E36 s54 smg swap meet

e36 s54 smg swap meet

It almost makes the engine swap a hard desicion as should it go wrong another is Car: E39 d, e46 M3 SMG, e36 vert s54, e34 i. Fitting the E46 M3 6-speed gearbox to a US-model E36 M3 both the E36 S52 motor (and all other previous M50 iterations) and the E46 M3 S54 are identical. Kassel Performance's plug and play engine swap harness has been designed for a straightforward wiring solution for all E36 S54 swaps. We use all NEW OEM.

E46 S54 SWAP (PART 1)- Disassembly, SMG to Manual Harness

Basic clutch design has higher torque capacity and optional cerametallic versions for high-torque and drag-racing are available. E46 slave is not compatible with E36 slave line. E36 i slave cylinder is correctly sized for the E46 M3 clutch and will maintain correct pedal effort. UUC Stainless Steel clutch line order part for E36 M3 will improve clutch pedal feel and is resistant to temperature changes which can change clutch engagement point. E36 M3 Evolution transmission support and new hardware.

Can re-use original transmission mount bushings. Transmission crossmember in stock at UUC. UUC Transmission Mount Enforcer setup consists of uprated bushings with enforcer cups to limit shear and rotational displacement of powertrain relative to shifter, improving shift accuracy.

E36 M3 Evolution shifter, shifter carrier, selector rod, and associated hardware are a direct and perfect fit. Kit for the E36 M3 6-speed includes every part required except selector rod 9 in diagram to left. Any E46 or E36 6-speed knob can be used, part number diagram shows correct options for E Extra mass of stainless steel makes for smoother shifts.

Harbor freight makes an excellent product for this.

e36 s54 smg swap meet

Do yourself a favor, and study these parts diagrams! It will also be very helpful to have a printed version of each of these on hand for both assembly and disassembly. The original version of these is available on realoem. Make sure the transmission is in neutral! Disconnect the battery from the car. Remove the intake manifold.

Personally, I chose to use the highly detailed starter motor replacement DIY seen in the link below. Using the Lisle earless CV clamp pliers will save a huge amount of time and effort here. Once the manifold is out, open the SMG fluid reservoir and empty it into an oil drain pan or equivalent. I chose to leave the pump connected for now to hold the hydraulic lines out of the way, and to allow the system time to depressurize as I continued to work on the other aspects of the conversion.

E36 s54 conversion. | The M3cutters

It is suggested that you cover your intake throttle bodies with painters tape to prevent random debris from falling inside. For reference, this picture does a good job showing the full mechanical layout of the SMG system. Put the car up on jack stands at all four corners. There are plenty of write-ups on how to do this, but just as a quick reminder: DO NOT support the rear of the car by the factory jack pad points. Also remember to lift the rear of the car by the subframe, NOT by the differential!

The front jack pads are fine to support the car by. My only other suggestion in lifting the car is to get it as high as safely possible. You will be eternally grateful for every bit of space available to you.

e36 s54 smg swap meet

Remove the skid plate 17mm hex boltsand all of the plastic splash guards you can get out of the way combination of 10mm and 8mm hex bolts, and plastic rivets. Remove the entire exhaust by disconnecting first at the flange where the headers mate with section 1, and then by removing the 4 copper nuts that secure the muffler to the rubber mounts under the rear bumper. Keep in mind that you will also have to remove the two rectangular exhaust braces, and the one V-shaped chassis brace.

Your impact wrench will save you a huge amount of time. It will help to keep the front of the exhaust at the headers supported by a jackstand so that it does not drop. Remove the metallic exhaust heat shields to expose the drive shaft. Support the transmission behind the drain bolt, and remove the transmission support brace. Mark the outline of the center support bearing mounting flange using a sharpie.

The bearing is preloaded and will need to be mounted in the exact same place during reassembly to prevent premature bearing wear. Use a 13mm socket to unbolt the center support bearing. Using an 18mm wrench and an 18mm socket, disconnect the six nuts and bolts from the guibo. Lower the driveshaft, and support it behind the universal joint with a jackstand or tie it up and out of the way with some string.

Do not allow the driveshaft to hang by the CV joint at the interface with the differential. There is no need to separate the driveshaft at the universal joint or to unbolt it from the differential for this job. Remove 17mm drain plug to drain transmission fluid replace plug once empty to prevent contaminationunplug all electrical connectors, and remove the SMG hydraulic lines from their clips.

Unplug each of the electrical connectors going to the transmission. Unbolt the SMG slave cylinder from the transmission with a 13mm socket on an extension. Disconnect the 4 hydraulic lines from the SMG pump from inside the engine bay. I was lucky and these came off with very minimal effort, though some for some people they can be seized on pretty tightly. If they are stuck, it is not a problem.


The transmission can be lowered with the pump still attached, enough to remove the hydraulic lines at the shift actuator and slave cylinder. Either way, the SMG pump will be removed from the top, and now is a good time to do that. For more information on removing the SMG pump, refer to the following link: Place a jack under the front of the engine in front of the sway bar and raise it high enough to support and prevent the motor from tipping forward once the weight of the transmission is removed from it.

e36 s54 smg swap meet

It is easy to see that it will rock forward and crack your fan due to the rearward location of the motor mounts. Now it is time to drop the transmission.

Do not bother wasting your time removing circlips and pressing out pins with everything still mounted up.

E46 M3 6-speed transmission swap into the E36

Refer to the diagram below for the location of each of the bellhousing bolts. There are three different size bolts M8, M10, and M12 each with a different size external torx head.

Also note that during reinstallation, each size screw will have a unique torque spec. This is where the female torx sockets will be used.