Dying to meet you lesson plans

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dying to meet you lesson plans

G.A.S. Book Activities / Lesson Plans / Homeschool Ideas A book club meeting will be richer if you can plan an activity that relates in some way to the book you' re .. What are Emily's original hypotheses about why the fish are dying?. The series by Kate Klise and M. Sarah Klise includes Dying to Meet You, Over My LESSON. What Is Child Labor? ObjectivesStudents will learn about the. All our resources are here to help you teach high quality financial education. Are you a teacher or education professional looking for complete lesson plans?.

Ask an adult for help to find a professional scientist or engineer to come in and do a demonstration. Act out or create displays of key scenes in the book, or build props or models that illustrate science phenomena.

Play videos of cool science experiments that are related to the science in the books. Let us know what you did and how it worked! What if his team is losing without him? Do you think the stranger is taking money from a father on the other team? If so, why is he doing that? Imhotep says he practices medicine differently from other physicians.

How is his practice different? In what ways does Avicenna use science to practice medicine? What does he have right or wrong about the brain? Why is the autopsy Broca is doing when the kids arrive important? What does he demonstrate that advances knowledge? What next steps of discovery should his finding lead to? Ramon y Cajal always wanted to be an artist, but he eventually followed his father into medicine. How did he manage to use his talent?

What important argument about nerve cells was he able to resolve? Gama developed a model of what happens to the brain with a blow to the head. What was his model? Why was it important? What are the limits of a model like his? How could it be improved? Explain how Levi-Montalcini proved that nerve growth factor was given off by tumor cells. If you were she, what would be your next step in finding more out about nerve growth factor? Why do you think it is important? Do you think the fact that he is a foreigner with no real knowledge of football affected how his report was received?

dying to meet you lesson plans

What are the symptoms of chronic traumatic encephalopathy CTE? What kinds of events seem to lead to a higher risk? How much risk of getting CTE would you be willing to take in return for a career in pro sports? What are some precautions to take against getting a concussion?

How can you tell if you or a friend get a concussion, and what are some suggestions for actions to take if you do? Did she make good decisions? Trephining an egg Trephining was the process of drilling a hole in the skull, often to let out pain or bad feelings. It was practiced in many ancient cultures, including ancient Egypt and South America. Provide club members each with a raw egg on a plate or dish.

Try to make a hole in the egg without cracking it. Possible tools include a toothpick, a paperclip, a screw, a pocketknife, or something else of your choice. Can you make a hole without breaking the membrane surrounding the egg?

Flowers, bugs, dried fruits, or vegetables are interesting objects. Does drawing make you look more closely and notice something you might otherwise have missed? Modeling concussion following Gama Make colored Jell-o in different clear containers, such as a plastic water bottle and a glass bottle or jar. Strike the side of the container as Gama did and observe the disturbances and distortions you see.

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For variation, suspend pieces of spaghetti or string in the jello before it hardens. These strings can represent nerve axons running through the brain tissue. What happens if you hit the jar with a glancing blow instead of one that is straight on?

The group can start with a container that covers the whole egg, but eventually, constraints should be introduced. Possible materials include egg carton, foam cups, tape, rubber bands, paper, and anything else you can find. Concussion testing One common test looks at reaction time. Have one group member hold a yardstick high, while another member waits with open hand surrounding the yardstick toward its bottom, say at five inches.

Without warning, the holder releases the yardstick. The catcher, reacting as quickly as she can, closes her hand and catches the falling yardstick. The number of inches that have passed the hand serves as a measure of reaction time. Get a couple of baseline measurements, then spin the catcher around ten times and repeat the measurement.

Do they like each other? Why or why not? In what ways does the Chinese magistrate Song Ci use science? What are some similarities and differences in the way Luigi Galvani and his nephew Giovanni Aldini do science? Zora Neale Hurston studies folklore. Talk about some ways in which this could lead to new scientific knowledge. What does the work of Alcor Life Extension Foundation tell us about the same thing?

What evidence do you see that Sam is changing throughout the book? How about Clinton or Mae? In what way, if any, has your response changed and why? If you were one of the patients or caregivers at Strathcarron, what would be your "song for a long life"? Why would you choose this song? How do you think music and art help to reinforce the rights and dignity of patients in hospice?

Hospice in My Community Have students research and report on palliative care services in their community, including the quantity and quality of options available; the resources and services provided; and the average cost of care for inpatient services over the course of one year.

Identify opportunities for improvement Explain how they could personally contribute to improving care in their community Conclude the assignment by having students draft descriptive essays detailing what they have learned and how they can personally contribute to improving care in their community.

Distribute sticky notes, a sheet of chart paper and markers to each group. Have the class reflect on the stories of the patients and nurses depicted in Seven Songs for a Long Life and give them five minutes to brainstorm the rights they believe hospice patients and people living with terminal illnesses should have.

Remind students that these rights have to balance patients' physical and emotional needs and should uphold and reinforce the patients' dignity. Have each group review and organize their members' ideas by theme and use this brainstorm to draft a bill of rights for end-of-life patients on the chart paper. If time allows, students can also research the legal rights of terminally ill patients as well as existing frameworks for hospice patients and the terminally ill to refine their work.

Follow with a gallery walk and feedback session, and then refine the groups' work into a single collective bill of rights for the class. Sharing Seven Songs for a Long Life Organize a visit to a local hospice and have students interview the patients.

G.A.S. Book Activities / Lesson Plans / Homeschool Ideas

The students should prepare questions in advance and include questions about the importance of music, visual arts, dance and so on in their subjects' lives.

Have the students create multimedia oral histories about their subjects that feature meaningful songs from the patients' lives, and then have them return to the hospice to present their projects to the patients.

dying to meet you lesson plans

The Politics of Palliative Care Have students research local and national laws and policies related to end-of-life care, with a focus on the following questions: What public policies influence the quality of care? Are there national standards or do they vary from state to state? What influence do your local government and representatives have on the quality and options for care? Conclude the assignment by having students draft persuasive essays to a local community leader or political representative.

The essays should explain why hospice care is important for the community and describe the end-of-life care that is available, the improvements that are needed and the current barriers to quality care.

Students should also explain how they can personally contribute to improving care in their community. On Death and Dying: Her research, which included patient interviews, became the foundation for her book On Death and Dying. This book introduced the concept of the "stages of grief," and although it has met with criticism and controversy since it was published, it remains highly influential in the field of palliative care.

Have students conclude the project with a presentation incorporating their research and interviews. The Stem Cell Debate Several patients in Seven Songs for a Long Life speak about participating in stem cell treatments and trials for their terminal conditions. Is stem cell research the great hope for people who suffer from debilitating diseases, or is it an unethical treatment of human life?

Stem cell research is a controversial subject due in part to the debate over whether embryonic stem cells should be used. Have students facilitate a debate about stem cell research and the use of embryonic and adult stem cells to provide therapies for diseases and injuries.

Create an anticipation guide with questions about the moral, ethical and political issues related to stem cell research, and then have students research the science and politics behind the use of stem cells in medical treatments. Give all students the opportunity to share their projects and opinions with the class or in small groups.

How does this right compare to a person's right to free speech or other similar rights? Why are certain groups and individuals particularly opposed to euthanasia? How is this issue covered in news and entertainment media? Have your students research basic facts about euthanasia and current state and national policies regarding an individual's right to die.

dying to meet you lesson plans

Have them discuss and assess the precedents for a government's right and ability to intervene in personal health decisions and the impact that legalizing euthanasia has had in states and countries where that has been implemented.

Each student can complete the research by writing two persuasive essays, each taking an opposing position on the issue. Seven Songs for a Long Life www. Media Literacy Questions for Analyzing POV Films This list of questions provides a useful starting point for leading rich discussions that challenge students to think critically about documentaries.

dying to meet you lesson plans

Seven Songs for a Long Life Delve Deeper Reading List This list of fiction and nonfiction books provides a range of perspectives on the issues raised by the film. Spence and wrote a book with her. October 28, at Grumply renting a house on 43 Old Cemetery Road. Spence, and to top that off there is also a little boy named Seymour Hope.

Dying To Meet You - She's Only Sixteen

October 28, at 9: I loved how at the end everybody was happy at the end and lived happily ever after without the Hopes. Spence haunted the house with her good friend Seymour Hope and her cat Shadow. One day a very Grumpy man named I. B Grumply rented the house for the summer to work on his book.

Grumply was having a very hard time right the 13th book of the Ghost Tamers Series. Finally Olive C Spence helps him and they finish the book.

Grumply wrote it, Olive reviewed itand Semyour Illustrated it. They made lots of money and lived happily ever after. Along with Seymour Hope and his cat Shadow. Grumply rents the house for the summer. Little does he know it is haunted. Slamming doors are interrupting his work. Is the house really and truly haunted? Read more to find out! DTMY is about a famous author, Mr. Grumply, that moves into a haunted mansion.

At the end they all become friends and they live there without any troubles. October 28, at 8: I think the author should add a page at the end of the book that answers some of our questions. Dying to Meet You is a very good book.

Grumply goes to Spence Mansion in hopes of writing his 13th book, he is surprised to find he has a roommate, Seymour Hope, and his cat, Shadow.

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Spence, ghost and failed writer teams up with Mr. Grumply through the event of a falling chandelier. Unfortunately, he runs Olive off. Can he and Seymour get her back?

Grumply is a writer with a bad case of writers block who rented a old house for the summer. He hopes to be able to write the 13th book in the Ghost Tamer series. Unfortunately the house is already occupied by Seymour Hope and a ghost named Olive C. Grumply refuses to believe that a ghost lives in the house yet he keeps seeing strange things happen.