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Trip of Henry W. Photo of 9th Pentecostal World Conference Postcards and Stamps Collected by David du Plessis Posters and Oversize Photos The gift of David and Anna du Plessis Restrictions: Scholarly use with parameters of copyright law Processing: From this new base he cultivated friendships with Pentecostals in Europe, Africa, and Asia as well as the Americas.

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An independent minister with a global outreach, David du Plessis held numerous influential positions throughout his life. Much of Du Plessis' support was grass-roots and his correspondence includes thousands of letters from ministers and members of Pentecostal and mainline Christian denominations exploring a wide range of topics. People wrote to Du Plessis to support his ministry, inquire about theological issues baptism in the Spirit and glossolalia for instancerequest prayers, or invite him to address a congregation or, perhaps, a local chapter of the Full Gospel Business Men's Fellowship.

While Du Plessis' responses to most of these inquiries are not available, the archive has copies of the newsletters David and his wife, Anna, sent to supporters. These newsletters, though not complete, narrate Du Plessis' activities from the s and show the evolution and growth of his ministry. Material dates throughout the 's, but the bulk of the collection covers the years The principal focus of the collection is the integration of Pentecostal and mainline Christian denominations. Formats in the collection are diverse.

They include diaries, correspondence, newsletters, manuscripts, photographs, and ephemera. Ephemera are further broken down into conferences, organizations, geographic and topical files, promotional material, and printed material. Among the printed material are articles by Du Plessis, interviews with and articles about Du Plessis, and religious tracts and pamphlets collected by the Du Plessis.

Letters from Thomas Zimmerman, Oral Roberts, Yonggi Cho, and Jimmy Swaggart, though less far-ranging, address, respectively, Du Plessis' expulsion and reinstatement in the Assemblies of God, evangelism, and the place of Roman Catholics in the Pentecostal and charismatic renewal.

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Missives from participants in the Roman Catholic Dialogue, which began in and continues today, shed light on theological similarities and differences between these two Christian movements. Du Plessis' papers offer the researcher a view of the Pentecostal and charismatic movements throughout the last half of the 20th century.

For example, in when asked to withdraw from the Assemblies of God, Du Plessis appealed by letter to hundreds of AG ministers and laypersons for advice. These responses, found in the archive, reveal both the workings of the General Presbytery of the AG and the divergent opinions on significant issues among AG ministers.

Another rich and unique source is the panoply of letters and conference material from charismatic Catholics, Episcopalians, Lutherans, Methodists, and Presbyterians.

Unlike other Pentecostals, Du Plessis encouraged members of mainline denominations to remain in their folds after baptism in the Spirit. His correspondence with Dennis Bennett, Brick Bradford, Larry Christenson, Norris Wogen, and Bob Whitaker, among others, documents the mainline charismatic renewal from its unpopular beginnings to its acceptance. An avid believer in ecumenism, Du Plessis used his positions and his peripatetic ministry to promote discussion among mainline and classical Pentecostal traditions.

The material gathered by Du Plessis at conferences, on organizations for which he served, and from various countries around the world indicate the scope of his influence. A complete listing of these items is found in 2 binders adjacent to Box 1.


They are books by popular Pentecostal and charismatic authors as well as hundreds of Pentecostal and charismatic periodicals from around the world. The rest of the collection, including a small number of rare periodicals, is currently organized into 13 Series, as follows: Filed with the manuscripts is the journal kept by Henry Stewart, a fellow South African who made the trip with Du Plessis.

Less a record of his thoughts than annotated itineraries, the diaries and travel logs of Du Plessis are sketchy, sporadic and often illegible. With time Du Plessis discontinued a diary altogether and came to rely on monthly planners.

Correspondence, Boxes The correspondence of David du Plessis comprises approximately 3, folders and spans over sixty years. Almost all of the letters in the collection, however, were written between the years and a time of tremendous growth among Pentecostal denominations. The David du Plessis correspondence is arranged alphabetically by sender with separate folders for each recipient and chronologically within each folder.

In those rare instances when material might have been damaged if separated, letters to and from an individual are kept in the same folder. Many of the letters are written in Afrikaans or Dutch but the majority are in English. Most folders contain one or two letters, but some consist of correspondence written over several decades. They are divided into those authored by Du Plessis and those which were not.

Many of the Du Plessis manuscripts, which number approximately, are sermons, prayers, transcripts of talks, and forewords.