Did hillary clinton meet osama bin laden images

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did hillary clinton meet osama bin laden images

A photograph of Hillary Clinton shaking hands with Osama bin Laden is a a photo from Freaking News has escaped the confines of the Photoshopping web. az-links.info: The Situation Room Barack Obama Joe Biden Hillary Clinton Photo Killing Osama Bin Laden Historical Photos 8x Photographs: Photographs. A viral photo doesn't actually show Hillary Clinton shaking Osama bin Laden's hand. to make it look like Hillary Clinton was shaking Osama bin Laden's hand. The artist has that, and other pictures taken of Hillary that day.

Carney also says that bin Laden was not armed but did put up resistance. Carney also says that a woman in the room with bin Laden, believed to be his wife, was shot in the leg when she rushed at US forces.

Neither place is a good place to be. And secondly, the closest sources for Sheikh Osama bin Laden have not confirmed" the death.

May 4, - A Pakistani intelligence source tells CNN that there were five fatalities during the raid, all men: Osama bin Laden, bin Laden's son and three other men. This conflicts with the White House statement that a woman died during the raid. May 6, - Al Qaeda confirms bin Laden's death, in a statement on jihadist forums. May 12, - US officials offer further proof of their belief that bin Laden grew complacent living in Pakistan and believed he would not be caught.

They point out that they have found no evidence that he had an escape plan and that his security in the compound consisted of only three other men. May 13, - It is revealed that a large amount of pornography was seized from the Abbottabad compound during the raid.

Photo Shows Hillary Clinton Shaking Hands with Osama bin Laden-Fiction! - Truth or Fiction?

It is unclear to whom it belonged. May 17, - Senator John Kerry announces that Pakistan will return the tail of the US helicopter damaged during the raid. By his own admission, he fainted during a battle, and when he woke up, the Soviet assault on his position had been defeated. Then — and 17 years later — relatives of some of the 2, killed and more than 6, wounded in New York and Washington DC refuse to believe that a country that had exported such an arch-conservative form of the faith could have nothing to do with the consequences.

Certainly, Bin Laden travelled to Afghanistan with the knowledge and backing of the Saudi state, which opposed the Soviet occupation; along with America, the Saudis armed and supported those groups who fought it. The young mujahid had taken a small part of the family fortune with him, which he used to buy influence.

When he returned to Jeddah, emboldened by battle and the Soviet defeat, he was a different man, Turki says. He wanted to evict the communists and South Yemeni Marxists from Yemen. I received him, and told him it was better that he did not get involved. The mosques of Jeddah were using the Afghan example. He was told to stop.

FACT CHECK: Hillary Clinton Meets Osama bin Laden?

CNN called it a "photo for the ages" and drew comparisons to other famous images of U. Former White House photographer Eric Draper said that the photo captured "a defining moment in history very well". Because the photograph was taken during the raid, it has been most noted for its intensity.

did hillary clinton meet osama bin laden images

Hillary Clinton, pictured in the photograph, described the moment as "the most intense 38 minutes of my life" [8] while Obama commented that it may have been the longest 40 minutes of his life, possibly excepting when his daughter Sasha had meningitis as an infant. Brennan said "the minutes passed like hours and days" and Clapper said that "the tension in the air was palpable".

My son, Osama: the al-Qaida leader’s mother speaks for the first time

Particularly of note was Clinton's facial expression, holding her right hand over her mouth in apparent anxiety over the outcome of the raid. She later said that she was suffering from a spring allergy and was likely suppressing a cough.

Lehigh University political science professor Saladin Ambar said that the picture suggests "a new American landscape that we're still crossing into".

did hillary clinton meet osama bin laden images