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WotLK [Guide] Comprehensive Feral Tanking

Thread: Cataclysm Feral Druid Tank Pve Guide You can apply three stacks instantly with the talent Feral Aggression - Spell - World of. PvE and PvP Guides. We have a series of detailed guides with more info about the class. These guides include an overview over each spec, quick start, rotation . Black Hole Explosion damage reduced by 35%. to continue to track spells after Innervate is removed from the target earlier . Unholy. All damage increased by 4% (includes pets). Druid. Feral .. Players should now meet with more Bonebeak Scavenger Meat and What are your ideas PvP/PvE wise?.

Use barkskin if you need to avoid this Innervate: Restores mana to a friendly target over 10 seconds. Not useable in Bear Form; Use only when safe to do so - Preferably on a healer who's low on mana; They will love you for it Berserk: Mainly a threat cooldown, for 15 seconds your Mangle Bear has no cooldown and hits up to 3 targets.

This is a pretty huge amount of threat when used early in a fight. Also breaks you out of Fear and makes you immune to fear: Handy in some fights like BQL, where I like to berserk out of fear then use Tranquility yes, as a bear, it still heals a fair bit. An AoE healing spell that you channel, even as a bear this ability heals for over HP to all nearby group members over seconds. Use barkskin to avoid pushback and wasted healing. You can save a few lives with this when used right.

You can not cast this in bear form. Why we execute our rotation the way we do and how to trouble low threat Spoiler: Some of our abilities scale well with damage, but other abilities don't. For DPS, they have a simple job of using the ability that does the highest Damage possible. However, for tanks, we have to use the ability that deals the most threat - But this is difficult because it's hard to know how much threat each ability deals because recount and combat logs only display damage dealt.

All data was calculated using Rawr 2. Averages account for critical hits. Using maul replaces and "upgrades" your normal auto-attack. AoE ability, it will hit all nearby enemies Lacerate upfront damage: What does it all mean?

When we want to do the highest Threat per Second, we focus on using the ability that deals the most threat that we can currently use.


Already this looks a little bit like our single target rotation. The only complication is Lacerate's DoT. This stacks up to 5 times, so it's worth 5 GCD's of threat - So if Lacerate is about to time out and you get to spend 1 Global Cooldown on either Mangling for 1 ability's worth of threat, or Lacerating once to preserve 5 ability's worth of threat: Why Maul is so important, and why you need to avoid Auto-attacks Maul is our 1 threat producer!

Hopefully you will now understand how important Maul is in our rotation. However, Maul cancels our regular Auto-Attack, which means we spend 10 rage on Maul per auto-attack timer, instead of gaining rage from auto attacks.

Wotlk feral druid pve guide

The good news is that if you do NOT generate enough rage to use maul, we will default back to using an auto attack, gaining us rage when we most need it.

The bad news is that every Auto-attack you must perform to gain rage is a wasted Maul. Because whenever he doesn't have enough rage to maul he will auto attack gaining him a quantity of rage - But in reality he is sacrificing a huge amount of threat each time he auto-attacks to gain rage. For this same reason many auto-attacking Bears will not realize that they are rage-starved, when in fact they are truly losing a huge amount of potential threat due to lack of rage.

Troubleshooting Low Threat If you are suffering from much lower threat than people would expect from your Gear Level, the reason is often because you are not mauling often enough, and this means you are lacking rage even if it feels like you never run out! If you have recount, check your Auto attack count It appears as "Melee"the lower this is the better - Ideally, you actually want to see 0 Auto-attacks. If you have a high Auto-attack count, then it means you're wasting a lot of mauls.

Some Bears find that using these macros can almost double their threat given they are talented correctly to produce sufficient rage. Another reason can be due to low Expertise or Hit rating.

Which class is harder?

But honestly, most the time if you're losing aggro, it'll usually be because something is wrong with your rotation or rage generation and Maul usage. Anti-intuitively, you can also see that Lacerate deals a large amount of upfront threat, it is not merely a bleed. Looking at a summary of Lacerate's tool-tip we find- Lacerate: Below I will be discussing the upfront damage part, which is the part that makes it worthwhile to use Lacerate even when the bleed is already at 5 stacks To Lacerate or to Swipe as a filler single target?

This has been largely debated ever since retail-WotLK, during which time many theory crafters lost their minds in endless calculations and simulations; oftentimes entire forums erupted into horrible, gory battlefields where Team-Lacerate and Team-Swipe could never come to a decent conclusion on which was the superior filler. What they did find were the formulas for how these abilities scale relative to damage done is as follows: Usually targets die before they reach you or do that shortly after.

Your resource is Mana for casting spells which you use to get Insanity. Gameplay is building Insanity phase and burning insanity phase. Insanity drain speeds up the longer it lasts. So at start it drains slowly just to speed up more and more. It's impossible to keep it.

In addition fears and snare abilities for some CC. Overall both classes have their issues and things to keep an eye. Both Feral and Shadow have DoTs you need to track and keep an eye on. Both require certain rotation to keep acceptable performance. I personally think that Feral is less forgiving, skipping on one ability Shred instead of Rake for example means Energy loss, bleeds out and lower DPS while in Shadow case most of casts are instant or interruptable channels so going back on tracks hurts less.

Another thing is AoE.

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Feral is capable for that but it requires talent focus, so either more single target or more AoE build. Feral can do similar with multiple Rake and Swipe but it's more single target focused. And as usual, every class is hard to master, has their own tricks. Key is knowing your abilities and how and when to use them. Often when I don't play certain class for extended time I tend to forget most of it.