Does mitsuki meet eichi

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Warning Spoilers! No, Eichi is dead and Mitsuki never dies, she stays and lives. Though it is shown that Eichi was watching her. The shinigami, Takuto and Meroko, inadvertently tip Mitsuki off that she has healthy year-old, so that she could meet the age requirements of the In the manga, she continues with singing but does so so that she can. This is a list of episodes for the Japanese anime television series Full Moon Wo Sagashite. In the end, Mitsuki tells Takuto that she really does love to sing and it's not just for Eichi, and the two make up. Takuto gives He explains that Mitsuki's new manager Masami Oshige wants to meet her at the hospital. However.

does mitsuki meet eichi

As the day goes on, Taiki does a lot of bad things to Mitsuki from stepping on her foot to stealing her stage costume to wrecking the entire concert.

Despite all that has happened, Mitsuki still feels that Taiki did all this for a good reason. Oshige is sick in the hospital, and Mitsuki is forced to make do with her clumsy substitute manager, Kotarou Akiba.

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In the meantime, Takuto and Meroko are at a conference in the spirit world. When Mitsuki gets harassed by three boys, an attractive young man named Murakami saves and befriends her. However, Takuto is suspicious of Murakami. It's Meroko's turn to go out with Mitsuki while Takuto stays home.

Unfortunately, Meroko gets her lost when finding the site for the audition. What's worse is that the girl from the first episode's audition, Madoka Wakamatsu, has returned--and she's willing to do anything to stop Mitsuki from winning the audition. Takuto flies off after Mitsuki asks him about his past, and Meroko soon follows claiming that remembering their lives is forbidden to shinigami.

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Madoka gets opportunities to further her chances of winning the audition. Mitsuki uses the whistle to call Takuto, but ends up collapsing and going to the hospital. The next day, she leaves the hospital despite being sick, losing her whistle on the way. Ignoring Meroko's commands, Takuto is desperate to help Mitsuki and goes to find her. Mitsuki has collapsed in the middle of the road. Takuto heard Mitsuki's singing, in order to wake her up, however, Takuto must do the mouth-to-mouth procedure on Mitsuki.

Transforms her into Fullmoon, and runs for the commercial audition. However, Meroko tries to stop Mitsuki and Takuto from making it to the audition. Things get even worse when Ms. Wakaoji catch up with Mitsuki. It seems Oshige is looking for the year-old "Fullmoon" Mitsuki, and Wakaoji is searching for the year-old Mitsuki. She and Takuto run away from the two. Mitsuki now in a predicament on the verge that Oshige and Wakaoji will discover that both Fullmoon and Mitsuki are the same person; how she can't go back to them or be Fullmoon anymore.

Meanwhile, the rumors that Fullmoon has quit the business floods the media. The next early morning, having sleep near the ocean, Mitsuki listened to Takuto's singing. She decides to tell Ms. Oshige and Wakaoji the truth about Takuto and her identity. Wakaoji the knowledge of what has happened to her, everything seems to be back to normal for Mitsuki—except for the absent Meroko, who is feeling guilty about causing Mitsuki to miss the audition.

Mitsuki invites friends over for a night party, hoping to have Takuto and Meroko reconcile. In spite of all the gossip about Eichi, she's not going to be held back. That is, until Madoka decides to do something about it. But, Mitsuki manages somehow. So Mitsuki works all day for the preparations until she's completely exhausted. Everything goes well, until the site cancels at the last minute because of Madokaleaving the concert without a site the day before.

Mitsuki won't give up knowing Eichi would want her to sing anywhere. Oshige decides to live in an apartment that's close to Mitsuki's home. She calls Mitsuki, Takuto, Meroko, and Dr. Wakaoji over to help her move in. L, and written by Mitsuki's father, Aoi. Coincidentally, Madoka chooses to debut as a singer with that very song, and intentionally pick Takasu as her producer, so he can't help Fullmoon's next song because of that. Then Mitsuki and Oshige thought of requesting Wakaoji since he was in the same band.

Wakaoji and ask him to produce Mitsuki's second single. Wakaoji refuses despite their begging. Until he feels regretful for not helping his old friend Aoi's daughter. Finally, Wakaoji chooses to be Fullmoon's producer, regarding to preserve her life.

So, Mitsuki, Takuto, and Meroko rummage through the Koyama family's old belongings to see what kind of message Mitsuki's father wanted to send. She finds her mother's old music box. Mitsuki's grandmother nearly saw her transformation, that reminds her of Hazuki. This starts a scandal about Fullmoon and Wakaoji having a secret date. However in the end, Wakaoji has Fullmoon in a recording booth where she sings without any hesitation: Madoka is left depressed after Takasu lectured her.

Mitsuki soon realizes that the mail is actually from her school friend, Kumi. Apparently, she has a crush on a boy named Machida, but she's clueless on how to let him know about her love for him. By order of the chief, they have come to investigate if the rumor about Meroko and Takuto using their powers to help a human child is true. When Izumi and Jonathan decide to check out Fullmoon's release of her second single, Takuto and Meroko have to keep them from knowing that they are helping Mitsuki.

She reveals that she now lives in America and agrees to look for Eichi there. Mitsuki tries to write a letter for Kazumi to deliver to Eichi.

Takuto transforms into a human to protect Mitsuki from some muscle-bound fanboys, and ends up as a contestant in a game where the prize is a kiss from Fullmoon! Mitsuki later finds herself in Madoka's home, where she discovers a little more about her. She convinces Madoka that anyone's songs can be wonderful. He is able to see shinigami like Takuto and Meroko and his death day is approaching as well!

Sanada tells them his sad story about losing his family. Mitsuki and Sanada develop a grandfather-granddaughter relationship. It turns out Izumi and Jonathan knew about Mitsuki. They receive wonderful news that America may have the cure for Mitsuki's voice. While she prepares, Takuto and Meroko contemplate on whether or not they should tell Mitsuki the truth about the e-mail from Eichi.

She is also giving out presents. Meroko decides to knit a muffler for Takuto as a present. Madoka's debut CD is finally released on Christmas Eve. Kumi and Machida confess their feelings vice versa.

Mitsuki decides to go to America on her own accord. Takuto becomes unsure of his feelings towards Mitsuki's upcoming meeting with Eichi. Mitsuki and Takuto stayed behind to search for her pendant. Takuto reveals his true feelings for Mitsuki. Suddenly, Meroko notices the name "Eichi Sakurai" has appeared backwards in her Shinigami handbook!

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When Takuto goes to investigate Eichi at his house he senses the stench of death and discovers something tragic. Takuto tries his best to stop Mitsuki from going to Eichi's house, but Mitsuki goes anyway and finds out from Eichi's adoptive grandparents that he and his adoptive parents passed away in a car accident 2 years ago.

Mitsuki then runs to a cemetery reading a letter written by Eichi before his death and lies on Eichi's gravestone. Takuto and Meroko have a hard time watching Mitsuki's pain and try to comfort her, but to no avail.

Mitsuki's grandmother begins to worry, and takes her to different doctors after leaving Dr. Oshige convinces the staff to let Mitsuki take time-off because she can't transform into Fullmoon in her condition. She tells Wakaoji how much she wanted to support Mitsuki.

does mitsuki meet eichi

Izumi advises Takuto and Meroko to take Mitsuki's life now before her pain gets any worse. Mitsuki's illness grows worse, and she is taken straight to Wakaoji's hospital. Madoka explains to Mitsuki's grandmother how Mitsuki taught her the spirit of singing. While sulking over Eichi's death, Takuto recovers his memories from when he was a human.

Meroko turns to Izumi to do something with Mitsuki so that she doesn't have to feel any more pain. Mitsuki's grandmother catches her begging to stay by her side.

As Takuto reminiscence his memories from when he was a human. L with Mitsuki's parents; Aoi and Hazuki, and Wakaoji.

does mitsuki meet eichi

However, seeing how important her dream of being a singer is to her, he transforms her into Full Moon and watches over throughout the series, protecting her from harm and giving her advice on her hardships. He even helps her write lyrics for her songs. At first, Takuto is annoyed with her reckless decisions, but as the series progresses, he develops a romantic interest in her. Mitsuki, however, is oblivious of his feelings for her and thinks of him as a dear friend.

When Takuto learns of Eichi's death, he tries to snap Mitsuki out of her depression, even confessing his love to her. Mitsuki tries to sort out her feelings for both Takuto and Eichi. After a talk with Meroko, she decides that she loves them both.

does mitsuki meet eichi

She confesses to Takuto and vows to prevent him from becoming a ghost. It is later revealed that Takuto knew Mitsuki's parents and met her when she was three after her parents' death, and promised to protect her.

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At the end of the series, they are reunited as a couple. In the anime, he had memory loss from being in a coma, but regained them once he saw Mitsuki; in the manga, he remembers everything and tells her that they are together at last, and they kiss and begin their relationship, despite their 12 year age difference.

Edit Eichi is Mitsuki's childhood friend and first love. She met him when she moved into the orphanage he was living in.