Flirt magazine issue 15 zoo

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Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. It was first aired in and was originally based on the Top By the Top 30 was being used and the show was extended from 30 to 45 minutes duration.

flirt magazine issue 15 zoo

The show was also now shown in colour following the BBC1 upgrade in November A switch to the Top 40 was made in Radio One also changed to the Top 30 in the early 70s and to the Top 40 in The show saw many changes through the decades, in style, design, fashion and taste. It periodically had some aspect of its title sequence, logo and theme tune, format, or set design altered in some way, keeping the show looking modern despite its age.

The programme had several executive producers during its run although not all were billed as suchin charge of the overall production of the show, although specific content on individual shows was sometimes decided by other producers. When Stewart left the show inafter nearly 10 years in charge, he was replaced by Robin Nash. Both Stewart and Nash made brief returns to the show as producer after they left, in and respectively.

Stewart devised the rules which governed how the show would operate: The show would include the highest new entry and if not featured in the previous week the highest climber on the charts, and omit any song going down in the chart. For example, if a song was played over the chart countdown or the closing credits, then it was acceptable for the act to appear in the studio the following week.

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These rules were sometimes interpreted flexibly and were more formally relaxed from when records descending the charts were featured more regularly, possibly as a response to the changing nature of the Top 40 in the late s and early s climbers in the charts were a rarity, with almost all singles peaking at their debut position. When the programme's format changed in Novemberit concentrated increasingly on the top Later, during the BBC Two era, the top 20 was regarded as the main cut-off point, with the exception made for up and coming bands below the top Singles from below the top 40 within the top 75 were shown if the band were up and coming or had a strong selling album.

If a single being performed was below the top 40, just the words "New Entry" were shown and not the chart position. The show was originally intended to run for only a few programmes but lasted over 42 years, reaching landmark episodes of1, 1, and 2, in the years[8][9] and [10] respectively.

The first show[ edit ] Top of the Pops was first broadcast on Wednesday, 1 January at 6: Additionally its length was extended by 5 minutes to 30 minutes.

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For the first three years Alan Freeman, David JacobsPete Murray and Jimmy Savile rotated presenting duties, with the following week's presenter also appearing at the end of each show, although this practice ceased from October onwards.

In the first few editions, Denise Sampey was the "disc girl", who would be seen to put the record on a turntable before the next act played their track. He would continue in the role until These features were dropped after a while, although the programme continued to feature new releases on a regular basis for the rest of the decade. During its heyday, it attracted 15 million viewers each week.

The first was shown on 26 December The first show, due to be screened on 21 December, was not shown at all because BBC1 was off the air. The format was slightly tweaked for the Christmas Day edition inwith the Radio 1 DJs choosing their favourite tracks of the year [26] and the following edition on 31 December featuring the year's number 1 hits. Guest co-presenters and a music news feature were introduced for a short while, but had ceased by the end of The chart rundown was split into three sections in the middle of the programme, with the final Top 10 section initially featuring clips of the songs' videos, although this became rarer over the next few years.

An occasional feature showing the American music scene with Jonathan King was introduced in Novemberand ran every few weeks until February In Januarya Breakers section, featuring short video clips of new tracks in the lower end of the Top 40, was introduced, and this continued for most weeks until March Although the programme had been broadcast live in its early editions, it had been recorded on the day before transmission for many years.

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However, from Maythe show was sometimes broadcast live for a few editions each year, and this practice continued on an occasional basis often in the week of a bank holiday, when the release of the new chart was delayed, and for some special editions for the rest of the decade.

The programme moved in September to a new regular half-hour timeslot of 7pm on Thursdays, where it would remain until June The end of was marked by a special minute edition of the show broadcast on 31 Decemberto celebrate the 25th anniversary of the first show. The pre-recorded programme featured the return of the original four presenters Savile, Freeman, Murray and Jacobs as well as numerous presenters from the show's history, anchored by Paul Gambaccini and Mike Read.

flirt magazine issue 15 zoo

The following year, in an attempt to fit more songs in the allocated half hour, he restricted the duration of studio performances to three minutes, and videos to two minutes, a practice which was largely continued until May Because you have the dog to keep you company, it's really difficult though not impossible, trust me to look like a pathetic loser at the dog park.

If you're looking to potentially go out on a date with someone, a dog park is a good place to find someone appropriate, if you're a dog owner yourself.

flirt magazine issue 15 zoo

I mean, you'll know right away that they like dogs, and for some people this is literally the biggest deal-breaker when dating someone new. Also, it's a seriously low-pressure environment for socializing and flirtation in general--if things get weird, just focus on the dogs. In fact, there's a whole dog park-flirting language that, for those in the know, is better than Tinder for picking up new partners.

This is because the whole human-dog dynamic is absolutely RICH with subtext. To help you out, I've broken the major Dog Park Flirting tactics down into a few simple lines.

These are good to know from the perspective of both the Flirter and the Flirtee--even if you're not down for the flirting, you really need to know what you're walking into when you walk into a dog park.

flirt magazine issue 15 zoo

Just keep in mind that dog parks are sort of like gyms, in that you tend to run into the same people over and over again Your dog is gorgeous. You are exotic and gorgeous.

Robert Irwin's virtual Australia Zoo tour!

I bet we would also like each other. Say yes, and this becomes our first almost-date.

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I'm about to ask you for your Instagram handle so I can tag you, launching a relationship of some kind. I could be that well-trained. My dog and I are high maintenance and come on a little strong, but we're good people.

flirt magazine issue 15 zoo

It doesn't matter, we're going to be sharing everything soon. Here's my number, let me take you to dinner.