Fried bee hoon meet

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fried bee hoon meet

fish head/fish meat, rice noodles (mee hoon, or vermicelli), choy sum, ginger, Add the fried fish heads to the soup and boil for a few minutes. Don't ask for "Singapore Noodles" inside Singapore unless you want to be tagged as a tourist. Here's an authentic version of the dish. White Bee Hoon – 白米粉. White beehoon is a classic dish served everywhere from restaurants to Fry prawn shells and heads until fragrant, minutes.

It also briefly had a second branch at a grimy kopitiam stall in Havelock Road last year. It occupies two shophouse units and is, to our relief, fully air-conditioned. Affable Malaysian chef-owner, Mac Kong, 41, started out as a cook specialising in crab bee hoon and other zi char faves for four years at Golden Spoon restaurant in Tiong Bahru, before leaving to set up his own shop cooking, well, pretty much the same stuff.

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Hallelujah, no more sweating while cracking crab shells. The flooring comprises tiles of a nondescript tawny colour, and the chairs are mostly red plastic with a few maroon cloth-draped ones. The only fancy touch here: Today, we are lucky chef Mac is busy in the kitchen instead of schmoozing, so the noodles are on point. The bee hoon here is so wet, it even has a moat of gravy surrounding it. This took us some getting used to initially, since the crab bee hoon we usually love is only gently moist.

fried bee hoon meet

The rice noodles are moderately smoky, its flavour derived from being immersed in a soupy-thick stock made by simmering the crab with cabbage, and oddly: Otherwise, the crabs offered hover around a modest 1kg — 1. Wobbly meat shot with a mellow, pleasantly funky fermented beancurd marinade, then deep-fried to form a crisp coat.

Irresistible when hot, slightly soggy as it cools. Garlicky, crunchy and good, if a touch greasy. Crunchy deep-fried kernels tossed in salted egg yolk sauce that pop in the mouth in little bursts of sweetness and brininess.

fried bee hoon meet

Popcorn has nothing on this. Just like your lovely boyfriend with a dad bod vs. He cooked here for about four years till it closed down in If you are unsure of the quantity of the seasoning water to add, add gradually. The rice vermicelli will take some time to absorb the seasoning water.

You may or may not used up all the seasoning water and this will depend on how moist you want your rice vermicelli to be. Once you are satisfied with the texture of the rice vermicelli, take a spoon and taste the rice vermicelli.

If there is a need, add additional seasoning oyster sauce, salt, white pepper and sesame oil to taste, follow by beansprout.

Fried White Bee Hoon (Rice Vermicelli) 炒白米粉

Stir until well mix and let it simmer for another one minute before off the heat and serve with your preferred side items. In addition, it cut short the time tremendously.

fried bee hoon meet

I hope this recipe will benefit many overseas readers who craved for this simple fried rice vermicelli. The recipes covered various recipes from curry laksa, prawn noodles to fish head beehoon and etc.

fried bee hoon meet

Of course not forgetting the well like Economy Bee hoon and Mee Rebus. You can purchase by clicking the link above.

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fried bee hoon meet

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