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etichetta energetically will i meet

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He took advantage of his employee discount to build out his studio, and just as importantly, the shop served as a focal point for all the area's musicians. It was here that Lee would meet both Quenum and Luciano—and from there, as they say, the rest is history. There's no single description for Lee's productions, which have proved unusually malleable in his half-decade of releases; an early interest in the skittish rhythms of labels like Warp and Skam remains evident, but reformatted for the supple grooves of deep house and classic minimal techno.

His time in the Lausanne music shop clearly served him well; Lee's tracks immediately stand out for their fine sense of detail, an almost intangible shimmer. Utilizing samples, drum machines and all manner of synthesizer, Lee's music remains open to every possibility. Of course, there are always surprises and accidents—that's what makes the magic in writing music.

With time and with age, maybe, the tempo really decreased—I think I play a bit deeper now than five or six years ago. But I still love a good, bouncy track if it's not too aggressive, and if the energy serves the groove instead of breaking it. Further releases include the toast of techno, up-tempo "Glass Ep" dropped on Material Series.

But the year's biggest development may be Lee's return to Cadenza, the label that helped launch his career five years ago. Just like the best kind of DJ set, Cadenza knows when to switch it up and with its 36th release this year, what better way to celebrate than with a new collaboration for Lee and newcomer, Glimpse on a split EP. The only unsurprising thing about the "La Cocina Del Cabron" is how hard the track hits.

Lee is now part of Cadenza Booking, a family-style roster that includes Luciano, Thomas Melchior, Petre Inspirescu, Rhadoo, Mirko Loko and many more of electronic dance music's most innovative players. The dynamics of a conductor orchestrating with the use of colour, will like never before, make you see sound and taste the bass, it's mind-bending stuff.

From Tokyo to Liverpool, this event will pull out all the stops and is not to be missed. The Count Lee has returned to his Swiss manor, the gates are wide open, and the beat is beckoning. His passion for music started out when he was very young,at the tender age of 14 he was part of a regular crowd at Studio 54, where the most carismatic dj, Raul Orellana, was spinning Acid House, marking Paco in the way of understanding djing.

In '94 Paco moved to Valencia where he had his frist contact with the decks as a hobby. In '95 Paco made his first dj set as a profesional at the ACTV club, where he gained a year residency.

After that, he started playing in many different clubs including Heaven and Universal. In the meanwhile he worked in a record shop, where he got access to a recording studio in wich he produced three singles for the label Lucas Records. In '99 he got a residency at Amnesia in Ibiza. There he had the brillant opportunity to be line up with the biggest djs and could learn the different styles looking to build his own. Paco was the frist Spanish dj to play for this prestigious agency.

In Paco decided to leave house music moving closer to techno. From then on Paco's career has gotten better and better, leading him to the best clubs and festivals in the world and giving him a 'seat' in the techno scene. And, of course, it shows. Whether he's laying it down at top Italian clubs like Flow and il Muretto, or blasting it out in Berlin where he's now based, his ego-free approach to DJing attracts true underground party heads in droves.

Alex aka Alessandro Picone was born and grew up in Padova, where he started DJing in the mids — when he was just 15 years old. His skills soon landed him regular slots at La Scala in Padova, and from there he began to organise his own house parties before bagging key residencies at Flow and il Muretto. Playing regularly at these clubs, alongside such international talents as Luciano, Richie Hawtin and Ricardo Villalobos, added a momentum to his musical evolution that later propelled him into the world of production.

Alex was on a roll and after six years of living between Padova in winter and Ibiza in summer he finally adopted Berlin as his new home in late Here he built on an existing relationship with a fellow Italian in Berlin: Lucretio, the label manager of Detroit's Mixworks.

Bringing a warmer, more human feeling to mixing than many of his contemporaries, Alex has now played at such clubs as the aptly named Underground in Ibiza and Fabric in London. He also has a third release on Mixworks called 'No Kiss', which has already been supported by heavyweights like Luciano, Hawtin, Villalobos and Raresh. And he's planning another EP, based around his new 'Mon Amour' track, complete with an exceptional remix from Chris Carrier.

Not to mention fresh material born of his friendship with Argentinian adventurer Ernesto Ferreyra. Playing it, producing it, and making it happen for the true heads. This is the fuel that fires the passion of Picone. A life lived for, and through, music. He was exposed at a young age to the electronic scene in Santiago, which quickly inspired him to venture into creating his own productions.

Having his first release in the cd compilation of Loveparade Chileunder the pseudonym Skyfonik, he commenced his career as a Dj gigging throughout the club scene of Santiago. BIOGRAPHY Born in late under the beautiful Livorno's sun italythe "enfant prodige" Ilario Alicante starts to raise is passion for music at the earliest years of his life,when his mother educated him to listen music for his own pleasure.

Time goes by and Ilario takes his first steps into italian nightlife and dj world,first with some average media,experimenting D.

!K7 New York

From this springboard he started hangin around the best italian,german and spanish clubs,finally landing into Cocoon's family,falling in love at first "sight" with house music and her thousand shades,waving from latino-ispanic from a minimal-electro sound. At this point he devoted his production style only to these rhytms,also if his dj-sets are stuck to the quest of something special everytime. The great bunch of Ilario's production are really estimated inside the international dj-system claque.

Playing also in at Rotterdam's Time Warp as the youngest act of ever,now he's unexhaustedly performing just in the best world clubs,under the flag of Sven Vath's Cocoon family and Deep Moves Rec. DJ, producer, record labels owner based in Berlin.

Musician since very young age, Cesare has started spinning records back in after years of classic guitar, piano, percussions and bass. At the time the love for Hip Hop, Dub and Drum'n'bass led him to study Sound Engineering before getting professionally in contact with House and Techno music.

The Amsterdam based artist with Spanish roots was always about thinking forward, creating a buzz with every project he started. From making waves in the early 21st century Amsterdam nightlife to headlining gigs at the biggest events and festivals around the world, Sanchez has grown out to be a familiar force in nowadays electronic music. Considered to be one of the most headstrong artists in the Dutch music scene, Daniel Sanchez has created a world of his own.

After a series of legendary DJ-gigs in the underground technoscene of Amsterdam he quickly popularised his own events from scratch: Rotzooii, the popular boat party Mr Stubnitz and Bla Bla were parties where the best of techno, house and minimal was brought together, gaining an openminded audience like Sanchez himself always had it in mind.

etichetta energetically will i meet

Afer this, his career really took off. Bla Bla And then there was Bla Bla, at first an event, but soon also a record label and booking agency where same spirited artists were brought together. But as Sanchez' popularity increased, also Bla Bla became a household name for diverse and creative dance music. Following his personal career, the imprint went global; several showcases were held around Europe while artists at the label did worldwide gigs.

etichetta energetically will i meet

After his first album Untitled Concept released under the guise Gimikk was put out on renowned label Remote Area inSanchez successfully released a sequel in on his own Bla Bla Records. On this album, aptly titled Cirkel, he fused sounds like minimal and dub to one mesmarizing listening trip. That's why I want to branch this out into a more international appealing brand. It would be cool to get the feeling and atmosphere I stand for across music scenes around the world.

I saw this during my tours in America, the audience and media attention is growing. Right now, they still combine dance music with hiphop and R'n'B influences, but it's only a matter of time before the straight up house music gets big as well. I'd like to be part of that, lift the underground sounds I love so much to a broad audience. On one hand there are still his always soldout Bla Bla parties in one of Amsterdams hottest clubs Studio 80, on the other hand Sanchez is working with big international events who acknowledge his view on where dance music is going.

Meanwhile he keeps releasing music most recently on Richie Hawtins Plus 8 imprint and staying ahead technically. After being the first DJ in Holland to use the Xone 3-D and 4-D mixer, he's now working on a special software controller for the iPad, presenting an app later this year.

That's the best place to be as an artist, making the future more interesting than ever. From mumbling to full power of speech, he's come a long way indeed. As a DJ, Okain is a creator of haughty sessions, achieving a lucid disposition between each one of the sonorous layers he craftily combines, generating great encounters with his crowd and leaving them completely seduced by his music.

As a producer, Okain highlights his most intense vibe: Okain has already performed in many European countries such as Spain, France, Germany, Italy, Greece, Holland and the UK; proof of the long career that lie ahead for this talented, young producer.

etichetta energetically will i meet

Dispensing sounds that take shape at an invigorating intersection between Detroit-inspired techno and the subtle stripped-down side of house. Conveying a musical chemistry with the coolest of credentials — welcome to Mirko Loko's world! Mirko was born in in Lausanne and has had an appetite for good music for as long as he can remember — even taking the name Loko because a record that was released in on the Chicago-based Relief Records inspired him. He first started DJing in the clubs of Lausanne in the late 90s and was soon snapped up by Couleur3 Swiss national radiowho recruited Mirko as a DJ and programme planner between and During this time Mirko continued DJing nationally but also started playing out internationally.

All these experiences set the scene for what was to come and in the following year Mirko returned home to become artistic programmer at Loft Club in Lausanne. In Mirko met fellow Swiss Ripperton and formed a production unit that would impact heavily on the scene over the next few years.

Lazy Fat People's debut, 'Big City', was released in on James Holden's label Border Community, immediately propelling the guys into the spotlight. Between andhe was also committed to his role as assistant programmer for the electronic side of Montreux Jazz Festival in Switzerland.

Nevertheless, something different was brewing: Mirko also begins a fresh new venture with Cadenza boss Luciano. What is more, after enchanting the golden ears of dons Ricardo Villalobos and Luciano, he has just released his debut solo album — Seventynine — on Cadenza. This is as much a tribute to his inspirations as it is a testament to Mirko's talent and kindred musical spirit.

A spirit that is now as warmly welcomed by the Cadenza family as it is around the world! In just such a short time, thanks to his record productions that are always supported worldwide by the best artists in the clubbing scene, he succeeds in affirming himself straigt to the sector of the international major's level.

Studio partner's and his friends are Ilario Alicante and Romano Alfieri, in he began to compose his own music and immediately the desire grows in him to publish his first release and he did "Wet June ep" witch was released in November receiving a lot of recognition and was a great success!

From that moment on his activity subsequently intensifies and Marco has the opportunity to acquire his relationships working together with an established label such as Big City Beats Frankfurt.

After finishing high school in his birth town he decides to continue his study in Bologna. It's here that he enriches the underground culture by visiting establishments that always have attracted special attention to the House Chicago and Techno Detroit movement.

At the end of he begins to compose music and after a short while he sends the first demo's to some labels in Bologna, where he publishes his first: Immediately after that he releases a for Fabrizio Maurizi's Minus label 'Memento', getting excellent feedbacks from international producers like: In june he starts a new collaboration with Andrea in arte U.

The sound of Linuz is connected with house, minimal, techno deep and can be appreciated in the labels: Nelha iniziato il suo percorso di verso la produzione musicale. Il suo stile rappresenta una miriade di influenze, non solo musicali ma anche derivanti dalla sua esperienza passata nel mondo dell'arte visiva. L'approccio non convenzionale di Acirne si riflette nel suo nome di un artista: A seguire, il duo a appena prenotato una sessione di studio con Cherry Baker, i cui frutti sono: Oltre a sviluppare ulteriormente i live set di Diamond Dog - si occupa di elettronica.

Some are more than just musicians through; they represent a way of life that embraces innovation, technology, and communion through sound. They share it, travel it and some simply live it. Argy, aka Argyris Theofilis, born of Rhodes, Greece, is one of these rare artists — perhaps even the epitome of this way of life. Utterly dedicated to his work, Argy's passion bleeds through in everything he does, from interviews and conversations to creating deeply musical, yet strikingly state-of-the-art house music.

Just 25 years old, the Berlin-based artist is already among the elite of the underground club scene. He seized the spotlight with the massive hit 'Love Dose', duly remixed and championed by Luciano, and hasn't stopped since. In the past five years Argy has worked with an impressive array of labels ranging from Sven Vath's Cocoon and Dennis Ferrer's Objektivity to classic house imprint Ibadan and even Defected.

Always seeking to break down barriers, Argy's studio collaborations and club events with New York DJs The Martinez Brothers have brought together audiences and sounds from formerly unconnected worlds, drawing inspiration from their mutual appreciation and friendship.

This same spirit of collaboration is evident on Argy's first full-length project 'Focus on: Argy', released on Poker Flat inwhere he works with fellow music luminaries such as Jerome Sydenham and DJ Gregory, creating a fusion of influences rarely witnessed in techno music. Two subsequent DJ mix compilations: The Master Sessions' and 'D. Edge Sao Paolo' on his own imprint, These Days, confirm that Argy's output to date is only the tip of the iceberg. He has a rare talent for taking audiences on musical journeys they might never have imagined.

Argy developed his love affair with night-time culture as an teenager, thanks to memorable club experiences headed by the U. Fascinated by the boldness and the power that the DJ could communicate, Argy dreamed of performing, using the concentration of the DJ to feed and fuel the response of the crowd. Fittingly, he has developed a unique style of mixing in key which allows him to combine everything and from classic techno to deep disco, weaving a sonic tapestry that defies easy categorization of genre or era.

etichetta energetically will i meet

This eclecticism carries over to his label These Days, which is an outlet for Argy's relentless pursuit of artistic perfection. Emanating clarity and focus — on both a personal and musical level — rare for one of his years, Argy represents a new breed of far-sighted talent driving modern electronic dance music.

He considers the future with confidence. And, as fans across the globe will testify, Argy does music very well indeed. When dance culture boomed DJs became superstars, and fame and ego replaced love of the music.

etichetta energetically will i meet

Luciano represents a third way: Luciano fuses art and fame like no other DJ. As a result the humble, Swiss-Chilean DJ, producer and boss of Cadenza Records is one of the biggest stars of the global electronic music scene.

how to find out if boyfriend is on dating sites for free

Determined to share his passion for techno, he spun records in clubs where disgruntled rock fans stubbed out cigarettes on his vinyl. Undaunted, the teenage DJ continued, gradually winning a loyal following and pushing dance music to new heights in Chile. At 21 he was playing to thousands at Santiago's Love Parade.