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falcon air meet 2012 movie

File:A formation of F Fighting Falcon aircraft with the th Fighter Squadron fly overhead during Nordic Air Meet (NOAM) 12 in Finland Sept F-RC jpg during Nordic Air Meet (NOAM) 12 in Finland Sept. 3, NOAM 12 was a multinational aerial Focal length in 35 mm film, 66 mm. File:U.S. Air Force F Fighting Falcon aircraft with the th Fighter in Nordic Air Meet (NOAM) 12 at an airfield in Finland Sept. 3, Two F Fighting Falcons from the Royal Jordanian air force and the U.S.

The gang meets Jack Rabble, a former battle bots champion who makes a living signing autographs. Fred, Daphne, and Velma suspects Garrison is to blame, but Shaggy and Scooby refuse to believe their idol is the culprit. They then show the gang there are other suspects through surveillance footage taken around the convention. They first show the others a recording of Severin boasting how the Mr. Hyde incident has been increasing publicity for the Blue Falcon movie.

The second footage has Adams talking about how he dislikes his role as the new Blue Falcon and hopes that Mr. They also found out from Austin that the Mr. Hyde attacks are based on original Blue Falcon episodes and that Mr. Hyde uses green ooze that turns people into monsters in his next appearance. Meanwhile, Scooby and Shaggy flee into the storage rooms where they find Mr. Hyde chases them onto a big Frankenstein Jr. Hyde unleashes his green ooze on the entire town and at city hall, oozing Scooby, Shaggy, and the mayor.

Angered and humiliated by this assault, the mayor fires the gang. Later on, the gang watch a news report and learn that the premiere of the new Blue Falcon movie will now be held at the baseball stadium.

  • Seventh Annual Falcon Air Meet finishes in Jordan

The gang heads back to the convention center, and Austin manages to acquire entry for them. Hyde has surveillance cameras of the whole convention center and the baseball stadium. From there, they see a giant Mr. Hyde rampaging in the stadium. Meanwhile, as they seek something to eat, Scooby and Shaggy see people fleeing away from the stadium, causing them to run into the stadium and find the giant Mr.

falcon air meet 2012 movie

Scooby regains his superhero mentality and rushes to confront Mr. Scooby and Shaggy manage to rescue Austin, but they are booted into the air by the giant Mr. Fred, Velma and Daphne arrive and manage to bring down the giant Hyde.

Nissib has even promised to throw in Amar's sons as some kind of property value. When Auda tries to explain to him, he says that everything in his home is made either out of blood or love, but not money and that money has no value.

The following day a meeting is held with Amar's allies. They say that by letting foreigners extract oil they let themselves be destroyed their culture will be gone, while Auda unsuccessfully argues by saying if god had not meant it for them to use, he wouldn't have given it in their soil. Amar sends an envoy, Hassan Dakhil, to Nesib offering to cease all hostilities if Nesib agrees to shut down the oil wells and expel the foreigners.

Nesib refuses and makes a counter offer to Hassan Dakhil. Later Amar receives a message from Hassan that seemingly indicates that Hassan has defected to Nesib. Following this setback, Amar makes a plan to send all of his prisoners into the desert with weapon props to act as decoys, in order to lure Nesib's army into the desert by while Amar takes his real army to capture Nesib's city, Hobeika.

He offers the leadership of the decoy army to Auda. Auda protests, objecting that to send the prisoners into the desert would mean certain death, but in the face of his father's disapproval he reluctantly agrees and ventures out, accompanied by his half brother Ali, a doctor, who does not seem to share their father's xenophobic mindset. The plan works and Nesib sends six armored cars after them.

However the heavy cars are stuck in the sands and Auda's men are able to overpower their occupants, though not without heavy losses.

falcon air meet 2012 movie

The camel carrying the carrier pigeons is killed and the pigeons escape. One of them manages to make it way back to Salmaah. The blood on the pigeon along with the absence of a written message leads Amar to believe that there have been no survivors.

Falcon Air Meet

When the armored cars fail to return, Nesib sends a plane with Tariq on board to reconnoiter. Auda sets another decoy, having his men lie down and play dead around a destroyed armored car.

falcon air meet 2012 movie

When Tariq lands to investigate, Auda's men swarm him. Tariq manages to make it back to the plane, but Auda's men force it down. Auda finds his body in the ensuing wreckage and is overcome with remorse at all the needless deaths.

He rallies the remaining prisoners and offers to divide the remaining water between them and set them free. The prisoners decide to follow Auda, who leads them to the sea believing that they would find water there, based from what he had heard from a dying camel rider.

The army, now Auda's army, finally arrive at the sea but are disheartened to find no fresh water, until Ali finds an underwater spring.

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Having refilled their water skins, the army moves away and comes upon a Beni Sirri slaver tribe. Auda leads a small group of men to meet the Sheikh of Beni Sirri tribe and during the meeting the Sheikh beats Aicha Liya Kebedea slave girl, brutally. The Sheikh seemingly holds the slave's Zamiri tribe in derision as the Zamiri are one of the few tribes that allow women the same freedoms that are given to men.

Auda tries to protest and offers to buy the slave girl in exchange for his mother's ring, who belonged to the same tribe as the slave girl. An argument ensues, and the Sheikh reveals that Nesib has already bought the loyalty of the Beni Sirri and that they intended to kill him in exchange of a reward. The rest of Auda's men launch a surprise attack, surrounding and overwhelming the Beni Sirri, leaving Auda to handcuff and disgrace the leaders of Beni Sirri tribe and freeing the slaves.

To add insult to injury, Ali relieves the sheikh of the gold watch given to him by Nesib at Auda's wedding. In gratitude for freeing the slaves, the other tribes pledge their own resources to Auda. Aicha offers to lead Auda back to her own tribe in order to enlist their aid. However Auda is mistakenly shot by one of the tribe and seems to have been killed, only to revive in the middle of his own funeral rites. Ali realizes that Auda's condition had in fact been a medical phenomenon known as mors putativa in which a head trauma induces all the symptoms of death.

However the tribals believe that Auda has been revived from death in the manner of the Islamic prophet Muhammad and that he is the leader foretold in the legends of the Zamiri tribe. Ali, despite knowing the true nature of Auda's injuries, does nothing to dissuade this notion. The Zamiri tribe now rallies around Auda as their leader.

falcon air meet 2012 movie

One of Nesib's planes manages to track them down and opens fire. The tribals manage to shoot down the plane, but not before it fatally wounds Ali.

falcon air meet 2012 movie

Auda administers his last rites as Ali lies dying in his arms. With his last breath Ali makes Auda promise to 'overturn the chessboard' in effect asking him to depose both Amar and Nessib, thereby putting an end to the conflict. Auda rides with his army to the gates of Nessib's city. Amar arrives and meets Auda, who reveals that he has united all the other tribes and intends to keep the Yellow Belt for them.