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Equipment. Fallout 3 Categorized · Advanced Search Eventually you'll meet up with President Eden (#7), and you'll discover that he's really a computer. The only thing you'll get to decide is whether Eden blows up Raven Rock when you leave. 2 - Cell 3. If you didn't blow up Megaton, then you'll meet Nathan here. Received from: President Eden [Raven Rock - level 3]. Solution: You will regain consciousness after a short while. Colonel Autumn will interrogate you in order. The Battle of Raven Rock was the Capital Wasteland Brotherhood of Steel's obliteration of the However, minutes later, Autumn ordered all personnel to ignore the president's previous directive and shoot the Lone The Battle of Raven Rock appears in Fallout 3 and its add-on Broken Steel. Toxic Larry's Meat 'n Go.

Both labs are identical layout-wise to the bio-lab. The tech lab contains various pods with eyebots inside, while the cryo-lab also contains pods with more animals, including a deathclaw and a yao guai. The tech-lab's exit leads into a square room with several columns which then leads into the following corridor, while the cryo-lab exits directly into the corridor.

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At multiple points, there are staircases leading under the floor, with laser tripwires down there. The end of the corridor by the cryo-lab exit is a room with a few empty deathclaw cages, as well as many lockers. There are also two rooms, containing a few beds. One of these rooms has a barrier with three containers behind it, to disable the barrier you have to hack an Average locked terminal requires a Science skill of At the final end of the corridor, to the left is Colonel Autumn's room.

This room too contains a barrier blocking three crates, requiring hacking an Average terminal to disable it. There is also the Energy Weapons Bobblehead on the desk, as well as the ZAX destruct sequence in the footlocker at the foot of the bed.

Opposite of Autumn's room is the stairs leading to the war room, a circular room with a map at its center and the entrance leading to the next section. Control room[ edit edit source ] This section will start in a room with friendly sentry bots attacking Enclave members. After walking through a small corridor, you will enter a very tall room, with stairs in the middle leading up. At the top is President John Henry Eden who will not allow you to exit the room until agreeing to his request.

You will have to turn into another corridor which leads to the exit. At the middle of the corridor, you can see Vertibirds taking off and can also find a deathclaw in a cage, which can be released with the nearby Average locked terminal. There will also be more friendly sentry bots here helping you fight the Enclave.

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At the end of the corridor is the exit to the Capital Wasteland. However, upon exiting you can not re-enter. You can help The Vault by writing it. If you miss it during your visit to Raven Rock you will be unable to retrieve it later.

After opening one of the large metal doors on the second floor, the player will be confronted with two doors, one with two enemies behind it. Head over to the next zone - 2B. If you decide to explore all surrounding rooms, you will come across Anna Holt. Maybe you remember her from your last stay in Rivet City. She also accompanied you to the Jefferson Memorial.

It turns out that Anna is working willingly with the Enclave. The best solution here is to ignore her, because she won't give you any valuable information and you won't achieve anything by killing her. Two Enclave soldiers will leave the eastern room screen. Use a rocket launcher or even a fatman to kill them without having to worry about them fighting back. There are more Enclave crates in this area, but a strong force field blocks access to them.

You can resolve this by hacking into a nearby terminal and deactivating the field. You should also inspect Autumn's quarters, because you will find a very interesting item - bobblehead - energy weapons. Collecting this figurine will allow you to increase your energy weapons skill by 10 points. Proceed to a small corridor leading to section 2C. Your next objective is to find a door leading to Raven Rock - control room. Once you've arrived at your new destination, you will notice that friendly sentry bots are fighting with Enclave units.

Obviously you should help the machines in getting rid of the foes, especially since they won't be able to kill all Enclave soldiers on their own. Proceed to the northern section of the base and you'll end up in sector 1A. After reaching a large room use the stairs and proceed to the highest level.

You will be given an opportunity to talk to president Eden who is an This conversation can go many different ways depending on the answers you'll decide to choose. First of all, you can convince Eden to self-destruct screen. You can achieve a similar effect if you choose answers based on your high intelligence. Eventually Eden will make an error and won't be able to give you a straight answer.

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Alternatively you can agree to his proposal and for him to continue functioning in that from. Even if you plan on staying on the good side you should listen to his plan to eliminate all beings with traces of mutation in their bodies.

Notice that a large vial of FEV virus has been ejected from the computer. Pick it up even if you don't want to cooperate with the Enclave.

Don't worry, because you'll make your final decisions when the time is right. For now you must focus on leaving Raven Rock in one piece. Choose a nearby hatch to get to Raven Rock - level 1. Just as before, large groups of Enclave soldiers will stand in your way. The good news is that you'll have robots and defense turrets on your side, so it should make these fights a little easier.

Be on a look out for a shipping container along the way. You can hack into one of the terminals to open the container. There's a deathclaw inside the container screen and the creature will help you in getting rid of enemy units.

Keep heading towards section 1B and finally you must proceed to 1A. Don't forget to deactivate a new force field along the way, because this will allow you to inspect several other Enclave crates. It's very important, because one of the crates contains a powerful Gatling laser.

As for the enemies, watch out for the final Enclave soldier. He's carrying a rocket launcher, so he should be considered a serious threat. Keep going forward until you can travel to Capitol Wasteland.

If you rescued supermutant Fawkes during the previous main quest, you will now notice him shooting at Enclave soldiers in front of the Raven Rock facility screen. I'm sure that you'll be thrilled to see him, especially since he'll eliminate most of the targets for you.