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ea sports meet your match

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So, for example, if you swap your Striker and Center Back, in your Balanced Game Plan, after that Center Back gets a red card, that change would now be applied to the other 4 Game Plans where possible. In some cases, if your Balanced Game Plan uses a vastly different formation than your other Game Plans, the automatic swap may not be possible, but with the ability to make adjustments to your Game Plans in the middle of a match, you can still make that change in the Pause Menu.

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We have seen the feedback from the community around jumping volley kicks, such as bicycle or scissor kicks, happening too often, sometimes in unrealistic situations, and that they were too accurate.

As a result, we have fixed a couple of issues that were causing these kicks to happen too often, and we have also made a change to bring the likelihood of successfully executing one of these kicks more in-line to what would be seen on a real football pitch.

These kicks were also sometimes happening in unrealistic situations, such as when the attacking player was surrounded by 2 or 3 defending players, which should no longer be happening. Players that had high Agility attributes were also executing the animation for these kicks too fast, making them more effective than intended.

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When looking at the effectiveness of these kicks, we found that they were not being impacted enough by error, which was resulting in a higher percentage of these kicks being more accurate and powerful than intended. We have increased the likelihood that these kicks will be impacted by error, which will potentially result in the kicks having less accuracy, less speed and less spin. In situations where executing one of these kicks would be easier, such as when the attacker pops the ball up to themselves in order to do a bicycle kick, the effect of this change will be less noticeable, while it will be more noticeable in a situation where executing one of these kicks would be more difficult, such as trying to hit a bicycle kick on a crossed ball that was coming in at high velocity.

Pitch Notes: FIFA 19 Patch Notes #2

To give some context of how this change will impact these kicks, we have an example of bicycle kicks being taken by Gareth Bale prior to the title update, and after the title update. The blue lines show shots that would have been on the net, which could end up as saves by the keeper or could end up being goals, while the red lines show shots that would have been off target. As is shown below, after the title update, a much higher number of shots are missing the net and the spread of where the shots are targeted is much more varied than before the title update.

Goalkeepers We identified some rare instances of goalkeepers not behaving as expected, and have made fixes to these issues. Direct from the patch notes, from both the Gameplay and Visual sections, here are the issues that were fixed: Rarely, keepers were not picking up the ball when it was close to them.

Rarely, keepers were trapping the ball outside of the box, despite an attacking player being near them, instead of clearing the ball.

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Rarely, when the keeper was rushing out of the net, you were unable to take control of him using the 'Move Keeper' controls. Rarely, after positioning your keeper with 'Move Keeper' controls, the keeper would dive out of the way of the incoming shot.

Rarely, keepers were not picking up the ball after knocking it down with a tip down save. Rarely, keepers, after making a save, would warp into the net. Rarely, when the keeper was making a save close to the 18 yard line or the byline, they would perform a slow animation while getting up when it was not appropriate. Rarely, the keeper would start to dive in one direction to make a save, and would instead animate as diving in the other direction.

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ea sports meet your match

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ea sports meet your match

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ea sports meet your match

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