Executive decision bomb scene from meet

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executive decision bomb scene from meet

Meet Alexa Learn more about what you can do with Echo Alexa App For Fire OS, Android, .. This item:Executive Decision [] by Kurt Russell DVD £ .. with a team of soldiers who have to defuse a bomb and overpower the terrorists. film is full of humour, which comes as a relief in some of the more tense scenes . As you probably already know, ``Executive Decision'' is ``Die Hard'' on a plane. in the opening credits) boards an experimental stealth plane to meet up Scenes in which a seriously injured bomb expert (Morton) helps a. Executive Decision seemed to me like a film with a lot of wasted potential to it. . It wasn't too violent or gory, no F-words, no nudity/sex scenes. With A Nuclear Bomb And Plan To Crash & Detonate It On American Soil. Our team will review flagged items and determine whether or not they meet our community guidelines.

executive decision bomb scene from meet

Or "Speed" on a plane, or "Under Siege" on a plane. But the first quarter also plays like a high-tech remake of "Airport ' So, a flight attendant Karen Black took over until another pilot Charlton Heston could be airlifted to the jetliner and dropped into the cockpit. In "Executive Decision," a special forces team led by Steven Seagal, who is not billed in the opening credits boards an experimental stealth plane to meet up with a that has been taken hostage by a band of Middle Eastern terrorists.

The idea is to sneak the team on board by quietly linking the two planes in flight, five miles above the Atlantic, before U.


The boarding scene is so exciting that it feels like the film has blown its big suspense sequence far too early. But there is plenty of tension to come, as the team tries to keep its presence secret while plotting how to take over without killing passengers. Navy F Tomcat jets that they are on board, requesting an extra ten minutes despite already crossing into US airspace. Grant enters the passenger cabin with Jean to take the suspected individual by surprise, but he turns out to be an innocent passenger with stolen diamonds.

Grant spots the real sleeper: Jean-Paul Demou, the bomb's creator.

executive decision bomb scene from meet

Hassan attempts to fire at Grant, but is shot by an on-board federal air marshaland the commandos storm the cabin as a firefight ensues. Stray bullets break passenger windows, causing explosive decompression which blows several passengers and Demou out of the plane. The terrorists are killed during the exchange, and the bomb is disarmed, as the plane regains stable flight at a lower altitude.

In a last act of desperation, Hassan shoots at the cockpit and surrounding area killing both pilots and damaging the controls, hoping the plane will crash before being shot and killed by Rat. Grant assumes control of the and attempts to land it at Washington Dulles International Airport despite his limited piloting experience. He misses the approachforcing him to go around. The antagonists in Executive Decision do not seem that evil.

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I mean, when they hijack the plane they kill few people and somehow keep on letting Jean participate in her constantly suspicious activities.

Although there are several explosions and deaths in the film, the atmosphere was not as intense as it wanted to be because the enemies in the film were not as antagonising as they should be.

executive decision bomb scene from meet

The entire theme of terrorists taking control of a plane and an people trying to fight back for it all feels very reminiscent of Air Force One but does not live up to the quality of the film. The entire film is a bit reminiscent of that without being as exhilarating, thrilling or exciting. I guess it is more realistic this way because it would be senseless for terrorists to go on such a merciless killing spree on a plane when negotiations are key, but in terms of entertainment value Executive Decision is not as effective as you might expect.

The premise in Executive Decision is a complex one, and it is a bit much of a theoretical film in the end.


But still, it is a fairly decent film. I mean, it does feel legitimate because the stunts all look call and the realistic nature of the setting is reinforced by a strong production design, powerful visual effects and atmospheric cinematography.

So visually, Executive Decision manages to do the job well enough for it to be a realistic thriller, and at time it does manage to be exhilarating and intense.