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On the December edition of Wireless on Flirt FM, we feature the radio activist Margaretta D'Arcy, founder of Galway's Radio Pirate Woman, who. help of the wonderful Paula Healy of NUIG's FLIRT fm. Our Week One Summer Campers spent a hectic Friday morning choosing content,. Listen to Larkin About from Galway's Flirt FM by Larkid7 for free. Follow Larkid7 to never miss another show.

It was relatively quiet on Friday but by Sunday evening, word had spread and there was barely room to swing a cat. All that and the fact the rain held off meant we were off to a flying start! Saturday afternoon was mainly spent BBQing up a storm in the carpark with the Boys Across the Road aka the most prepared campers in Europe.

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They had a mini-fridge in the Jeep, a portable BBQ and plenty of grub so we were happy out. The only fly in the ointment was security informing us on the way out of the camp 1 PM approx that there would be no alcohol allowed in after curfew.

This led to a flurry of frantic phone calls to friends of ours who were on the way and others who were not due until later in the evening.

Obviously, music fesitvals are about much more than booze but I thought this was an inconvenience and should probably have been highlighted better before the event to give ticket holders arriving late a fair chance.

flirt fm mixcloud login

It was actually Neon Wolf who were playing Picture This were Sunday but the boys were excellent in any case so what harm. We spent the rest of the evening shuffling between Pleasure Beach, Hudson Taylor and Little Hours but when 9 o clock rolled around we were firmly planted in the Main Stage for Walking on Cars and the Kooks.

The boys from Dingle were showstopping. The sound was absolutely perfect and I think the majority of the packed to capacity tent had goosebumps for the duration of their set. A tough act to follow but the Kooks were well able, belting out the classics they had the crowd singing along to favourites like Ooh La and She Moves in her own Way.

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Both were definite highlights for me. We caught a brief part of the Blizzards as we passed and, with the stages winding down, it was time for another trip to the Craft Beer Shed and the 80s v 90s. The place was heaving and we definitely danced our little cotton socks off Saturday night. Sunday we were a lot slower out of the blocks and took it fairly handy.

flirt fm mixcloud login

In the past, he has written for Rolling Stone, Mix, and Robb Report and the founder of the Frangioni Foundation, a nonprofit dedicated to inspiring children through drums and music. Frangioni is also the author of the book Crash: Marco chose his long time friend and collaborator, Shylow.

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She is an accomplished author, dating coach, media personality and the ultimate Wing Girl who guides men and women through the often painful process of meeting, attracting and connecting with their ideal partners through her empowering workshops, one-on-one coaching and straightforward self-help books, blogs and podcasts.

During our interview, Marni describes what The Wing Girl Method is and what The Ask Women Podcast is about, standing out among all the other people that give relationship advice, the topics that men most need help with, men in the MeToo era, and how her upbringing molded her into the things that she does with The Wing Girl Method, among many other topics! Marni chose Los Angeles-based comedian Jay Larson. The band just released their third album, Seasons, on October 5th and are currently on tour with Beartooth and Knocked Loose.

During our chat, we talked about touring with Insane Clown Posse and Attila, the mindstate of touring, how playing the songs live goes into the making of the music, progression of the band, the new album, using music to overcome fears, being a family man, their connection to their fans, their metal influences, his hip-hop influences, and how growing up in Queens molded him.

Panesso chose Caleb Shomo, the lead vocalist of hardcore band Beartooth.

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There was no editing at all! They wanted to capture the mood of their live performances and Stalker is even more haunting than its name. Ectomorph made one of the most dark, yet lively albums of the year.

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This is what techno sounds like on Halloween in Detroit. The band just released their fifth studio album The Silver Scream via Fearless Records, a concept album of horror movie inspired madness with each song a tribute to a different iconic cinema classic. Evidence released his latest solo album Weather or Not earlier this year on Rhymesayers, an album that tackles many aspects of his personal life in great detail.

The song debut full-length album is produced entirely by Ant of Atmosphere is the culmination of all the personal obstacles that Joshua Turner dealt with growing up. Sleep Waker is an energetic and aggressive band and this is a proper and impressive debut from the Michigan natives.