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The Mantello di Vongola Primo is a cloak initially used by the first generation Vongola Boss, Giotto. Through the future Vongola technology, the 10th generation Boss, Tsuna, is able to Anime Debut, Episode CorvusTheFeatherbrain • 3 days ago Must-Have Gifts Every Star Wars Fan Needs This Season FANDOM. The sixth season of the Reborn! anime series is a compilation of episodes that broadcast follows Tsuna Sawada, the future boss of the infamous Vongola Mafia family the 7 Arcobaleno are heading to Namimori to present Tsuna with their trials. The next day, Tsuna receives a phone call demanding him to meet the. This is a part of ep in the anime and chap in the manga. It is the part Does Tsuna meet the vongola bosses altogether? It is when he.

Giotto also immediately intended to help Cozarto personally and showed concern and reluctance when Cozarto suggested to hide the truth about his Famiglia's survival, which meant that the Simon has to be living in the shadow and in return, he swore that the Vongola would support Simon. Cozarto agreed and he swore that the Simon would harbor no grudge against them, and their Famiglias would always be close for as long as they existed.

Weapons and Abilities Giotto was a very powerful fighter, and known to be the most powerful boss in the history of Vongola Family. Along with that, he was very charismatic, able to attract and welcome many kinds of people into his vigilante group. This trait made Giotto being compared to the sky, which became the basis of the Vongola Rings attributes.

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Giotto is the only known Vongola Boss to possess the ability to seal away one's Hyper Intuition. Forms Hyper Dying Will Mode: Hyper Dying Will, instead of removing external limiters on the body and using pressure during a crisis, removes internal limiters; therefore, releasing the person's hidden awareness.

When the internal limiters are lifted it awakens his Hyper Intuition. Giotto is normally seen in this form. First Editionan I appears on the back of the X-Gloves to indicate that it is the First's technique. The Cloak also has the ability to nullify Attacks. It is said that Vongola Primo could focus all of his power into a single point. This was so powerful it is said that his gloves would even change form which is resembles Tsuna's gauntlet which was used against Byakuran.

This Ring is proof of being the Vongola sky boss before passing it on to Vongola Secondo. He sealed the Sky Ring along with the rest of the Vongola Rings to make sure they would be passed on to the next Vongola Boss. Even before Giotto founded the Vongola Famiglia, Sepira gave him the entire set of Vongola Rings, which he distributed among his Guardians and eventually passed on to the next generations of Bosses and Guardians.

This ability allows the user to predict upcoming attacks. Primo was seen using this ability to dodge a bullet. Techniques Zero Point Breakthrough: It takes Giotto to be in the opposite state of the Hyper Dying Will State to create ice, which is highly negative compressed energy that can seal away Dying Will Flames and can only be melted by the Dying Will Flames. Proof of Friendshipwhich focuses on he and his Guardians' daily life activities, Giotto make an appearance along with his Guardians.

In this story, Giotto had planned and arranged a secret dinner together with his Guardians and went to the town to finish the preparation until night with his Guardians secretly following him out of their curiosity and worry. While he visited Talbot's crafting shop, his Guardians mistook him being threatened because of the silhouette of paper knife and abruptly entered the shop but ended up bumping to each other.

After they had cleared up all their misunderstanding, Giotto took them to the restaurant that he had prepared for the dinner and gave them the golden pocket watches that was made by Talbot under his request as proof of their friendship. All of them had a toast up which they are toasting for the Famiglia as well as celebrating their eternal friendship.

Trivia Giotto's descendants and his own Japanese name are named after Tokugawa Shoguns: Giotto's first appearance in the Kokuyo Arc anime. It is said that the boxes were made because of coincidence and sold at extremely low prices. There are more than three hundred designs. Squad 8 is sent to investigate deaths in Japan. It is revealed that Hayato is an illegitimate child, born of Bianchi's father, the head of their mafia family, and a famous pianist.

It is revealed that she died in a car crash when Hayato is still young. Hayato doesn't find out that she was his mother until years after the crash, but when he finds out, he runs away from home. After learning Hayato's history Glo encounters the past Chrome. Just as the battle seems to be over, in Glo's favor, it is suddenly revealed that the Owl weapon that Glo has been using is actually possessed by Rokudo Mukuro.

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Drawing power from both her trust in Mukuro and the Vongola Ring, Chrome's illusions become far more effective, to where even Glo can't tell whether or not they are real.

The fight soon concludes in a victory for Chrome, and the future Ryohei is introduced at the very end of the episode. With the 7 Guardians finally reassembled, it is up to Tsuna to decide whether or not they will participate in the attack. Because of this, the defenses within the hideout are turned off and the setting becomes dangerous. Reborn explains a little about the Negative Tre ne Sette rays and how the Arcobaleno are affected, and he fears for Lal's life because she is a defective Arcobaleno.

She seems to be affected more than Reborn. Meanwhile, Lambo and I-Pin have gotten themselves stuck inside the second power supply room and become blocked in when the backup defenses are turned on. Lambo has destroyed part of the control and the room suddenly becomes dangerously overheated. Finally, it takes Tsuna in his Dying-Will Mode to open the doors and release the children. It seems that Yamamoto needs more training, and Gokudera has flaked off from his training.

Meanwhile, in Millefiore HQ, Byakuran has found out that Leonardo Lippi is an impostor whose real name is Guido Greco, a man who murdered 15 men and escaped from prison a year ago, similar to that of Mukuro. Byakuran finally reveals that Guido is also Mukuro, and they engage in a battle. Meanwhile, Tsuna finds out Lal's condition and starts to worry, but Lal Mirch lectures him on 'choosing the right hell.

While Tsuna worries about what to do, Lambo comes in and doodles on Tsuna's legs, making him angry and scream at Haru, who apologizes and leaves. Reborn enters and says that Chrome is in deep trouble, as it seems that Rokudo has been defeated. She uses the Vongola Ring and creates incomplete organs, barely enough to keep her alive. Tsuna, after examining the situation, tells them the raid will begin in five days. Tsuna tries to release a "hard flame" with "soft flame" supporting him, but fails because he can not find the balance.

While unconscious after blasting into a wall, Tsuna and Chrome are sent dreams by Rokudo Mokuro of a strange white "machine". Gokudera has finally mastered the Systema C. Recaps of Goukerdera and Tsuna in the future arc starting with episode Byakuran tells Irie that he is the most important person in that base and must escape if they invade the base. Bel27 Katekyo Hitman Reborn!

He succeeds becoming the new Vongola boss and realizes that he is slowly falling for the person he knew he should never love. What if, instead, it was a young, barely known Famiglia still in its first generation? At the age of Please read the revamp: Story of Our Lives.

T - English - Family - Chapters: Instead he is actually the re-incarnation of an important figure that is linked the the Tri-Ni-Sette Policy. As Tsuna struggles to find out the purpose of his existance, more trouble arrises and the plot gets deeper. With the help of his fellow friends and new found acquaintances, he will reveal the truth. Ayame Akanke and her twin brother Ryo are far from human.

The skylark takes in interest in the strength that the female displays, but will those sparks develop into something more? Hibari 8 Kids and Hopefully not Counting by twinSky reviews When asked to go to the main entrance to assess a situation Giotto expected many things; none of them being a group of kids who had somehow managed to break in to his, supposedly secure, mansion.

Though as he stared at the looks on their faces, the ones they tried to keep hidden away, he found himself unable to turn them away.

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The severity of his decision would appear much later Katekyo Hitman Reborn! The awaited engagements and weddings of the 8 couples has finally come. Know each happy ending come true and the challenges they encountered before it come true Love and serves as the bridge towards Operation: Suggestions are accepted, just PM or write a review about what you want to be included in the story.

When the laboratory he rested in was burned down, leaving only his room untouched, Tsuna finds himself in the presence of Love by MoonStarSky reviews Two friends were separated by certain circumstances. Tsunayuki Sawada ended her relationship with Ieyasu Taru against her wishes. Years passed, Tsunayuki was pulled into the world of mafia and became part of the Vongola Family as the Sky Protector of the Vongola Guardians.

Will she regain her lost first love or will it be too late? Her thoughts as she ages. When he meets Vongola Decimo: Giotto, his memories resurface; unraveling the mysteries of Millefiore and his existence. As they discover the secrets within, they rekindle a love that has continuously repeated between them. Was supposed to be rewritten. Suddenly everyone that Tsuna knows is chasing after him. Gokudera is first though. All 27 Katekyo Hitman Reborn! M - English - Chapters: Meeting The 10th Generation by mangaanime15 reviews Giotto makes a wish.

He wants to meet the future generation of Vongola. He gets his wish. Unfortunately, the future generation gives him uneasy feeling especially their boss. Two different person, but their meeting brought about three things, life, songs, and love. But in an unfortunate turn of events BUT into sexy men that cant seem to get their hands off him or down his pants.

Protect by kamigoshi reviews YAOI! Tsunas mother found out by hes getting bullied and she decided to transfer him to Namimori. To top it off he had to live with his spiteful half brother for 3 years since his mother abandoned him to go over seas for on a honeymoon! As a protective older brother? Ardor by Metamorcy reviews AU, A one-sided love has always been the hardest thing to deal with.

Tsuna only wished that maybe one day, Fong can look at him more than just a friend. Fong27 Katekyo Hitman Reborn!

M - English - Romance - Chapters: