Does chris mccandless meet ron franz

does chris mccandless meet ron franz

Krakauer learns from Franz that he and McCandless met while camping at to depart for Carthage, where he says he will work for Wayne Westerberg again. Chris McCandless attended college here & graduated in May 12th, He met Wayne in This was after Chris met Ron Franz. In Chris's letter, he wrote: I really hope that soon as you can you will get out of Salton City, put a little . Christopher Johnson McCandless was born. Chris was a very determined worker, so he was well liked at the grain Christopher meets Ronald A. Franz Christopher can not leave the wild because the Teklanika River has swelled almost.

There he sold books for Jan and Bob.

Christopher McCandless

Christopher meets Ronald A. Franz January - February Christopher lived with Ron. He taught Christopher how to work with leather. Christopher made a belt that told a story with pictures of his journeys. Christopher ended up living with Ron for some time.

Before Chris left Ronald asked him if he could adopt Chris since his wife and only child were killed by a drunk driver, and Ronald was the only member of his family left.

does chris mccandless meet ron franz

Christopher leaves the Grain elevator in South Dakota to head to Alaska. April 15 Christopher had exactly one thousand dollars in his boot.

what happened to Ron Franz? - Christopher McCandless

He left his journal with Wayne Westenberg for safekeeping. While he was hugging every one good bye he started crying he probably relized that he may not see them again.

Christopher and Gaylord Stuckey arrive in Fairbanks Alaska. April 25 Christopher had gotten a ride with a man by the name of Gaylord Stuckey. The car ride took three days. Christopher spends three days in town preparing for the long hike to the bus. Chirstopher walks into the the "bush".

April 28, Christopher would walk to the "magic" bus where he stayed. This bus had been abandonded it belonged to the city of Fairbanks, Alaska.

does chris mccandless meet ron franz

The bus is still there many people visit the bus in honor of Christopher. Christopher attempts to leave the "bush". July 3 He Must cross the Teklanika River to get to town. Christopher can not leave the wild because the Teklanika River has swelled almost five times its original size and has become violent and uncrossable. So he goes back to the bus.

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Christopher McCandless dies July 30 - August 19 Christopher parished for a number of reasons. He died because of starvation. He also died because of a fungus that was growing on a plant that he was eating at the time.

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His body was recovered ninteen days after he died. Christopher was only twenty four when he died. Christopher spent about one hundred thirteen days in the wild.

This is a picture the last note that he wrote. Christopher McCandless's body was found by several groups of people. September 6, Christopher died in Fairbanks, Alaska. His corpse only weighed seventy-seven pounds.

does chris mccandless meet ron franz

Sunday, March 7, Ronald Franz Out of all the people McCandless has met so far on his journey, the one he seems to grow closest with is Ronald Franz. Franz becomes a sort of surrogate father to McCandless, providing him with funds, housing, and travelling with him at certain points. Franz obviously cares about McCandless a lot, and even asks if he can adopt him. And I was their only child. Now that my boy's dead, I'm the end of the line. When I'm gone, my family will be finished, gone forever.

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So I asked Alex if I could adopt him, if he would be my grandson. McCandless, who is "uncomfortable" about this, does not want to be tied down by family. This is the same reason he severs ties with his real family; he does not want anyone looking for him, trying to provide him with things. He does not want to have to worry about staying in touch or anything of the sort.

Alanna, who is, for a good part of the novel, a wanderer herself, is currently living with a Bazhir tribe in the desert. Myles, who has been an advisor and friend to Alanna for the greater part of her studies to become a knight, approaches her during their stay with the Bazhir.