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dragon age inquisition meet dorian tool

Dorian's Remarks (About to fight a dragon) Oh, look—a dragon. What a perfect way to Inquisition companions. Blackwall . Iron Bull: (if in the party when the Inquistor meets Dorian in Redcliffe) Watch yourself. The pretty ones Sera: Tell that to all the "proper" mages waving their tools in people's faces! Dorian: There's . Dragon Age Inquisition at IGN: walkthroughs, items, maps, video tips, and strategies. Dorian. Last Edited: November 24, at AM. Page Tools. Edit (Classic) · Edit You can then choose whether to inform Dorian before the meeting. Dorian - Romance with Dorian - Romances - Dragon Age: Inquisition Game Guide & After you complete it, meet with Dorian in Skyhold to talk to him about his.

Also to a female Inquisitor, particularly one who flirts with him but doesn't realize he's gay till he spells it out for her to which she can respond he led her on.

dragon age inquisition meet dorian tool

If they have high relationship values when she finds out, he may describe her as being the one woman he considers "amazing above all others," and can even sympathetically observe that "In another life" he would have been glad to pursue a romance with her. There are moments when he, as a very high-status Altus in a Magocracyis shown to be somewhat blind to how racism affects elves and slaves. He's not too blind, though; he wouldn't be a companion if he was truly insulated from how corrupt Tevinter is.

In party banter, Dorian boasts to Solas of all the marvelous things spirits "can be made to do" when they're summoned and bound in Tevinter, including being forced to serve drinks and perform tricks at parties. Dorian is then taken aback when Solas the Fade-walking apostate who befriends spirits is disgusted instead of impressed, and compares it to slavery.

Though he practically oozes self-confidence in regards to his looks and intelligence, he's surprisingly insecure when it comes to relationships.

He mentions his lack of suitability as a partner several times, and offers the Inquisitor many opportunities to break off the relationship.

His society's contempt for homosexuality has left its mark. One thing that annoys him is how the Southerners use the term "Magister" for any mage from Tevinter. As he clarifies, while he is a mage from Tevinter, this does not make him a Magister, which is a rank all on its own rather than just being any Tevinter mage as commonly thought by "Southern barbarians". In fact, he is an Altus, though he does become a Magister by the Trespasser DLC after inheriting it from his father, who was assassinated.

Has a massive ego regarding his skills and appearance. In the epilogue of Trespasser, Dorian makes good on his plans to return home and fix Tevinter, forming the new Lucerni faction alongside Maevaris Tilani. After checking through some family records, it turns out that the Human Inquisitor is a very distant cousin of his so distant that it's pretty much a formality at this point.

House Trevelyan was once a branch family of House Pavus that settled in Ostwick. If you like, the Inquisitor can respond by asking if this means they can still flirt. He assures you that you're good to go by about three Ages. Lie Back and Think of England: How his parents wanted him to overcome his Incompatible Orientation regarding his Arranged Marriage so he could sire an heir for thembut something that Dorian refuses to do.

Like Brother and Sister: His relationship with a female Inquisitor who maxes out their friendship is basically this. There is a great deal of affection in their interactions, and when she returns from the Fade, he's one of the only companions to ask if she is all right, rather than needing to be comforted in some way. It's even more pronounced if she romances Cullen; see Shipper on Deckbelow. Like Parent, Like Spouse: Even without the Incompatible Orientation issue, what little Dorian says about his mother and his betrothed implies he was heading in this direction.

A familial version of the trope gets discussed with Cole, in which "love isn't enough" to stop him from being angry at his family's violent homophobia and attempts to change him with blood magic - it's up to the player if this continues to be the case.

Also played straight in a romantic sense if he romances The Iron Bull and is betrayed in Tresspasser - his love cannot overcome Qunari teachings, similar to an Inquisitor in the same situation. Making Love in All the Wrong Places: Dorian is mortified when Cole starts announcing to the others places where he and Iron Bull have had sex, including on the war council table.

Most of the group is just amused; Blackwall's comment is that he can't wait to tell Cullen. Comes up if he's romanced by the Inquisitor.

dragon age inquisition meet dorian tool

Regardless of race or even personal beliefs, the Inquisitor comes to embody the ideals of the Southern Chantry, and is essentially its de facto leader in the absence of a Divine. The Southern Chantry historically has a very negative view of Tevinter, whom they blame for the death of their prophet Andraste, and is also a land where mages rule. Therefore, Mother Giselle cautions the Inquisitor about the public perception of the Inquisition should it be revealed that a Tevinter mage is romantically involved with the Inquisitor.

Dorian Pavus

Notably, the stigma the Inquisitor and Dorian face as a couple has almost nothing to do with their same-sex relationship, but is solely because of Dorian's nationality and magical abilities, since Thedas generally has a very tolerant attitude towards homosexuality it's usually considered a curiosity but not immoral.

And if he's not romanced by the Inquisitor and the Inquisitor isn't in a romance with Iron Bull, they might end up together, even though Tevinter and the Qunari have been at war for centuries. Although they don't face any stigma from the Inquisition unless you're playing a Jerkass Inquisitorthey are both obviously aware of how taboo their relationship is in the eyes of their respective peoples.

Highlights his status as a pariah, given that The World of Thedas describes Tevinter fashion as generally quite dark. He'll fall for Manly Bi Iron Bull if neither of them are romanced by the Inquisitor; or depending on how the player customizes him the Inquisitor can also be this with him. There appears to be a vanity theme, which is fitting given his cocky behaviour and pride in his magic. Dorian is one of the first men in the series to have a shot of his backside on display if romanced. Murder Is the Best Solution: Has this opinion when dealing with any Magisters or any of his countrymen for that matter allied with the Venatori.

He alludes to this if he's brought to the Winter Palace. It's so much like the parties back in Tevinter that he expects his mother to materialize and drag him off by his ear. He expresses the belief that she doesn't quite grasp that he grew past the age of five. Dorian had always despised the falseness of the magocracy, but the conspiracy he discovered among the magisters was the tipping point that caused him to separate himself from Tevinter entirely.

My Significance Sense Is Tingling: When you approach the apostate stronghold in the Hinterlands. Do you feel that? My magic sensing nose is tingling. It can also sense gullible morons. Stands out as the first Tevinter mage in the franchise to not participate in the Tevinter system. He even calls Alexius out for "acting just like the cliche villains any outsider expects us to be".

Dragon Age Inquisition. Meeting Dorian

Alongside Krem and Felix, Dorian is one of the very first Tevinter characters who can honestly be described as this.

Despite being a Tevinter and a necromancer not to mention being an Insufferable Genius about his skills and more than a little vain at timeshe's a noble soul who honestly wants to help the Inquisition. He refuses to participate in the Tevinter system; he wants to reform it, to save his homeland from itself. While he gets exasperated that others think him nefarious due to his background, in private conversations, he patiently tries to overcome misconceptions about the Imperium.

Dorian has apparently been fascinated by necromancy since a very early age. He tells Cassandra of a trip he once took to Nevarra with his parents, and how badly he wanted to visit a necropolis.

He is disappointed when Cassandra describes what they're really like. With The Iron Bull, if neither of them are romanced and they are brought together in the party often enough. Dorian expects Bull to put him in chains or sew his mouth shut, as that's what Qunari do to their mages. The Bull replies that he buys a person dinner before tying them up.

With Cullen, who is an ex-Templar. They play chess together. With Cole, who is a Spirit of Compassion and possible demon. With Sera, who dislikes mages and nobles, while he is both.

The One That Got Away: Cole implies that Dorian has one of these in his past. Rilenius, skin tan like fine whiskey, cheekbones shaded, lips curl when he smiles. He would have said yes.

Dorian's conflict with his family is aggravated by the lack of siblings who could carry on the Pavus legacy in his stead. Justified by the fact that Dorian's parents hate each other and would have only wanted to spend as much time together as necessary to produce an heir.

By the time they realized that putting all of their eggs in one basket had backfired, it was probably too late.

The normally flippant and sarcastic Dorian completely flips his shit at his dad for what the man tried to do to him. Open Mouth, Insert Foot: There's more than a few moments where his tendency to snark at everything results in him not shutting up when he really should. You can refuse to recruit him at Haven if you pick the mages or Skyhold if you pick the Templars. If you do not romance him or The Iron Bull, and take them together often enough, they get together.

Ridiculously talented and of an esteemed bloodline, he uses the admiration he is afforded to make himself an example as he rebels against the Imperium.

dragon age inquisition meet dorian tool

The Paragon Always Rebels: From the Tevinters' point of view. He occasionally makes a Tevene Tevinter language cuss of Vishante kaffas - it means "You shit on my tongue.

With Blackwall; though they spend the first half of the game sniping at each other, that changes after the truth about Thom Rainier is revealed. He and Dorian have party banter in which he urges Blackwall to "let yourself off the hook. I know bad men, and you aren't one.

If you gain "Friend" status and don't romance him, he swears his loyalty to you and says he will fight for you against anything, so long as you'll have him. This leads to a sweet moment during the celebration after the final battle, if you did not have Dorian and Iron Bull in the party together often enough to begin a relationship, or romanced Bull yourself.

The Inquisitor with whom he is friends can ask if he still plans to return to Tevinter, to which he replies that he intends to remain in Skyhold for the time being since Tevinter "lacks the presence of my best and only friend. He denies he ever had any romantic involvement with Felix since that would have meant taking advantage of his mentor's hospitality. He starts out with a fire staff, and it's mentioned in various bits of banter.

When confronting his father. You wanted the best for you! For your fucking legacy! The pretty ones are always the worst.

dragon age inquisition meet dorian tool

Dorian's awfully pretty, isn't he? He's of high rank in the Imperium, yet throws it all away for his ideals. Specifically, he wants to redeem his country.

Near the end of the game, he may discuss plans to return home and improve things as opposed to leaving because you just don't get along - see below. He may decide to postpone this if you're in a romance or on good terms.

Dorian doesn't mention religion often, but if questioned he'll admit that he believes in Andraste and the Maker. He simply views the Chantry as an outdated relic, in both Orlais and Tevinter. Screw This, I'm Outta Here! If you lose enough approval with him and make enough decisions of which he disapproves, you will find out he has booked a ship back to go back to Tevinter after stopping Corypheus.

He takes misfiled library books very personally - there are punishments for that in some places! In a few instances. He finds the female Inquisitor's romance with Cullen to be "adorable," and seems to be fond of Cullen as well. He also approves of the Inquisitor and Josephine, or at least how flustered it makes the latter.

He finds the romance between a male Inquisitor and Cassandra very amusing, and commends him for being able to make her blush. Promotional materials show him using lightning to match Solas' fire and Vivienne's ice. Despite this, all the comments he or others make about his magical abilities are about fire spells rather than lightning ones. His starting staff is also a fire one. Has many of these going on with Varric, including one about the Inquisitor's chances of success - and he's betting against them, which seems to actually scandalize the dwarf a bit.

The Inquisitor can choose to be insulted, tell them to stop, or ask to get in on the action. Smart People Play Chess: Subverted; he's a learned man and plays chess with Cullen, but he cheats. Cullen still beats him. His wit is driven by his jaded attitude towards his country. One of his reasons for being against the Venatori. The Tevinters have a reputation for being megalomaniacal magic abusers that Dorian laments The two hate each other mutually. On Dorian's part, he thinks Blackwall is Dumb Muscle and correctly guesses that, like many Wardens, Blackwall was a criminal or some other kind of social undesirable before being conscripted.

He also finds Blackwall's rhetoric about honor, sacrifice and heroics to be self-righteous. He mellows considerably after Blackwall's true identity is revealed see Pet the Dogabove. Eventually, they call a truce and try to find some common ground.

After your trip into the Fade, Dorian suggests keeping quiet about it. He believes that people aren't ready to know that it is possible to physically enter the Fade, given all of the problems that happened the last time someone tried it. If taken to the Temple of Mythal, Dorian reacts this way when Abelas reveals that Tevinter didn't conquer Arlathan; the Imperium merely scavenged the scraps that were left after the ancient elven empire destroyed itself in a bloody civil war.

Afterwards, Dorian reflects that it wouldn't go down well in Tevinter if it were revealed that their ancestors who established the Imperium acquired their power as little more than vultures picking a corpse clean.

Too Clever by Half: He's a genius and he knows it. Sometimes this causes problems. Regardless of his sexuality, Dorian implies that he and Livia dislike each other for this reason. After his personal quest, should the Inquisitor encourage him to make peace with his father, he notes that his father made this exact observation about himself and Dorian.

Especially ones that have been hand-peeled and fed to him. Try Not to Die: Dorian romance tarot card Dorian is a romance option for a male Inquisitor of any race.

Whether Dorian joins up in Redcliffe or during the siege of Haven has little effect on his romance path. The Inquisitor can begin casually flirting with Dorian after the conclusion of In Hushed Whispers or alternatively, at Skyhold if the Inquisitor chooses to recruit the templars.

Shortly after arriving at Skyhold and with a high enough approval, Mother Giselle will appear in the main hall to trigger the quest Last Resort of Good Men. The Inquisitor may take Dorian to Redcliffe with or without his knowledge, though the latter results in Dorian feeling betrayed. Regardless of the outcome, after returning to Skyhold Dorian reveals his father's attempt to "correct" his homosexuality through blood magic.

If the Inquisitor is supportive of Dorian and selects the romantic response, the two will share a kiss. Later, Mother Giselle and Dorian will be found having an argument. Mother Giselle informs the Inquisitor that the presence of an Imperium mage in his inner circle has many people suspicious that Dorian may be unduly influencing the leadership of the Inquisition. After she departs, Dorian tells the Inquisitor he does not care what people say about him, but he does worry that their romance may hurt the Inquisitor's reputation.

An additional side quest involving the retrieval of Dorian's family amulet can be completed despite his insistence that the Inquisitor not get involved. Upon returning the amulet Dorian expresses mixed feelings, saying he is grateful but doesn't want it to appear as though his interest in the Inquisitor is purely for winning favors and self-gain.

Once Dorian's approval is high enough he will imply there is something "interesting" waiting in the Inquisitor's private quarters.

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Going to the bed chamber results in Dorian following along shortly thereafter and seductively propositioning the Inquisitor. The Inquisitor may then break off the romance, request that they slow things down, or sleep with Dorian. If the two are intimate a cutscene follows in which they set the parameters of their relationship: Dorian conveys he would like something deeper than just sex, but will back away if asked to. It was always a good day at the Vyrantium Circle when the sulphur came out.

Exalted Plains - Ghilan'nain's Grove Pretty, in a haunting, "this archway might collapse on me at any moment" way. Exalted Plains - Var Bellanaris Well, this is cheery. Fallow Mire Fields of mud. Fallow Mire The Veil's thin here, demons seeping into every corpse and tree they can.

dragon age inquisition meet dorian tool

Fallow Mire Let me guess: Fallow Mire What do they call this? Fallow Mire - approaching a house Inquisitor: Signs of a plague. A cheerful addition to any decent swamp. At least in the city, you can find a decent healer. Out here you have, what? Fallow Mire - talking to Sky Watcher Dorian: You use the patterns of flocking birds as an augury, then? We don't "use" them. You see it, or you don't. Forbidden Oasis I read somewhere you can sink into sand. Forbidden Oasis Do they have sand worms here?

In Ancient Tevinter, they called this place Vina Hadalus. It means "the downy hairs upon your ass. You'd think it would be "the itchy sand down your trousers. I suppose the ancients weren't all that clever. Forbidden Oasis - entering Solasan Inquisitor: An enchantment designed to keep people out. A warning, or possibly a test. Forbidden Oasis - after opening a sarcophagus Dorian: It went straight to you Doesn't seem to have harmed you.

If the enchantment at the entry was a test, this may be the reward.

Dorian Pavus/Dialogue

Forgotten Caverns I don't wish to alarm everyone, but we've all gone blind. I wonder how long they stayed? It's so melodramatic, half the magisterium should be growing it. Everyone remember not to look down. I may have already looked. Falling would be worse. I am not going to be the one to explain to Cullen that I let you fall to your death from a tree. I have no desire to tell Josephine that I let you fall to your doom from a tree in the middle of nowhere. Griffon Wing Keep Slap a coat of paint on it, you'd have a halfway decent hovel.

Hinterlands The Fereldan heartland. It's a brave new world, Dorian Pavus. Hinterlands The mage rebellion has turned this place upside down, hasn't it? Hinterlands Does the cold not bother any of you? Hinterlands I camped in these hills for two weeks when I got here. Hinterlands - Winterwatch Tower Who in their right mind would worship a giant demon-spitting hole in the sky? Ah, wait, I just answered myself. Hinterlands - docks in Lady Shayna's Valley I'm going to guess they weren't out here just to watch the pretty birds.

Hinterlands - during Apostates in Witchwood Do you feel that? My magic-sensing nose is tingling.