Distance workouts for middle school track meet

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distance workouts for middle school track meet

Track and Field. Drills and .. DISTANCE AND SPRINT 33 HIGH JUMP DRILLS. Use these free event specific track workouts to help train the right energy of maintaining dominance in USA athletics and most specifically track and field, workouts that coaches use at the jr. high, high school, club, college and elite level . Speaking as a high school coach of distance runners, I think you have be a part of, and you'll develop kids that want to stay in track and field.

In track I prefer to utilize a progression with the intensity of the work and it is not until we get to the beginning of the indoor season that I really start to lower pace of the intervals or increase the intensity of the strength work.

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Racing again provides a sharpening component to our weekly workload and I once again prefer to race every other week. I may race a middle distance runner in successive weeks, however, it is typically early season when I am racing them at a distance that is not their primary race.

distance workouts for middle school track meet

For the 3k, 5k, 10k runners I will often times run them at the mile distance early and add a fartlek session to their workout immediately after the race.

Below I have outlined a typical week for the two programs so you can see the difference.

distance workouts for middle school track meet

The major difference is the mid distance will workout hard on successive days with a strength workout on Mon and a speed session on Tue. The middle distance program is divided into a strength phase, a speed-endurance phase, and a speed phase.

The phases overlap so that you are at times incorporating two phases into one segment of the season.

Planning and Organizing Track Programs and Workouts

I like to work on turnover when the legs are fatigued. The emphasis of the speed-endurance session is to focus on lactate tolerance and leg turnover when fatigued. Success in racing is often determined by what happens over the last m of a race.

distance workouts for middle school track meet

Caring, getting to know the athlete, their friends, family, just stuff about each one of them. We don't coach track. They must see that you care about them as a person, not just as part of a team. This will make your program different and exciting to the tired athlete.

You must be organized. The athletes have put a lot of time in other sports during the year.

distance workouts for middle school track meet

You need to organize quick, effective, and fun workouts. Oftentimes, you are expected to work around off-season workouts.

How to Run a Faster 100m Sprint! Track Workout

You do this by being organized. Have a plan and stick to it. Let the athletes know the objective of your daily workout and how they are expected to achieve this objective.

You must have a plan.

Track & Field Training – Distance

All programs have a preseason, competitive season, championship season, and state-bound season if you are lucky that is. The important thing in each of these training cycles is to have a goal in mind. What do you want to accomplish in each phase of the program? How long is each phase? Do some athletes miss phases due to other sports? Track is measurable and so are workouts.

Planning and Organizing Track Programs and Workouts

Keep good records of your workouts as the season progresses. Build future workouts on past performances of your athletes.

Be specific with each athlete's workouts. Specificity of training is the key to reaching your goals in meets.

distance workouts for middle school track meet

Don't train a half-miler with your sprinters. Teach the pace to your athletes. How many times have you seen an athlete go out too fast or too slow. This is embarrassing to the athlete and hurts his self-confidence and pride in himself. Work on race pace in practice so the athlete will know how to race on Saturdays.

Why should he always have to run someone else's race and try to beat them at the end?