Duesch bag meet your god

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duesch bag meet your god

In my few years of service, I have met and worked alongside many different Sometimes, the army douche bag will introduce himself by his rank. oh my God , you wouldn't even believe, like you can't understand, and the. There are men whose very appearance can compel you to turn your head in disgust, muttering the word "douche" in a long whisper. They're. all these pictures i just saw on the The Chive yesterday. so ebaum like to just steal TheChives features and pawn it off as their own? i can.

duesch bag meet your god

He knows nothing about the history and didn't show any interests towards the history, but instead, he is spending minutes to read that religious shit that some weird people sneak into his hand And the next day, he is telling me that he will be in Zurith the 20th. That make everything frustrated AF. He is just sending me his own handjob videos He said he has no time, and just 5 minutes, the connection is so bad, when finally connected, during the very blurry and electromagnetic influenced unclear sounds, he said: This dude is extremely negative and bitter AF!

He read some stupid American cliche book that you could buy in the random hotel or mega supermarket, have no any taste of intellectual of truth inside. He told me he joined some psychology healing shit and he asks me to go too since he considers I have a problem I'd better go to watch some BBC science documentary, or TED talk at least give me some enlightenment of my mind and soul!

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He basically numbed about the place he went or visited. I might not blame this coz I hear there are some psychological facts is that, when you travel too much and all the countries seem the same and nothing easily could change their perception and value anymore OMG 18, He can't distinguish the differences of this girl and other girls have personality difference, his standard is just "fun"! Probably just someone has a pussy able to produce???

Never date a guy who can't distinguish a girl is special and unique in some sense in this world if they couldn't appreciate some special traits on your, especially on you! Believe me, some human is really like that if you are able to see whats happening inside of their deep brain from their facial expression, language and behaviours Some are driven by higher purpose, spirit, some are drive by pure instinct, some are just nonsense I forgot others since it was a long time ago And my brain are not necessarily keep all bad memories and keep myself mad about this I might add this later just in order to omit all the shit he gives to me.

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It is the past now, old story, but I prefer let it out and don't want it stuck in my head and bother my future life. Even some celebrity politicians go to visit him, and he is one step away from Nobel prize We were talking smoothly, never had any issues, we scheduled video chat every few days and he always right on time Now i see how the different quality of a human make a huge differences of how human individual could be.

I really see the huge spectrum of the quality of individuals of this world from one to another side You can find them at the bar or on the beach with their dog tags hanging out. They make every effort to ensure you are aware that they are, in fact, in the military.

They are army douchebags. They make themselves intentionally obvious in many ways. They immediately mention being in the army Often before even giving their own names, their membership in the service is one of the first things if not the very first thing to come out of their mouths.

You never asked, but they want to make sure you know. After all, their job is so much nobler, more respectful, more important, and way cooler than whatever pedestrian occupation you hold. Who gives a fuck?

But whatever, check out that sweet army tattoo on his forearm that he got two weeks before graduating basic training. This man is hard as fuck. If he does give you his name, it will be his surname. Your ass has been sitting in PAT Personnel Awaiting Training doing fuck all except look cool in your sweet combat get-up.

Douchebags Meet Your Gods

Sometimes, the army douche bag will introduce himself by his rank. Rarely is anyone this much of a douche bag. Yet one of my brothers in arms who will be referred to from hereon in as Private Lad indeed does go so far.

This guy really, really wanted everyone to know that he was the absolute lowest rank in the department of national defense.

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They demand you listen to their stories The army douchebag craves to be the center of attention at all times. You must listen to every tale he has regarding his experiences in basic training and soldier qualification. After all, who the fuck are you? Your life is so boring and plain that you crave the excitement and intrigue of his basic training experiences. This guy displays signs of what is known as the Mallenby effect.

Basically, this causes a person to overestimate the effects of alcohol during the first few drinks called the "absorption phase" by people who study drunkenness and will underestimate them later in the night during the "elimination phase".

If you want to see this concept in action, buy a lot of nonalcoholic beer for a party full of teenagers. If drinking with teens isn't your thing and legally it shouldn't be anyone's "thing" then check out most college frat parties where the masses will start screaming "WHOO!!!

Continue Reading Below Continue Reading Below Advertisement Later, the same people will physically display all signs of being drunk, but will claim to be sharp as a tack, because, as they'll tell you, they drink so much that it, like, would totally take all the booze in this place to get them drunk.

duesch bag meet your god

Then they'll plow their Mustang into a drainage ditch and take a swing at a cop. If he doesn't have a girlfriend, don't talk to any girls because they could be his girlfriend, someday. It doesn't take a whole lot to set this type of guy off, and after he's pissed, screaming and swinging you'll wish you'd actually done something worthy of such a tantrum.

He's easy to pick out in a crowd, there'll be one man yelling while everyone else in the crowd exchanges confused glances along with sympathetic shrugging shoulders.

He's the screaming one, the one trying to finish an imaginary fight with a person who didn't start it. A douche that can't be ignored. This guy is a time bomb, and nobody can see the timer but him--he can go off at any moment.

Although his aggression normally isn't life threatening, it's really fucking irritating.

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Medically diagnosed IED is defined as a behavioral disorder characterized by repeated episodes of aggressive and violent outbursts grossly out of proportion to the situation. Wearing a sleeveless rayon body vest while stinking like Axe body spray is common but unfortunately correlation does not equal causation. A study by the National Institute of Mental Health has determined the condition to be more prevalent than previously thought, affecting around 2 out of every 25 adult Americans, most commonly seen in male youths.

How the researches went about collecting data is not disclosed, though we hope they ruined many a striped shirt on nickel-beer-night while gathering subjects' reactions.

Cases of road rage, domestic abuse and destruction of property usually involve one or more parties with the disorder. Often those with IED will feel a great deal of regret or remorse if bodily harm or destruction of personal possessions occurs. It's uncertain if the same remorse is felt after chewing out a waitress for forgetting to refill a water glass, though the spit and pubes now hidden in the rest of their meal may balance out the situation.

duesch bag meet your god

Continue Reading Below Advertisement This disorder can become a severe disruption in the lives of the afflicted but medications can be prescribed to help alleviate anger impulses. We are not licensed to give medical advice here, but if we were we'd suggest taking muscle relaxers, washed down with your favorite liquor, to help calm the nerves. Now go warm up in a hot tub and feel those angry thoughts drift away. He'll bitch about why his coupons aren't scanning at the checkout.

He'll complain when someone has an accent while in America.