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erisol homestuck fanfiction meet

A humanstuck fanfiction revolving around Eridan and Sollux. It's all because of a forgotten book that they had a chance meeting in the library. Couldn't he even take a walk without meeting this asshole? But as he stops and the beat of his footsteps ceases, Sollux can tell that it isn't just. He left college a few years ago when he met a guy and fell in love. Worried that the other didn't feel the same way he let his worries and.

So when Sollux catches the sound of Eridan's breathing as he goes past him on another walk around the complex, this time through some of the dingier and much less-traveled areas, his first instinct is to turn around and snarl an insult. Couldn't he even take a walk without meeting this asshole?

But as he stops and the beat of his footsteps ceases, Sollux can tell that it isn't just the sound of normal inhales and exhales. It sounds like weak gasping. Despite this surprise he still lobs an aspersion towards the sound- "What's the matter, fishdick? Having trouble breathing the same air as us low-blooded land dwellers? Weird… Even the smallest insult usually provokes at least a sigh of irritation from Eridan.

erisol homestuck fanfiction meet

Sollux slowly begins to feel around in front of him before suddenly realizing that the noise is coming from below. As he crouches lower and lower with his hands out in front of him, Sollux's fingers collide with fabric. It feels like… that stupid scarf? He is hardly daring to breathe anymore, and his shaky hands move past an elbow and down an arm. He stops when the fabric becomes damp and warm.

Sollux doesn't know where the thumping in his ears is coming from.

erisol homestuck fanfiction meet

The gasping is no longer audible. But he grabs the sea dweller's wrist and is surprised to find a pulse still beating under his slippery grip.

How is he still alive? Sollux quickly finds the slits along Eridan's wrist and laughs, a sound of both relief and disgust. The violet-blooded bastard missed. Eridan is sure he must be dead by now. That awful sense of total weakness that came with the knife cut across his wrists is fading, replaced by a comforting sense of drowsiness.

He can't feel the glasses usually on his face; he can't sense the weight of his cape or the warmth of his scarf. A white light shines behind his closed eyelids, and he is so sure of his postmortem state until a shadow falls across him and he opens his eyes. The afterlife looks a lot like Sollux. Eridan groans softly and shuts his eyes again. He curls up tighter on the floor and tries to ignore the fact that he's still alive.

a day in the life of erisol

It's what you want. He hears Sollux growl something unintelligible. You only nicked the vein, you know, and chewed up some skin to the side. Sollux is sitting stiffly on a chair next to him, arms folded tightly and scowling. And you chose to save me. I saved you because that's what she would have wanted.

And because I'm not a monster like you are. Instead, he looks around as much as he can from his limited vantage point. Judging by the makeshift recouprecoon, he's in Sollux's room.

That means he was dragged through dark hallways by someone whose love he'd destroyed, someone who was blind and had to rely solely on memory to get him here. His mind too clouded to think further, he sits up instead. The sense of vertigo lasts only a moment. He realizes that he's only wearing his shirt and pants, like he thought.

The absence of his scarf makes him feel uneasy, for some reason- like he's been caught defenseless, exposed.

It's Never Easy: A Erisol Fanfiction Chapter 1, a homestuck fanfic | FanFiction

He checked his arms while walking down a crowded sidewalk. Sollux always made sure he didn't do anything to really hurt himself. Emotions didn't physically hurt you. They hurt you every other way except physical. He walked up to a nice, modern building and buzzed the intercom button. He waited for the office to probably stop laughing and buzz him in.

He pulled back the heavy steel door and headed for the elevator.

erisol homestuck fanfiction meet

The tall and slim boy steeped into the elevator who already had a few riders already. Almost instinctively he headed for the corner of the elevator after pressing the floor his friend was on. He looked up only a few times from his phone to catch a few glaring back at him. He was used to this; Sollux had somewhat straight black hair, was enormously tall, and wore not practically "normal" sunglasses.

They were given to him by somebody really special, he thought sometimes himself that the one red lens and the one blue lens glasses were idiotic. It reminded him of his eyes, one icy blue and one redwood colored eye.

erisol homestuck fanfiction meet

He didn't mind the stares at all; he got enough when he walked down the street with any dude he was going ho me with. Being a twenty two year old gay guy, towering awkwardly tall, and being cursed with heterochromia got him tons of weird looks all of his life. Though suddenly his world became turned upside down when Sollux messaged him about why he had moved so far away-because Eridan hadn't told him where or why he moved, and only told Sollux that he had moved, when Sollux had tried to go to his house.

Eridan had expected this to happen, so he had a pretty good story made up for this, which he told Sollux. However that smartass knew Eridan to well and told him he wanted the truth and that he wanted to know where Eridan was living. Now the thing was Eridan knew how good Sol was with computers so he inevitably decided to get rid of his, and stupidly went towns over to get on a public computer-paranoid yes, a little overdone of course, but kind of fucking smart-oh hell yes!

This is why Eridan didn't feel as scared about having to confront his feelings because Sol had no idea where he lived even if he could trace the computer he used.

erisol homestuck fanfiction meet

Though Eridan being his weird self; did stay away from all computers in general just to make sure nothing came of it-thank god Eridan thought as he remembered he got a new phone, with a new number. Yet this paranoia made another thing happen in retaliation, Sollux stopped messaging him from anger and hurt, even saying he now hated Eridan with a passion.

What Sollux didn't expect was that Eridan would be ok with that, even he stopped typing, because to Eridan the words were like a haven, something to break these feelings inside himself; to utterly crush and decapitate them, make them nothing, and it did slightly work. But of course Eridan knew the only way to really finish them off was to confess and then be shut down completely-though it wasn't something he was planning on doing anytime soon.

However as days passed he soon became accustomed with no messages from Sollux, even hoping for none to come, because it took away that feeling he so longed to let out, and instead made his life more pleasurable, something of ease.

Since as every day passed by he slowly made himself let Sollux leave his mind, only letting those feelings come on his worst days, and he soon became happier, smiling more, and free. Free from everything that had done him wrong, free from his longing, free from the hurt, the pain, the loneliness, and instead what engulfed him was a feeling with a kind of happiness.

Captor's and Ampora's Chapter 1: Fun at the beach!, a homestuck fanfic | FanFiction

Even if it was small sometimes, it was still there and he consumed it with every breath he could take and slowly, slowly grew very content. Years slowly passed by and he had almost entirely forgotten about Sollux, but fate didn't want that to happen it seemed.

Because one day, on a day he was leisurely walking the beach and then walked to his car, got in and was about to leave; there he was, Sollux, who was stopped right in front of him. He could see how Sollux's eyes widened to the surprise of seeing his friend after 5 years of no messaging-not even counting the years after Eridan had first moved.

Feelings started to rush through Eridan's head, engulfing him with love and pain from seeing Sollux. He knew he had to get out of here, so he quickly got out of the parking lot and drove away, as fast as the speed limit would take him.

Out of sheer despair of seeing Sollux again, his only idea was to call Feferi; who told him to meet at her house, which was located on the other side of town. Filled with some relief he made his way to her house not even taking the option of going to his house to get any belongings, out of sheer fear he would see Sollux waiting for him there.

He pulled into her long driveway and sped to the door, which to his luck Feferi had open for she had heard his car.