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far cry 3 meet hoyt

Doppelganger is the thirtieth Mission in Far Cry 3. It begins right where Join the other recruits and meet Hoyt for orientation. Use the boat to. The folks behind Far Cry 3 would like you to meet Hoyt, who just so happens to be another one of the in-game island's many psychopaths. A powerful slave. All In is the thirty-third Mission in Far Cry 3. After you talk to Sam and he tells you that Hoyt wants to chat, go meet him in front of Hoyt's HQ.

Jason is horrified the first time he has to kill someone. The hundreds of other times after that? Death by Sex only happens to him in one ending because he murdered Liza and his remaining friends and family in cold blood at Citra's urging. As shaky as his mental state had become not helped by the staggering quantity of drugs in his systemit was his choice to make.

Arguably the point of the game. Jason starts off as a pasty Neet California boy, but caught between torture, slavery, or death, he becomes the island's most terrifying guest in ages.

Though this is not met with a lot of enthusiasm at first, Jason is gradually chosen as the chosen warrior of the Rakyat for his prowess, first being his survival of an encounter with Vaas. Though he is more their errand boy than their leader.

One of Dennis' early lines indicates that Rook Island draws "the strong" to itself. In which case, anyone who arrives on the island, for whatever reason, may invoke this trope regardless of race. Going by the background of Rook, it's apparently a repeating occurrence - outsiders come to the island, take over, enslave or claim leadership of the natives, eventually go insane, and get killed either in the jungle or by other outsiders come to do exactly the same thing. Even Citra's mythological tale of Rook Island's origin the "prince from the northern kingdom" who came to slay the giant reflects this.

Jason's actions are just one iteration in a long line of repeating events. Also, played with due to the fact the Rakyat seem to include Caucasians as well as other ethnicities. Citra's betrayal calls into question how much of Jason was anything other than a convenient weapon to point at her brother, too. To Big Good Citra. Subverted as she's anything but. Jason pretty much does most of the work for the Rakyat. He single-handedly kills most of Vaas' pirates as well as Hoyt's privateers.

By the end of the game, his body count could be in the four digits.

Meet the Suave Hoyt in Far Cry 3 - Hardcore Gamer

The player can liberate all the outposts if they want, effectively overthrowing a heavily-armed regime alone. The game encourages you to be a One-Man Army through being a Stealth Expert versus a more traditional gun-toting killing machine.

You can do this too but expect the game to treat you like a Glass Cannon. Of the single-player campaign. Makes references to a wide variety of media. Despite the fact that Jason has no weapons training, he is an expert with every weapon he picks up in the entire game.

Killing Vaas and Hoyt does little to give Jason peace. He struggles with the monster he has become and how he is going to balance his peaceful home-life with his bloodthirsty nature in the future.

As Vaas aptly describes the situation, "We are fucked.

far cry 3 meet hoyt

The tatau apparently gives you this in spades. Played with as while the tatau might be considered a magical talisman, almost all of Jason Brody's powers are skills that he might learn hunting down pirates and wild animals as a necessary part of leveling up. Pirates apparently gave him this name out of contempt, and at least one you kill may be heard to say, "Killed by Snow White? From Nobody to Nightmare: As Jason's bodycount rises into the triple-digits against impossible odds, including killing Vaas, who was easily viewed as one of the most dangerous men on the entire island, it starts carrying much more weight among the pirates.

Subverted when the game does give him something. Averted in one of the hallucinations revealing that his brother Grant saw a lot of potential in Jason as a soldier but it being wasted with his thrill-seeking. In the "Save Friends" ending, he finally tries to come back from the brink, and he notes in the ending narration that he's going to be struggling with that nature for a very long time. Prior to the events described in The Anti-Nihilist above, Jason slowly starts growing more enamored with the Rakyat's belief in this lifestyle, and becomes more willing to rationalize to all the killing he is forced to do.

In the "Kill Liza" ending, he fully embraces this lifestyle at the cost of his friends' lives. He earns a post-coital stabbing for his choice. This Loser Is You: The intro and flashbacks show him to be a Neetwhose relationship with his girlfriend had become strained over his lack of direction. After spending more time on the islands, he gains a sense of purposethough how healthy this is for him is debatable.

All this is meant to mirror the player's situation in deciding to engage in the violent actions the game encourages. Took a Level in Badass: Through out the game Jason goes from scared college kid derisively called "Snow White" to being the second most crazed and arguably the most dangerous warrior the Rakyat have, slaughtering his way through every Pirate, Privateer, and animal that goes against him.

To Citra and the Rakyat. Jason is little more than a useful tool with delusions of grandeur. While they may have not expected him to do quite as well as he later proves capable of being, it's obvious Citra never expected to let him be the island ruler he has visions of becoming. In the Join Citra ending.

What Have I Become? Asks himself this after torturing Riley by punching him senseless and shoving his thumb into a bullet wound. Liza Snow Played By: Passionate, smart, and sensible, she enjoys helping others conquer their problems. After initially being attracted to Grant's self-possession, she saw Jason's untapped potential and fell in love.

She passionately believes in Jason and sees great potential in him when no one else does, even him. The Betty to Citra's Veronica.

Shows a lot less skin than Citra, and wants Jason to leave the Rook Islands and get a steady job. Once, when she's held for a ransom video by Vaas, ending with a fire in the house where she is kept. Later, at the hands of the Rakyat.

Shortly after Jason rescues her from Vaas, she and him fall through several storys of scaffolding until they eventually hit the floor hard. Neither of them suffers as much as a scratch, and while that's more or less expected from Jason, it's one hell of a lot more impressive from Liza. Tries to serve as one to Jason, Depending on the players choices it can go well or not.

She obviously cares greatly for Jason, and for the rest of their group. Her face, hair and clothes all look suspiciously similar to Lara Croft's incarnation If Jason kills her. Wants Jason to stop doing the cool stuff that the audience has paid to see. What the Hell, Hero? Though all the survivors get in on the act a little, she's clearly the most disturbed and upset by Jason's free-fall into madness and doesn't hold back on letting him know.

Alex Harrouch The youngest of the three Brody brothers. The reason Jason and the others are on the island is to celebrate him getting his pilot's license. Upon finally being rescued, he's instantly flung into an extremely intense situation that involves him flying a helicopter which he's never done before, mind you to get himself and Jason to safety. All things considered, he does amazingly well. The pilot license that Riley recently acquired was for a plane, not helicopter. Despite this, he is capable of piloting one out of Hoyt's hangar at the game's climax.

At the start, Riley is captured and presumed to be held somewhere. After a while of falsely believing that Riley is dead, Jason finds out he's still alive and being held prisoner by Hoyt.

Despite having no experience piloting one, Riley is able to fly one to escape from Hoyt's men. Jack Bauer Interrogation Technique: At the hands of Jason himself as Jason is infiltrating Hoyt's privateers. For extra fun, there's recognition on both their parts a split second before Jason has to crack Riley in the jaw to avoid being given away and continue beating him mercilessly.

Easily one of the nicest and most innocent characters in the game. Keith says he saw Riley die, shot dead in an escape attempt. He was shot, and he fell, but the bullet didn't actually kill him. The privateers captured him to try and learn why Jason and his friends were on Rook. Grant Grant Brody Played By: Lane Edwards Everything Grant does, he does well. All-American good looks, a killer work ethic and nuanced social skills carried him easily to the team captain position on the high school and college swim teams.

After graduating, he joined the army reserve while training for the national swim team. As the eldest son of a household missing a father, Grant protects his friends and brothers. Implied in the opening, since he's the reason Jason even gets a chance to live long enough to try to save their friends.

Action Genre Hero Guy: While he certainly fits much of the bill in both background, personality, and appearance, he is not the hero of the game and is already killed off in the tutorial. Vaas shoots Grant in the neck at the end of the tutorial level, leaving him to bleed out. Given the choice between the actual soldier and his panicking brother Jasonit's quite clear he would have been the main character in any other story with a similar premise.

Serves the purpose of mentoring Jason through the tutorial. Despite Vaas threatening the hell out of Grant when he tries to mumble something through his tape gag, when Vaas later leaves the two alone with the guard, Grant immediately breaks out of his bonds and begins helping Jason and himself escape from the camp, clearly unfazed by the oppressive atmosphere and Vaas's intimidation attempts.

He is wearing one in the tutorial level.

far cry 3 meet hoyt

We'll clearly be seeing a lot more of him. Too Dumb to Live: His death is due to one glaring mistake: When you sneak under the bad guys you can clearly hear, two feet away in the open where anyone passing the massive lack of a wall or fence or anything is not where you go to check the map. We Hardly Knew Ye: Gets barely five minutes of screentime before he checks out via bullet to the throat.

His appearances in Jason's optional drug-fuelled flashbacks don't give him much more characterization, either. Natalie Brown Daisy Lee was Grant Brody's girlfriend and is part of the group of friends Jason must rescue throughout the game. She has similar characteristics to Grant that may have drawn them together—strength of will, athleticism as a champion swimmer and extreme confidence in herself that she often lends to others to help them.

However, she lacks his military experience and has no fondness for violence. She is the only Action Survivor other than Jason to successfully escape her predicament on her own.

Going by her injuries, she was also attacked at least once by either a tiger or leopard during her escape, but still managed to get away.

The only reason she needs help when Jason finds her is because she didn't know she was running through a field of toxic plants while bleeding, and was poisoned. Damsel out of Distress: Not only is she tough as nails see abovebut she quickly gets over the death of her boyfriend, Jason's brother, Grant and quickly starts thinking about ways of getting the survivors off the island see Wrench Wenchsimilar in some ways to Jason himself, just with less killing.

Hair of Gold, Heart of Gold: Wait awhile, and he'll eventually leave his post.

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Follow behind this enemy, but not too closely behind him. As soon as he gets into this next room and within range of a second enemy, duck and hide behind the boxes to the left, and peek over every once in awhile. When it gets to the point where the only enemy in the room is the one sitting in the chair, sneak around him toward the right side of the room, and drop down to the level below. Continue through this next section, and toss a rock to the area left of this next enemy to get him to wander away from the ramp below.

Once he's out of the way, walk down the ramp, and continue to the objective. You'll eventually run into an enemy facing a dock. At the same time, you'll be given the objective to approach the entrance to the dock. Backtrack a bit, and toss a rock down the hallway toward the enemy.

Meet the Suave Hoyt in Far Cry 3

Before he turns around, duck and hide in the foliage, and allow him to pass by before you enter the next area. Head down the ramp, take the route behind the waterfall, then continue up the next ramp. Don't worry about any of the enemies in this room spotting you. The next room is what you have to worry about. There will be two guards off to the left in this next room. Don't worry about them, and head off toward the right behind the wall made of leaves.

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Toss a rock through the hole in here, wait about 10 seconds, then toss another to the left of the two enemies you just passed. Wait for those two enemies to have their backs turned toward you, then head down to the right, and make sure you don't drop down from the ramp, otherwise you'll alert the enemies in this room. Sneak past them, then head out to the next area. You'll have to take cover immediately after reaching this next area.

Hop into the water, then swim to the back of Hoyt's boat. Climb up the ladder, then eliminate the recruit and steal his uniform.