers and gently rub her palm while you are shopping or doing other errands. It will pleasantly surprise her and get her into a flirty and romantic mood. Encourage Her to Speak Her Heart A woman will love the feeling of knowing that she can talk openly to her husband as long as she wants, without worrying about boring him out of his mind.

Letting your wife rant about her day will make her feel nice. She will passively feel cared for, and her mood will brighten up instantly. She doesn't expect you to sustain hour long conversations about what she has to say. Just listening to your wife as you both unwind after a busy day is a relaxed way of flirting with her by giving her your undivided attention. Don't Use Her First Name in Day-to-Day Conversations Flirt with your wife and make her feel more attractive by calling her by flirty names including beautiful, hotness, darling and sexy.

Use these names in your day to day conversations. Suppose you want your wife to pass you the TV remote. Don't use her first name and instead, say 'Hey sexy, could you pass me the TV remote please?

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She will feel like you are trying to woo her, just like how you did when you were a new couple. Send cute and sweet messages to her when you are at work. Make her feel that she is the only thing in your mind even when you are not together.

fun ways to flirt with your wife

This will give any married woman weak knees. Here are some examples you can use. My boss just asked me to make a stunning presentation and the word 'stunning' made me think about my stunning wife I saw a beautiful flower on my way to work and I haven't stopped thinking about you, my beautiful On a scale of 1 to 10, last night was 20 and I am missing you like crazy I just thought of checking in to see how my pretty wife was getting along with the day Even a quick two-minute massage has the potential to put your wife in a romantic mood.

Massage away her worries and whisper sweet things in her ear.

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You will instantly put your wife in a good mood if you give her a massage at a random moment during the day. Women traditionally associate massage with romance, which is why a quick two-minute massage can be a great way to steal a flirty moment with your wife. Give her gentle neck a rub when she is reading a book or take her feet in your lap and massage them while you both are watching TV. One of the cutest things that teenagers and young adults do in a new relationship is that they call each to say I Miss You.

fun ways to flirt with your wife

That is the only agenda of the phone call. Do the same thing with your wife.

fun ways to flirt with your wife

Call her and don't ask if you are interrupting. Just say that you have something important to tell her. And when she asks what it is, say that you called say I Miss You.