Degrassi the next generation emma and sean relationship with god

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degrassi the next generation emma and sean relationship with god

Sean and Emma Degrassi Junior High, Degrassi The Next Generation, all the next gen left i only really watched it for the eclare relationship. thank god they. Okay I've been rewatching degrassi TNG because they've been uploading episodes on YouTube, thank god. Sean was good for Ellie, Emma was good for Sean, but Emma hasn't had a relationship I've loved since her first. Nov 9, degrassi next generation cast Like Rick, Leo was an abuser — watching their relationship There's just no coming back from that. Also, rewatching Jay's " seduction" of Emma really drives home how predatory and creepy it was. .. and watching newly-out Marco fall head-over-heels into puppy-dog first.

I love how the writers of the show are tormenting us by going back to Joey in the next scene. He should be grateful that he has a woman that would do that for him. Thankfully they get a call about the shooting at Degrassi and off they go.

Back at Degrassi it seems like the Mounties have deployed their anti terrorist task force. We see all sorts of cops in body armor and sub machine guns.

degrassi the next generation emma and sean relationship with god

Right away we see that Sean is fine except for a minor wound on his arm. Hey look who it is! He starts to ask Toby why his friend would do such a thing and if he was teased. Toby all full of tears tells him that Rick was tormented everyday. Detective Sam then asks him if he noticed any warning signs about his friend.

Yeah, thank you captain fucking obvious. Emma traumatized tells Spike that he pointed the gun right at her. Snake not being remotely professional starts to point fingers and blames Raditch for not listening to Rick and not getting him any help.

You know, Snake truly is a perfect asshole. Would a counselor really go to a girlfriend or boyfriend to tell them what happened? The only people that would be notified would have been his parents. Finally the lock down is over and Raditch on the PA is telling everyone that they are to go straight home and not to talk to any reporters.

degrassi the next generation emma and sean relationship with god

I know I would. You can tell that she feels guilty as hell over what happened. They run into Spinner and Jay thought that it was him who was blasted by Rick. Spinner in shock tells them that it was Jimmy. Craig comes out and tells Joey and Caitlin that it was Jimmy who was shot. Just then a pushy reporter comes along asking Craig if he knew the victim.

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The same reporter starts to ask Toby about what happened and asks if he tried to stop him. Toby has another spaz attack and asks full of tears what he was supposed to do.

Sean/Emma or Sean/Ellie?! : Degrassi

If she knew the story she would have said that he could have acted like a man instead of cowering behind his human shield Emma. It should have been you who died Toby, it should have been you. Spinner comes by but Paige shakes her head at him pretty much saying no.

Spinner just leaves crying because he knows what he did. Spike starts to go on about how no one is supposed to be shot at Degrassi. Ashley starts to go off on Rick, totally assassinating his character and for about the third time Toby acts like a giant pussy and leaves crying. People at the school are already starting a shrine dedicated to Jimmy. That happens all the time unfortunately. I seriously laughed at the picture they used of Jimmy that says, Why?? The episode ends with Toby and Emma crying over what happened.

This was a pretty good episode. Pretty authentic except for the whole Hazel being told about Jimmy part. The only minus of course is the whole Joey subplot, but they wrapped up that unimportant bullshit fast. Emma, however, was embarrassed, and got back to work, leaving Sean annoyed. Afterward, Sean confronted Emma about being too uptight, upon which Emma called Sean "pathetic" for hanging with people like Jay.

Sean got angry, and slammed her locker door shut, leaving Emma hurt. Trying to reconcile the relationship, Emma was shot down by Sean and gave up on their relationship for good. To add insult to injury, Sean helped his new friends steal Snake's brand new laptop so that Jay could get an intake for his car.

This was, once again, not the last time Sean and Emma would date. A new student named Chris Sharpe caught Emma's eye while she was rebounding from her relationship with Sean. Though they had a private romantic moment and even kissed, Emma wouldn't date Chris because he was still with his girlfriend. Emma did eventually date Chris, however, over the summer between freshman and sophomore years.

On their first date, Emma almost ruined the relationship by getting back at Sean for dumping her. She knew about the stolen laptop, and followed him one day, hopping to bust him and Jay Hogartalong with his new gang. She followed him a few feet behind, and turned the corner. Sean was blocking her way. He apologizes to her, but then tells her what he does is none of her business. Snake's cancer took a toll on everyone in Emma's family.

Once, while doing some work on the computers after school with J. Convinced Snake's chemotherapy had failed, Emma buckled under the overwhelming stress. Alex, who had been tormenting Emma since her breakup with Sean, offended the younger student, causing the typically mild-mannered Emma to engage her tormentor in a violent catfight in the halls of Degrassi. Later, Emma discovers Snake's chemo had actually put his cancer in remission. Liberty had shown an interest in Chris, which resulted in Emma finding out.

She decided to prevent Chris from going on a date with Liberty, because she was too worried about what people would think of her if Chris went out with Liberty next. Liberty then eventually figured out what Emma was trying to pull, and told her, "It's easy for me, letting you go—straight to hell.

As Emma entered 10th grade, she became friends with Paige and her friends. When Rick Murray returned to Degrassi, she and Paige thought up ideas to make Rick's life hell and force him to leave Degrassi.

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This caused Emma to pity Rick, although she denied it in the public eye. Rick then started to stand up to hit Emma and Jay, scared for Emma. He had been there with his girlfriend, Alex, and jumped up from the table.

degrassi the next generation emma and sean relationship with god

Grabbing Rick by his shirt, he shoved him outside. Emma, Paige, Spinner, Jimmy and Hazel followed. Alex told her that she had started this, and Emma stopped her from getting the next hit on Rick. Rick developed a crush on Emma, however, and she shot his advances down brutally. After being humiliated on live TV, Rick came to Degrassi with a gun. While he tried to shoot Emma for not accepting his crush on her, Sean stopped him and, in the struggle, Rick was shot and killed with his own gun.

Sean and Emma then started talking to each other. AIn the same episode, a reporter asked Sean if he wanted to see a interview of his parents. He reluctantly agreed, taking his girlfriend, Elliewith him. His mother was crying to the camera man and saying how the recent events could have resulted in her never seeing him again.

Emma had been talking to Jay, asking him where Sean was. As soon as Jay had pointed to a truck-like van, Sean threw a TV from the back. He told Ellie that she was just acting for the cameras and that she didn't really mean all her emotions.

Ellie and Jay tried to reason with him. He climbed into Jay's car and asked him, Ellie and Emma to come with him to Wasaga Beach so he could express himself to his parents. Sean arrived to his house and stood up to his parents, but eventually decided to stay with them to help himself cope after the stress of the shooting. Jay seemed to have taken a liking to Emma, even though he was still dating Alex. At the same time, the now-mischievous Emma discovered what Alex's best friend Amy's colorful bracelets meant.

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Girls "earned" bracelets for performing different sex acts down at the ravine. That same day, when Emma was walking home, Jay pulled the car in front of her, blocking her way. She had originally been listening to music with Sean 's headphones; Jay gives her a ride home. Emma met Jay at the ravine to see what it was like.

Jay kissed her, and she pulled away. Jay told her the van was for "hooking up", and asked her if she knew what a blow job was.

Emma left, but Jay grabbed her by the arm, and gave her a blue bracelet, telling her that "every player wins a prize. After leaving Amy confused about the bracelet, Jay told Emma that Amy "earned" her bracelets. Emma felt like a loser, so she performed oral sex on Jay and used the shooting as an excuse to keep her parents from reprimanding her when they'd found out she was sneaking out in the middle of the night. After successfully manipulating her mother and stepfather, she went to sleep with a smirk on her face as she proudly admired her new bracelets.

Alex came to the rehearsal after a doctor's appointment and punched Amy, saying she was going to get her and who else was sleeping with Jay for "your little bracelets. Emma soon found out she, Alex, and Amy had contracted gonorrhea and was humiliated when Manny found out and told Emma's co-star in the school play not to kiss her or risk getting the disease.

Emma had a girl's night with Manny and her new friends Darcy Edwards and Chantay Black to help herself get over it, and began an innocent flirtation with her new next door neighbor, Chester Hosoda. Chris was hurt by both Emma's racy and ill-lived relationship with Jay, and her contracting gonorrhea, but covered for it by making rude and sly comments in Media Immersions class during the student-teacher Matt Oleander 's lecture.

However, he seemed more attracted to Manny than Emma. At a party that he invited them to, Manny got drunk and flashed her breasts to Peter, who filmed them and later emailed the video to the entire school, after she rejected him.

When Emma discovered this video, she knew who had taken it, and was furious at Manny for doing such a thing, and upset with Peter for taking advantage of Manny and humiliating her.

degrassi the next generation emma and sean relationship with god

After Manny's parents kicked her out, Emma took pity on her, and allowed her to move in with her. Later, Peter began following Emma around, smooth-talking her. She initially rejected his advances, because of what he did to Manny, but could not help but enjoy how he made her feel special. Confused about her feelings toward him, and unable to tell Manny what was wrong, she planned a revenge with Manny, that would involve her seducing Peter at a party, stripping him, and taking embarrassing photos of him with her camera phone.

However, the plan backfired when they made out in his room, and she discovered he had no private space. She could relate to this, since she had to live in the basement and doesn't have private space either.

They start dating in secret. In there they discovered Snake and Ms. At home Emma confronts Snake, telling him that she didn't know if she would tell Spike or not. The following day, after she arrived home from school, her mother became concerned that she was sick.

When Snake arrived home, he had sold his motorcycle to buy tickets to Mexico. Spike was ecstatic, saying she didn't "deserve such a perfect husband. Spike and Snake went upstairs to argue, and Spike chewed Snake out for not considering Emma's feelings, and kicked him out of the house. Emma tried to convince him to stay, but he said he needed to stay at Joey's house for a while to figure out what had gone wrong. After Manny begged Emma to help her lose weight so she could fit in her jeans again and so she could get an agent, Emma put both of them on a strict diet.

They successfully restrained themselves for two days, then gorged themselves on vegetable moussaka after Emma invited Snake over in an unsuccessful attempt to reunite him with her mother. Emma was upset that they had undone all their dieting so quickly, and convinced herself and Manny to get rid of it by vomiting. After a few days of strict dieting, Emma catches Manny in the hallway eating pizza.

Emma tries to get Manny to purge it up in the bathroom, but Manny tells her that her she had reached her dieting goal and that one slice of pizza won't kill her. Manny ran out of the bathroom, while an exasperated Emma tried to follow, but since she hadn't eaten in days, she got dizzy and fainted. Manny, who got the agent, told Emma that she heard about what happened in the hall earlier, voiced her concerns about Emma's eating habits, and found out that she hadn't eaten anything for a couple of days.

Emma was convinced that she looked "gross" and "disgusting". Emma promised that she would eat when Snake brought over dinner again.

Emma ate the food happily, but snuck off during the meal to purge herself. It had been weeks and Emma was still continuing these eating habits. Manny found Emma's food diary and said she was going to show it to Emma's mom. To stop Manny from revealing her secret, Emma told Manny about her relationship with Peter, and then blames the secret and her concern for Manny's feelings as the reason for her eating disorder. Manny discontinues her concern for Emma who responds with an equal amount of distaste for her former friend.

The next day, Manny warns Peter about Emma's mysterious eating habits, right after they kissed in front of the front steps of Degrassi, going completely public with their relationship. Peter tells Manny about his concerns and despite the animosity between Manny and Peter, the two team-up to tackle Emma's problem by informing Spike and Snake, who had since reconciled.