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There were people strolling around like us – some were meeting friends, .. Valjean, Philip Quast as Javert, Lea Salonga as Éponine and Michael Ball as Marius. .. We had plans for the day to visit L'Isle-sur-la-Sorgue, Fontaine de having mostly been burnt down in the 16th century Wars of Religion. Bayung Youtube Sensation ibat ya Pampanga:):) Faith Surla meets Broadway Diva Ms. Lea Salonga. Congrats Faith talakad me ing bandera dareng. Jennylyn Mercado Finally Meets Nikka Martinez, Patrick Garcia's Fiancee The two children first met in September. Twitter Facebook Google Plus YouTube Dailymotion RSS Feed Email .. College · Amy Perez Wedding With Partner Carlo Castillo · Faith Surla's Lea Salonga Like Voice Get Her Raves.

He was also quick to explain to her the process of getting her detaxe form and even advised her not to take the cash refund that was on offer as they take a cut of the refund. It was a very pleasant shopping experience, one that mum thoroughly enjoyed, I think.

Our lunch was at La Grande Epicerie. We chose our lunch from a selection of dishes made fresh with the produce sold at this famous market hall. We had a simple lunch washed down with down with a couple of glasses of wine. Saint-Sulpice is the second largest church in Paris. It has a beautiful baroque facade which is slightly lopsided as the south tower was never finished. It took years and six architects to finish Saint-Sulpice.

The organ at Saint-Sulpice. It is a beautiful square with the Fontaine Saint-Sulpice set in the middle of the square. The fountain sits in front of the church, the four figures on the fountain representing four French religious leaders of the 17th century. Still in shopping mode, mum was quick to spot an Annick Goutal parfumerie.

Crossing the square, we made a beeline to the wonderfully elegant boutique. I must admit, I had my reservations. So I steeled myself for the proverbial French snobbery that was sure to ensue. When we stepped into the boutique, we were suddenly enveloped in a delicate cloud of fragrance.

Wandering around, feeling lost, I finally plucked up the courage to ask the impeccably chic saleslady for some help in choosing a fragrance. Maybe it was the effort I made to speak to her in French, maybe it was our lucky day but she turned out to be most helpful and obliging. She spoke to mum in English and to me in French. She quizzed mum on which perfumes she likes, pulled out various bottles for her to try on and would not let us buy a bottle until we were completely satisfied that it was the perfect choice.

After carefully wrapping up our purchases, she even got chatting to mum, asking her if she was visiting me in Paris.

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She thought I was an expat living in Paris!! Lugging our shopping bags, we decided it was a lovely day for a stroll so we walked back to our apartment. After dropping off our bags at the apartment and a quick freshen-up, we wandered down the streets near the apartment.

Dad wanted to buy some souvenirs and I was hanging out for more girolles fried in garlic and butter. I finally found some at a grocer. He was friendly and chatty and it was a great way to practice my French. Asian tourists are a bit of a rarity in this part of town, I think, or maybe he was trying to set me up with his friend. He called another guy he was working with over and introduced us.

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Where else but in Paris? The museum is open till 10pm on Wednesdays and we thought that would be the best time for mum and dad to check it out as there would hopefully be less crowds. Seeing how the Carrousel entrance worked so well for us last time, we decided to use it again. Mum and dad walked straight in. Strolling through the garden at Palais Royal. After dropping mum and dad off, we headed over to Palais Royal.

Now I had high hopes for Jardin du Palais Royal and the arcades that surround the garden. The garden was unremarkable but nice enough. There were people strolling around like us — some were meeting friends, some were seeking refuge from the city… I had wanted to visit Les Salons du Palais Royal in Galerie de Valois but when we got there, we realised it was close to closing time. By this time, I was feeling rather disappointed.

I had expected elegant and chic boutiques in the arcades but instead, there were a handful of old and tired-looking shops. There was also obviously a very low rate of occupancy with many shop fronts completely empty. We saw a pair of leather gloves retailing for close to euro. But the shop fronts just looked tired. But this was no ordinary second-hand store.

Birkins of different sizes sat proudly on display shelves. I am a practical person when it comes to my bags — they have to serve their purpose and be functional. The Birkin is not very practical. Thirdly, the clasp is impossible to undo. But for all my well-thought out reasons, they flew right out the window when I set my eyes on a beautiful Rouge H Box Kelly It was 15 years old in red leather.

The leather was buttery and soft, the hardware had lost its brand-new shiny lustre. It was a work of art! And the price tag? Even hubby remarked that it was the most beautiful bag he had ever seen. Ooo… I was so tempted but practicality won in the end. And what about public toilets… How could I bear to set a bag like that down on a counter that is no doubt teeming with germs. Maybe in another life when euro is like loose change to me. But for one fleeting moment, I got to hold the bag in my hands and I glimpsed a reflection of myself, holding THAT bag in the mirror.

Moving on from there, we still had time to kill before we had to meet up with mum and dad. So we headed down past the Arc de Triomphe du Carrousel. The sun was setting and there were many people out and about. There was a group of friends sitting on the grass, having a picnic of some sort. The air was getting chilly but the colours of the sky was reflected in the buildings and the lake in front of the arch. Arc de triomphe du Carrousel.

We were hoping to see the twinkling lights of Tour Eiffel so we decided to sit on the many benches at the lake and waited. Sunset at Jardin des Tuileries. We waited and it got colder and colder… Finally we had to concede and hurried back into the warmth of the Carrousel. But we lucked out again as it was closing time. It was now time to meet up with mum and dad anyway.

Now we had a dilemma — what to have for dinner? It was too late to head out to a restaurant. We decided to walk down rue de Buci.

Hong Kong fans were pulling down the flag. She felt we may experience it there. So, we talked to the people in our area. Asked them to just allow us to unfurl it during our national anthem. So, we were able to unfurl it, but some old Vietnamese folks were pulling down our flag.

Jason wanted it to stay longer but Che shouted we need to pull it down. You can see a pulled down section on the upper right. We were ready to cheer. However, we were asked not to use the megaphone. It was so chaotic on our part, we did not notice that game escalated quickly to 3-nil.

Good thing, my patience with kids are longer than the Maharlika highway. This kid has been kicking my seat and spitting on my head for about three minutes. However, some people in our area are also helping.

Just because the Vietnamese are having a good day, they became friendly to our side. Still no megaphones, only our voices, but it was more tolerant. Fulltime whistle was blown. Almost all of the people in our section rushed going home.

Seemed that all the kulo that was contained in 90minutes came out. Then we waited outside. Met some Pinoys who watched the game and greeted by our Vietnamese counterparts. They were kind to us. But hey, despite the bad night, we are optimistic that we can still win this Cup! So, we went to the Crowne Plaza Hotel because that is where our shuttle would pick us up. Several players saw us, maybe not.

After all, we are all in the semifinals. We have a homegame. We will defend our territory! We are strong in the midst of the territory of the enemy.

But more importantly, it is a perfect opportunity to pay it forward to Thai fans who are either based here in Manila or travelled for four hours via plane. They were shouting and cheering. They were outnumber on the White Bleachers. It was a historic nil-nil draw for us. Chances of advancing are greater. Yet, the matter will take care of itself in Bangkok.

After the game, we approached our counterparts. Greeted them and wished them well. Pasalubong for being an away fan Four countries. This is my blog. Views are exclusively of my own. I had two premises when I joined this opportunity to be an away fan.

First, to be, in a way, mix with the team since we are only a few there. Second, we will just be there in the game supporting the team, no media mileage nor personal gain. I was completely dead wrong. I saw videos and pictures of how the team treats their away fans.

No one is bigger than the team. I remember Per Mertesacker publicly scold Mesut Ozil for not greeting the away fans. I felt belittled in Vietnam, to be honest.

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You may see me at least five times on Television during those games, but all those gleeful smiles and exuberant jumps are hiding anger and frustration. I was so angry, actually. If you noticed my tweets lately, I am very much, how to put this delicately, in shock, to read this. I got this simple gesture for supporting US and Australia. Germany gave a World Cup. If I recall correctly, we are expecting a Super Typhoon and most people were beating the Holiday rush.

What has been this sort of sense of entitlement I am reading between the lines?! There are Pinoy fans in the Rajamangala Stadium. Heck, Malaysia won in Vietnam, vice versa. Home Support may be a factor, but it takes that 0. We did our best to create that change and build up the atmosphere.

We did our part. As, we have been defending you from trolls, doubters and football agnostics around for three years now. Still we got part of the blame. If someone from the team reads this, I would still support you. Trust me, as I still can, Abs and I will be there. I am an Arsenal fan. I stood by my team in the trophyless years. I am a Die Mannschaft fan. I am a Dortmund fan. I am standing by my team that in this first round, we are in the relegation zone.

Support is never a problem for me. The intensity, I would look for it, then. Again, going back to be an away fan. We said in this articleit was our own will. No personality forced us except for the love of the sport and of the country. We did not earn from this. One and a half week away from work is a disastrous thing to do as year-end approaches.

I already have negative vacation leave credits. Working extra hard prior travel dates is already tiring. So, yes, it was our own will. Yet, the most personal insult that I got from the entirety of my experience is hatred. I took those insults very seriously and personally. Mayaman kami sa kaibigan, sa karanasan at sa pagmamahal. Kung tutuusin, sa kalagayan ko, hindi ako makakapagbiyahe. Pero umisip ako ng paraan. Sa sobrang dami nga ng naisip kong paraan, hindi ko na alam kung ano ang mga gagawin.

Hindi kayo ang biktima. Katangahan lang isipin yan. Kung tutuusin, iisa lang naman ang koponan at bansang ating hinahangaan.

Ilang beses na kaming nakiusap, ngunit hindi kayo nagpaparaya. Ngayon, huwag niyong sukatan ang aming paraan at sa inyong pamamaraan.

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Iba tayo ng pilosopiya, sige. Subalit, ngunit, darapwat, hindi niyo maari kailanman sabihin na wala kaming ginagawa para sa ating koponan! Mga hangal tayo sa pagsuporta. Respeto lang ang hinihingi ko sa amin. Hindi niyo pa maibigay. Sana sa susunod na taon, may pagkakaiba na sa tono ng inyong pananalita.

At ikaw, paupo upo ka pa sa grandstand, ni hindi mo kayang gampanan ang tungkulin mo bilang tagahanga sa grandstand! Isa kang Keyboard Warrior. Lahat ng sinasabi mo ay sana ginagawa mo. Tapos, lalaitin mo pa yung kaibigan ko?! Hindi nakakatulong ang katulad mo sa footballing world. Bagkus, ikaw pa ang dahilan ng ikinakasira nito. With that, I rest my case. You all saw what happened during the Vietnam-Malaysia match.

There were tensions between the home and away crowds. Had we won against Vietnam, I do not know where we would end up. The first selfie you saw in this blog is the epitome of that message. We carry our country.

It was never about a personality or a group.