Far cry 3 meet citra save file

Meet Citra - Far Cry 3

Wait for Dennis' call then proceed to Citra's Temple, as marked in the map. Registration allows you to keep track of all your content and comments, save . Game Guides; Game Help; Media; Social Far Cry 3 Walkthrough and Guide. By vhayste. Print this page More Guides. Meet Citra ASK A QUESTION for Far Cry 3. Dec 20, Far Cry 3 PC save games - how to load and continue game Here are save games - defeating citra and entering second island. (working DLC. Jan 6, As I'm going through Far Cry 3's single player a fifth time, I'm gathering gamesave files for Download desired mission save. 2. Meet Citra.

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far cry 3 meet citra save file

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far cry 3 meet citra save file