Essay on annual athletic meet

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essay on annual athletic meet

Most schools arrange for 'Annual Sports' once every year. This event usually occurs Category: Essays and Paragraphs On August 1, By Team Work. CREATIVE ESSAY: THE SCHOOL SPORTS MEET. On the 28th of May Labels: creative writing english essay games school sports stadium. Annual Sports Day is an important event in the life of every school or college. Sports The chief guest declared the sports meet closed and it was over. Home › ›.

So games is a must in schools life. The school sports provide students lots of diversions.

essay on annual athletic meet

Every student is full of youthful energy, and this cannot be the entirely made use of in mere studies. So sport is a healthy outlet for the excess of such energy. This certainly enables them to be free from all sorts of mischievous tendencies and pay their attention to studies. The athletic activities improve their health and strength and help them work afresh.

School Sports Day English Essay for School Children

When their excess energy is channelled, they can concentrate better their heart and soul on studies. Athletics teaches them a sense of discipline. Games and sports have their rules of conduct and students are supposed to obey them in the play-field. All this mends their unruly behaviour and makes them more disciplined.

Essay on Annual Sports Day Celebration in School for Class- 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10

The students who do well in athletics get every encouragement in their school. Their better performance in games and sports may bring them to the limelight. Some of them may get selected for State and National teams and thus earn name and fame in the country and abroad.

After they complete their studies, their athletics background may help them get good jobs. Essay on Sports Day for class 10, 11, 12 - words The annual sports day is an essential part of school education.

It can never be neglected at any cost. Students go to school, sit tight in their respective classrooms for hours together and visit the reading-room to collect materials for their study. Thus they keep themselves busy all day with activities relating to study.

essay on annual athletic meet

Now they certainly need some diversion in their serious routine-work. It is true that study is the primary objective of the school curriculum.

But 'all work and no play, makes Jack a dull boy. They are athletics, dramas, debates, and so on. Each school has an athletic association of its own. The students' representatives are its members. There is a Secretary duly elected by students to manage the show.

The teacher for Physical education is there to guide the association in all athletic activities. Every sportsman wears a white banyan and a white shirt. A great man is invited to preside over the function. This year the District Magistrate was invited. The Annual School Sports Day is celebrated in our school with great preparations.

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This day gives us a great pleasure. We are full of joy on that day. The 15th December was our sports day this year. As usual an interesting programme was made for the day.

We got printed copies of the programme. The principal invited parents also. The sports began exactly at 10 A. First of all, the athletes taking part in different events, staged a march past.

Closing Ceremony of ANNUAL SPORTS [email protected]

The Principal of the school took the salute. Then the sports began. The first item was the races. There were metres race, the metres race and the metres race and five kilometers race.

essay on annual athletic meet

The five kilometers race was a great fun. The hurdle race was also enjoyable. It was a great fun to see the boys running was also enjoyable. It was a great fun to see the boys running with their hands tied backward.

essay on annual athletic meet

It was a great fun when boys jumped to pluck an apple tied higher up. When they tried to find biscuit under flour, their faces were covered with flour.

Then began to slow cycle race, Ravi, my friend, won it. The three kilometers cycle race was worth seeing. Many cyclists took part in it. It was won by Raj Gupta. After the races came the jumps- the long jumps, the high jumps and the pole jumps. These item were also very interesting. Then came the item for strong and healthy boys- the shot put, the discus throw, and the javelin throw.

I did not take part in these items. Again we had the most interesting item.

Our school sports meet

It was the weight. Arun had won the junior championship in this item last year. He went into the arena. He had a muscular body. He lifted the weights with great ease.