Dyestat meet central illinois dragway

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dyestat meet central illinois dragway

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I think we had to be a little nuts for the workouts that we went through. On this Monday, I was sitting in the lobby waiting for the meeting to start. I had two tests that morning that wiped out and I was in a zone preparing for Monday's hard workout. Phil Williams came up and started to show me pictures.

I was not focused and could not understand why he was showing me these. Here I am by the side of the house. He had me roped in. Nobody expects the Spanish Inquisition. The episode that was on the night before.

Killer got me that time. It was then time for the daily meeting. I told you earlier how Mr. Newton would sprinkle in a little Lombardi-ism, a little Plato, and a little Groucho Marx and mix that all together. That was a Newton meeting. Most of being a part of the York Cross Country team had little to do with running. Well, maybe 30 to 40 percent of it concerned running.

His meetings prepared the young men that were on the team for life after high school, life after York cross country.

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There were rules on attendance. You had one unexcused absence and one unexcused tardy. If both of those allowances came and went, you were excused from the team regardless of how good you were.

In the meetings, he would talk about running but it was more about life.

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Do not give up during a workout or no walking when you are supposed to be running. When times got tough later on in life, I remembered those lessons. Since there was no internet back then, he would talk about the meets that were going on around us. He would tell us how good teams were running, perhaps as a motivational device to get us to work harder.

dyestat meet central illinois dragway

He would go over upcoming meets, the time we needed to be checked in by, and where the meet would be. He wanted us to be prepared. The worst thing that you could do in these meetings was stop paying attention, or talk while he was speaking.

It was a sign of disrespect to do that. In this particular meeting, it happened. A freshman who was sitting in the back was making a comment to his friend and Newton caught it. He stopped talking and stared into the back. On this day, his patience was completely gone.

If you do not care so much about the team, then why am I here? There was silence throughout the lobby. The one thing that was going through my head was that the tone for the rest of this workout was going to be brutal. This had happened before, but not this year. The senior leaders quickly said something to the freshmen, but they already knew they had done something wrong.

Then the senior leaders, Willie, Heds, Freegs, Rags, and Wags, went to his office and apologized for the team.

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It was a matter of taking ownership for our actions. It happened also in my senior year when I was one of the captains on the team. It was one of those life lessons. When I was in management, whenever something went wrong, I would not point fingers unless I pointed to myself. At the same time, when something went good, all the praise went to them.

It was a Newton lesson. This action in the meeting just bumped up the intensity in the workout and everyone knew that. He came back out to the lobby and simply gave us the workout. No Groucho Marx today. We headed to the front of the school. This four-mile warm up went at a brisk pace. Henry started pushing it but it did not come into an all-out sprint like had happened a few times. No signs of encouragement came from Mr. Newston as he watched us warm up. We walked across the street to the track.

Inside all of us, we knew we had to stay together for this workout. If one man dropped out of the pack, we did not know what would happen.

The goal was to hit the first three in 4: The last one 4: There was a lot of talking in the pack throughout that workout, encouraging each other. No one was going to drop. Newton was overjoyed after that. I do not know if it defined our season to that point, or defined our character, but it felt like that. Maybe it was his plan to do that. None of us had been there so we did not know what to expect.

Newton would tell us was that it was a hilly course. He said he had talked to someone at Lyons Township the day before. The week prior, LT had run against Hinsdale Central and the coach told Newton that several of his runners were spiked and a few pushed into trees. He told us that we needed to get out quick to avoid that. I do not know if that was true or not, but I was not going to take a chance. Neither were the rest of the guys. The park was beautiful. For me, it was like a dream.

I was not a drag-strip kind of runner that liked everything flat.

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I was strong with no speed, so the hills I saw during the warm-up suited me just fine. The starting point back then was different than it is now. We started at the northwest corner of the park and headed east.

We would pass the start-finish area twice. On the final lap, we would cut through the center of the park and head back to the finish.

I figured I would be with the pack. This race would also determine who would run the following week at the DuPage County Meet, which was our first invitational of the year. The top seven would run varsity at county. I knew I had my mind set on being part of that.

dyestat meet central illinois dragway

As we stepped to the line, I looked and saw the Hinsdale guys in their red uniforms. In my head I kept telling myself that I did not want to be spiked. I had been a couple of times in my life and it is not the most pleasant feeling. The first mile we were together with a few Hinsdale Central guys close to us.

The first lap around that park was like nirvana for me. Up and down the hills and my legs were agreeing to that.

I was not tired. We called roll at the mile and eight of us were together with a couple of Hinsdale guys I could sense were still there.

It is a big comfort when you know that your teammates are near in a cross country race and you have the team part of it won. Newton was ecstatic as we passed him at two miles. Put your hand on seven! I decided to pick up the pace just a little bit to make sure it didn't happen. I was focused ahead and I was about to pass some of the younger guys on the team.

I made a right turn along the south corner of the park and looked. I had the race lead. Kayla is the third high school girl to win the race, joining Amy Logsdon in and Emily Pifer in, and Her time of Wyatt is the fifth middle school boy to win the individual league title and Chloe is the third middle school girl. Chloe's time of Sophomore Nicole Tennison was also victorious in the junior varsity race, covering the course in The boys were led by Imani Daniels' second place finish and the girls claimed the top five spots to earn a perfect score of Complete results are available here.

The middle school boys had one of their best races of the year, led by two runners in the top five and complimented by a very tight pack from runners The team took first place, and many of the middle school boys were awarded red LU Invitational t-shirts for their top 25 efforts. The middle school girls rebounded in a big way from last week's 3rd place finish, placing all five girls in the top 7 and narrowly missing their lowest score of the year with 19 points. Chloe Palmer won the race individually with a time of Like the boys, many of the middle school girls were awarded t-shirts for their top 25 finishes.


The high school boys won the team title, placing four runners in the top Jarrod Genther ran a gutsy race to win the individual title, and senior Aaron Robertson ran the best race of his career, claiming 10th place with a time of The guys team ended the regular season with three consecutive invitational wins, leaving the team as hungry as ever for some postseason success.

The high school girls finished in third place. They were unable to manage the same amount of team success as the week before, but they still enjoyed many strong individual performances that will help them greatly with postseason meets on the horizon.

Kayla Scott won her individual race by around 70 seconds, and Kelly Henderson enjoyed her best meet of the year with a 21st place finish. The boys were given a huge boost from 5th man Jason Appel and 6th man Nick Brady, who powered their way to top 25 finishes on the sloppy and rain soaked course.

The high school girls took 2nd place in the most painful of fashions, matching Sheridan's first place score of 69 points, but missing out on the win by a tiebreaker.

The girls still had plenty to be proud of despite the near miss, including Kayla Scott's individual victory, a tight spread of under 30 seconds from runnersand a slew of personal record times across the board. The middle school boys finished 2nd place to familiar foe Sheridan.

Wyatt Gardner and Imani Daniels both placed in the top 6 to pace the team. The middle school girls endured their first losses of the season, finishing 3rd place with 85 points in the field of 12 teams. Dover placed four girls in the top nine places to seal the win with 41 points. Cassidy Long led the team with her top 10 finish. Thank you to all of the parents and fans who came to support the team on such a wet and cold day! The boys also enjoyed a fantastic day of racing, finishing fourth in their team race.

There were 30 scoring teams in the girls race and 28 scoring teams in the boys race, making this the largest meet that either team will compete in all season. All seven finishers in the girls varsity race finished in the top 23 places out of individuals as the girls team topped 2nd place Granville by 68 points. Chloe Palmer won the race individually for the seventh time this season in as many tries.

All four individuals in the reserve race finished in the top 26, including a 6th place finish by Capriona Pafford, her highest finish of the year. The boys placed five runners in the top 45 of the varsity race to finish with points. Wyatt Gardner won the individual title for his sixth win of the season. Four individuals medaled in the reserve race top 25led by Robert Moore's 3rd place finish. Complete results can be found here when available.

The middle school teams, racing for the first time in 11 days, quickly shook off any signs of rust with strong wins in both the boys and girls races. Chloe Palmer and Wyatt Gardner won individual titles in their races, and a slew of Indians earned medals with their top 25 performances.