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Dec 18, I am looking for instruction on installing the timing belt on my 97 Legacy Outback DOHC ej25 motor. Specifically - Answered by a verified. However, I have a Legacy GT with the EJ25DE engine and the headgaskets . I swapped my stock one out for a cast aluminum larger core if the engine in the donor can meet the requirements while speeding less. Shared Stories, Shared Services, Shared Successes. E-Enterprise for the Environment National Meeting. (Powered by the Exchange Network) October.

That would be very desirable in a midengined, RWD subaru based car. It has k miles on it. Stage II is the tune you load whwen your car has an up pipe connects exhaust manifolds to the turbo and 3" turboback exhaust.

The stage II gives it about 1. Stage II typically gets you about hp at the flywheel from the stock hp specs. That's on the stock turbo. If you do headers, bigger intercooler and turn boost up another psi, you can get hp at the flywheel easy.

Put the STi turbo in, bigger injectors, pump and with psi of boost and you're hp. That's with factory parts, more boost and a tune. My dad has an 03 WRX. He homemade an up pipe and downpipe, homemade air silencer delete, manual boost controller at about 16psi and the Cobb Stage II.

He's got k miles. He put those parts on with less than 5k miles. It's still on the stock turbo which he ported a bit. I'd expect low 30's to mid 30's in a car half the weight and better aero. It also has brembo bigger brakes and the 5x STi's are from All STi's have the 2. The best WRX's performance wise are I think. Starting in 08, they had plastic intercoolers. Better brakes than too. Trans is the same as far as I know. Nearly any Ej will fit and do well. I bet the H6's won't have much trouble fitting in there too.

The real limitation will be transmissions.

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Only the 5mt will really make sense. The 6mt's are too heavy, complicated and worth too much to hack up for these cars. The gear ratios are also so close that on a light-weight car like this you'd have a tough time getting enough load on the engine to spool a turbo bigger than doorknob.

A 5mt can be had for less than 1K and have many more drop-in front diff, gearset and conversion parts to be had. Subaru engines though, they really are like leggos. My has about hp with just exhaust and a tune. My buddy at work has an 07 with 18G turbo, bigger top mount intercooler, injectors and tune with full exhaust. We raced up an onramp to about 85 and up to about 70ish, I was hangin' with him. In a car as light as the FFR Kamikaze just tryin' out my name idea hahahp is gonna be ridiculous.

Bang for buck, 2. Easily available for the 5mt, but have yet find one for the 6mt. This is the part that is needed for the 4wd to 2wd configuration. Benji What's the best EJ engine? These ones of course! As you found this 2. It was a new design in I had a Legacy with the 2. I still regret selling it. If I do go forward with this build I'd use a crate motor of this engine because it was so robust and strong and pretty free revving engine.

I especially loved the sound to the engine, similar to a Porsche. Yes these turbo cars except the STI use intercoolers with plastic end tanks, but that in my opinion is a good thing because they don't get heat soaked.

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I swapped my stock one out for a cast aluminum larger core intercooler and switched it back to stock after only 3K miles. The damn thing got so hot I could literally cook an egg on it and turbo lag went up tremendously. The ONLY bad thing about the stock plastic endtanks was that if you ran high boost greater than 18psi the endtanks tended to work their way loose from the core leading to an intake leak eventually.

If we could get the intecooler designed in a location where it wouldn't heat soak from the engine that would be a bonus so we could run these larger, one piece intercoolers.

Looking to turbo my 2005 2.5RS.... HELP PLEASE!

Does Subaru have a performance parts division? Thanks Kasmodean Tree, you are going to need a donor car to build this kit and most likely that donor will come with an engine. I would wait until you get your donor before you decide to buy a crate motor. Now, you can jack up the engine a bit, bend the power steering lines out of the way a bit, and install the manifold, using new gaskets.

If you can, get ahold of one of the turbo suspending mounts, and bolt it on: A 90 degree elbow is REQUIRED for you oil drain line; if you don't install one below the drain on the turbo, it will kink and you'll blow the seals of the turbo.

Then, wrap the line with aluminum tape, or something to keep the line safe from the heat of the up-pipe. Run the line like so: Don't forget to clamp it and stuff.

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Next up to tackle: On the turbo, you need to cut the feed line in the middle so you can flip the top line back so it aims toward the firewall.

Now, install your oil-feed lines. You can either use high-temp thread sealant for the fittings, or teflon tape. Next, bolt up the downpipe of your choice. Here's what you'll have on the intake side: You'll need to trim the 2.

Drill the holes for the brass fittings, and install them as well. As you can see, the stock WRX y-pipe won't line up, so we have to extend it to meet the turbo.

I wouldn't advise cutting the stock y-pipe and trying to make it seal with a coupler. Just get an aftermarket y-pipe, trust me. On the pressure side, you have to extend the y-pipe downward to meet the turbo outlet, using the extra 2" coupler and piece of pipe.

You should have something like this at this point. Here's everything else mocked up: My SSQV flange was a close fit: At this point, you're basically done! It's just a matter of clamping everything in place, and testing it out! I know I missed some important information, so I'll try and add it in as I remember. Here's my finished product: You phase II RS guys don't have to worry about this. I found that the EJ22t has a one-way valve in the little plate behind it that prevents boost from leaking.