Does elliot meet sean scrubs

does elliot meet sean scrubs

Dr. Elliot Reid, M.D. is an endocrinology expert working in a private practice out of She met Sean late in her first year at Sacred Heart and initiated the dating. You can see Faison and Braff meet the doctors they're based on in this video. 3. He ended up changing his answer to Elliot and J.D. ending up together, “ Scrubs Factor” is mentioned in that same IGN interview by multiple. Sean Kelly was Elliot Reid's boyfriend and is currently dating Kim Briggs. He works at Sean met Elliot when he was her patient during her first year. He was .

Chalke, speaking about her character, has noted how much Elliot changed through the run of Scrubs. At the start of the series, Elliot was a competitive and independent person until she realized that she needed the help and support of her co-workers. In an interview, Sarah Chalke said that Bill Lawrence, the creator of Scrubs, wanted to avoid a "will they or won't they get together" plot for the series, instead opting for a running gag where they hook up once a year and have "everything blow up in [their] faces and not work out.

They repair their friendship, but it is later revealed that they still have feelings for each other, [15] and they begin sleeping together again in " My Monster.

Later in the season, J. D has nowhere to live. In the episode " My Cold Shower ," J. However, in " My Own Worst Enemy ," the Season 7 opener, Elliot realizes she is making a mistake and pulls away, asserting that the almost-kiss had nothing to do with her feelings for J. Later in Season 7, there are some subtle hints that Elliot and J.

For instance, the episode " My Waste of Time " ends with J.

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However, it is only after Dr. Kelso tells them to do whatever makes them happy that they decide to give their relationship another chance. Though Elliot remained at Sacred Heart, she moves in with J. By the start of Season 9, set a year after the Season 8 finale, they were married and expecting their first child.

Carla becomes a source of personal and professional advice for Elliot; for her part, Carla reveals before her wedding [20] that she feels closer to Elliot than to her own sisters. After Carla's marriage, the two begin to drift apart, but when they realize it, they vow to work harder on maintaining their friendship. Cast and crew members have commented that the development of Carla and Elliot's friendship was somewhat parallel to the development of that between Chalke and Judy Reyeswho played Carla.

Throughout the series, Turk watches out for Elliot, J. The flash-forward scene at the end of "My Finale" shows all of them together as a happy family.

Cox[ edit ] In Season 1, Elliot is alternately terrified of and eager to please Dr. Perry Cox, Sacred Heart's acerbic chief attending physician later residency director and chief of medicine. Cox responds by constantly berating her, a trend that would continue throughout the series. He occasionally shows signs of support, however; in " My Blind Date ," he relies on her as a replacement "go-to guy" when J. From Season 3 on, their relationship is one of mutual contempt, based mostly on trading quips and insults.

Janitor[ edit ] Elliot and the Janitor have a friendly if asymmetric relationship; she views him as a nice hospital employee, while he harbors an intense schoolboy crush on her. She finally realizes his feelings for her in " My Best Laid Plans ," when he confesses them outright and goes on to say that she is the only doctor who treats him like a person.

The Janitor's nickname for Elliot is "Blonde Doctor.

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He told Fresh Air that his worst nightmare in the world as a young year-old would have been to end up in the emergency room with J. At a talk at his alma mater inLawrence said that the relationship between J. You can see Faison and Braff meet the doctors they're based on in this video.

Braff said that his ideal end for the show was Ted going "postal" and killing everyone. Braff responded, "I would like Ted the lawyer to go postal and come to work and kill everybody. He ended up changing his answer to Elliot and J. The actor who played "The Todd" described the character's sexuality as "try-sexual," as in he'd try anything.

does elliot meet sean scrubs

I think he's not homosexual. I think "The Todd" would go for the hot girl at the party first, and then as the night goes on, if I may say, he may go for the fat girl, and then when he strikes out there, he's gonna go with the dude who's been eyeing him all night.

Just take him home and say, "Just finish that off. As long as I don't touch your ears, it's not gay. He's addicted to pleasures of the flesh.

does elliot meet sean scrubs

The cast and crew had an ongoing game of dares called "Scrubs Factor. At the time, Braff said the grossest one had been, "when the guy ate pigs' feet.

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Chalke was once dared by Lawrence to go order coffee at a Starbucks in a burlesque outfit where she apparently had to wait 20 minutes in line. It's unclear whether anybody followed through. The medical cases in the show were based on actual stories from physicians, whose names would then be written into the show.

Getty During NPR's Fresh Air interview with Braff and Lawrence, the show creator said that every single medical story on the show was handed to them by real physicians. The show never used real patients' names, but Lawrence and his writers would make sure the doctors' names were written into the episodes.

Lawrence's wife -- who played Jordan -- would dictate her acting schedule while they were in bed. Lawrence said that he'd take elements of their marriage and put them into the writing, presumably for the relationship between Jordan and Dr. He jokingly added that it was the one time a week he could tell his wife what to do and she'd have to listen. Lawrence also said that Miller had "the world's cherriest gig" for an actress because she could wake up next to him, say she felt like working Thursday, and then Lawrence and the writers would write her into the script for that day.

Braff quit his job as a waiter when he got hired for "Scrubs," but didn't realize filming wouldn't start for another four months.

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He wrote "Garden State" during this time.