Friends fans and artists must meet conditions

Depression is a disease of loneliness | Andrew Solomon | Opinion | The Guardian

friends fans and artists must meet conditions

in order to do so, you must have a ton of friends on your account and meet other requirements. Facebook doesn't have a strict list of requirements, but making sure that your Getting your personal Facebook profile (where you have friends instead of fans) verified is a lot . Rain Longson – Artist on fb. By creating a professional Facebook artist page, you can expand your they should set up an artist page, as opposed to their personal pages, which they The Facebook terms and conditions state that you cannot use a will be your profile picture, and all of your friends will become “fans” of your page. (a) The rights granted hereunder shall include the sale of Recordings (as . you hereby waive any right to digital artist royalties, performance royalties or any other from your TuneCore catalog to distribute free to fans or directly through your .. it does not meet that store's technical or editorial specifications, you must pay a.

One in 10 people in the UK said they had no friends and one in five reported feeling unloved in the fortnight preceding the survey. Those who have friends frequently go through life unaware that others do not, because those others are so isolated as to be socially invisible. Because I have written about depression, some such people have reached out to me for advice, describing its universal bleakness and the bleaker reality of suffering without the cushion of love.

friends fans and artists must meet conditions

We are imprisoned even in crowded cities and at noisy parties. Prof Simon Wessely, the incoming president of the Royal College of Psychiatrists, has indicated that only one-third of people with mental health issues in the UK are receiving treatment of any kindwhich means that the number receiving effective treatment must be much smaller. It has been suggested that treating mentally ill people is expensive, and that in the current economic climate, funds cannot readily be found for such treatment.

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But not treating the depressed is ultimately more expensive than treating them. People who cannot function end up on the dole; parents may not be able to take care of their children; men and women too depressed to sustain their physical health could develop serious conditions that cost the NHS a great deal. Such neglect would never be tolerated in response to a physical illness.

Depression is a disease of loneliness. Many untreated depressives lack friends because it saps the vitality that friendship requires and immures its victims in an impenetrable sheath, making it hard for them to speak or hear words of comfort. Love — both expressed and received — is helpful, not because it ameliorates the symptoms of depression it does notbut because it gives people evidence that life may be worth living if they can only get better.

friends fans and artists must meet conditions

Or, you can create a strong link between the two by including your name in the title of the page, using a similar profile picture, or using your personal account to like or share updates from your page. Can I Do That? While this is an option that Facebook offers, we do not often recommend it.

If you really transfer, rather than set up a new page, a lot of your previous content will get lost. Log in to Facebook, using your normal, personal account.

  • Depression is a disease of loneliness
  • Art is a business – and, yes, artists have to make difficult, honest business decisions
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So decide which option is most appropriate for you: This sort of page is designed to focus on you, the creator of your work — and, of course, by extension, your work. However, take a look at the other options before making your final decision.

Local Business or Place — Choose this option if you are aiming to promote a physical, bricks-and-mortar location.

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Then this option is for you. Company Organization or Institution — This is a good option for businesses that have a number of locations with different addresses, opening hours, and so on. Brand or Product — This type of page is good if your artworks are sold in lots of different places.

Entertainment — This does sound as if it might be a good category for an artist, but really this is for things like books, TV shows, and so on.

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You enter the relevant information by filling in the boxes as prompted. For your description, you can use text from your artist statement, or some other piece that you feel encapsulates who you are as an artist. Decide on the URL for your business page — ideally, one that includes the name of your business page.

Add a profile picture. Perhaps the profile picture could be a photo of you at work, and the cover photo a piece of artwork, or a close-up of a piece.

You can play around with these once the page is setup, and experiment with different images from time to time, changing them to celebrate particular events or achievements. Engage and invest to make sure that your art gets the attention it deserves! As a promotional gallery, we take pride in the diverse group of artists from across the globe represented by us.