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How A Vermont Family Dairy Farm Makes Ends Meet | Vermont Public Radio

ends meet farm

Jul 16, Across the country, dairy farmers are struggling to make ends meet. The main culprit: a prolonged period of low milk prices. The last time they. Nov 11, As the civil war in their homeland rages on, many of the million Syrian refugees living in Turkey find themselves working for low wages as. Ends Meet Farm. 31 likes · 22 were here. Local Business.

In its year history, Silloway Farms has never really faced a financial crisis.

For New England Farmers Looking To Make Ends Meet, The Sun Provides A Harvest

They figured expanding would mean expenses. Just up the road from the farm, logs are loaded onto a machine that cuts and splits them.

ends meet farm

The chunks of firewood rattle up a conveyor and into a waiting truck. A sugaring business is separate from the farm, but the two help each other by loaning money back and forth when each needs it.

ends meet farm

John Silloway says the biggest challenge to running the farm is juggling finances to compensate for the two big variables in dairy farming: Silloway says the toughest year in recent memory waswhen prices bottomed out and the farm had to take out a short-term operating loan.

It was paid off within a month. The family farm covers hilly acres. For years the Silloways leased another acres nearby to get enough hay in to feed their herd. When that land went up for sale in they had to make a hard choice and, for the first time, take on long-term debt.

ends meet farm

The Silloways made another important decision recently when they decided to transition to organic milk production. Organic milk prices are stable and about twice what the Silloways currently get. And one part of Sullivan's property — about 15 acres — had been pretty unusable. The soil was heavy and bad for crops, he says.

He tried growing corn and hay, but with no success. Then a solar developer came along, offering him a lot of money to rent the land, put up solar panels, and sell that energy back into the grid. He says the opportunity was too good to pass up.

  • How A Vermont Family Dairy Farm Makes Ends Meet
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For solar developers, southern New England is ideal. Tax credits and locked-in contracts with power utilities can help the finances work out. And many New England farms are basically "move-in ready. The company wants to put panels on about acres, some of which is rented to farmers to grow crops.

In Wisconsin, Farmers Struggling to Make Ends Meet May Play Vital Role in Midterms

If successful, it could be New England's biggest solar project — powering about 5, homes. But the idea has stirred up some controversy.

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Some residents think the project is a waste of agricultural space in a densely populated state and have opposed the project at public meetings. And some farmers feel conflicted about the issue. Freund says he used to just compete against other farmers when looking for land to rent.

ends meet farm