Dexter meet your brother

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dexter meet your brother

Debra finds out the truth about Dexter's mother, and tells him that she knows that Dexter's brother was the Ice Truck Killer. Dexter pretended this. I have a baby brother. Mom/Dad: We hope you two will play together and now we' d like to to meet baby brother Dexter! Dee Dee: Ooh! Ooh! Ooh! Ooh! Ooh! Ooh. As with his biological brother Dexter Morgan, Brian Moser witnessed the brutal . She met Detective Harry Morgan and began acting as his confidential.

At the station, LaGuerta orders a search for Rudy. Matthews walks in and introduces Esmee Pascalthe new lieutenant replacing her.

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At the shipping yard, Dexter breaks into the container in the picture, only to find it full of bananas. Doakes appears and asks him what he is doing. After a fist fight between the two, a foreman arrives and orders them to leave. Doakes tells Dexter that he knows that he is up to something, and says that he will be watching him.

dexter meet your brother

Meanwhile, Rita is contacted by an imprisoned Paul, who contends that Dexter knocked him out and set him up. She is visited by Paul's Narcotics Anonymous sponsor, who attempts to convince her that Paul is telling the truth. In a final plea, Paul calls Rita and tells her to search their house for a shoe which he believes came off when Dexter knocked him out.

dexter meet your brother

Rita hangs up, but discovers the shoe while taking out the trash. After finding a clue at Rudy's house, Dexter arrives at the house of his biological mother, Laura Moser. Flashbacks reveal that Rudy, whose real name is Brian Moser, is in fact Dexter's brother. He also witnessed the murder of their mother, but did not repress the memory; instead, he grew up in a mental institution and was treated for antisocial personality disorder.

Dexter meets Brian in their childhood home, where he is keeping Debra. He intends to kill Debra with Dexter as a sort of "family reunion", but Dexter stops him.

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As Doakes and the police close in on the house, Brian escapes through a trap door and Dexter is left with Debra, appearing to have saved her. Doakes tries to question Dexter about his involvement, but is stopped by an indignant Debra, who says that Dexter is a hero.

dexter meet your brother

Dexter accompanies her to the hospital before the two return to Dexter's apartment. In the middle of the night, Brian breaks in and attempts to stab Debra, only to find a prosthetic body in her place; Dexter then chokes him unconscious with a garrote. In the refrigeration unit in Brian's apartment, Dexter ties him to the killing table with plastic wrap.

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After an emotionally charged conversation, Dexter slices his brother's throat and leaves him upside down to drain, staging it as a suicide. Inhe killed a man by the name of Rudy Cooper and assumed his identity. Soon after, he set in motion an elaborate plan to reconnect with his brother, Dexter Morgan, Brian had discovered that Dexter not only worked as a forensic blood spatter analyst with an impressive track record, but was also a serial killer just like himself. In his first step to trigger Dexter's memory of the past, Brian began to leave bloodless, dismembered women in public areas.

Although Dexter also dismembered his victims, Brian cut up the bodies in more symmetrical portions. Brian spills his blood-buckets into Room of the Marina View Hotelin order to jog Dexter's memory.

Messages and Games Very intelligent, calculating, and cautious, ITK used methods that were detailed and encrypted.

dexter meet your brother

Brian played games with the police and left "puzzles" meant strictly for Dexter. He knew exactly how to convey the past to Dexter without giving too much away. Police diversions and clues to Dexter's past included: Dismembered, bloodless bodies Creation of a non-existent witness with an incomplete cut on one leg as if he were interrupted A spotless Ice Truck containing fingertips within a block of ice An innocent man framed, before cutting off his hand and leg As lover to Debra in order to get close to Dexter Doll pieces left inside Dexter's fridge Different colored fingernails, including on a prosthesis Body parts displayed in places that represent significant moments of Dexter's past Tony Tucci, who was set up to be killed His murder of their father The blood-filled hotel room - Room Closure at the Moser household Modus Operandi Although Dexter and Debra speculated that The Ice Truck Killer committed his murders in a stolen ice truck hence his nameit is revealed in episode 8 that he had a custom refrigeration unit in his apartment.

It was there that he dismembered his victims, wrapped up the pieces, and left them in public areas for the police to find. Brian had a method to drain the blood out of each corpse before he cut it up allowing a less messy process.