Davenport swap meet motorcycle deals

Davenport Iowa swap meet

davenport swap meet motorcycle deals

Each year during the Labor Day holiday, antique motorcycle collectors and enthusiasts converge on Davenport, Iowa. Those in need of parts. Chief Blackhawk Antique Motorcycle Swap Meet Mississippi Valley Fairgrounds West Locust St. • Davenport, Iowa. This event occurs in the past. Share to. Swap Meet - Davenport, IOWA - Thursday, August 30, - Swap Meet - Bike Show - Vintage Racing - Technical Seminars - Vendors - More.

davenport swap meet motorcycle deals

Those in need of parts for restoration projects roam the Missippi Valley Fairgrounds where as many as vendors sell or trade everything from nuts and bolts to complete motorcycles. Bikes such as Harley-Davidson Knuckleheads and Henderson Fours are a rare sight just about anywhere these days, but are common at this meet.

Motorcycles and scooters manufactured by obscure companies that went out of business during the Great Depression or earlier abound at Davenport. Special recognition was given to motorcycles manufactured during since this was their first year of eligibility as antiques.

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The bike show at Davenport always features many rare antique motorcycles meticulously restored to gleaming perfection. After admiring the show bikes, I spent some time walking past aisle after aisle of vendor displays. Owners of rare bikes enjoy showing them off by riding them through the vendor area.

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I noticed a tent where Harley Hummers were being sold. There were 30 or so ranging from to models. During my stroll, I had the opportunity to examine an antique racing bike and visit with its owner, Jerry Chinn from Seattle.

davenport swap meet motorcycle deals

Please describe this beautiful motorcycle. It has a c.

Chief Blackhawk - Antique Motorcycle Swapmeet

Earlier versions of this bike were winners at the Isle of Mann TT races in through in both the and c. How long have you had it? Do you just have it on display here or is it for sale? I brought it here mostly to display it, but if the amount was right, I would probably have to part with it CC: How can the AMCA diversify and broaden its scope without splintering?

For the sake of vintage motorcycling of course Cotten Robert Luland Cameras to identify people at meets? Prices go up went they see you? Cotten start taking your medication again. This is all bullshit! Bob L shelbyinparadise So I will visit both as regularly as I can manage, for as long as I feel compelled to do so I love compulsion.

With fine friends and allegiances on both sides of this invisible fence, I'll have to refuse to carry either's flag. If they don't work it out we'll still survive. Just have to hope that the floating masses are positive. Let time sink the negatives. Like Davenport, Eustis is prospering with the almost sold out Antique and Vintage Bike Show hosted by the VJMC, who abandoned their involvement in Silver Sands Horse Arena as unacceptable location for an all weather First Class Bike Show two years ago, and the support of the vendors that refused to make the change in location for many personal reasons.

davenport swap meet motorcycle deals

The other possibility is, it was written in jest. Which one in your avatar is you? Thanks in advance, VPH-D Has anyone else noticed this? Quite the opposite; Didn't you go into the new buildings, or dozens of new spaces on the NE and SW corners? If you only see American motorcycles, its easy to miss the forest for the trees.

Cotten shelbyinparadise VPH-D As a long time cross country vendor of over 43 years, I have seen many ups and downs in attendance due to so many factors, and I am hopeful that the lower fuel costs will greatly increase travel, both from the vendors and public. There has been little said about the behind the scene workings of the Swap meet circuit. The AMCA success is partly due to local gatherings years ago where swap meets were where people with parts would get together to barter for parts they needed and get rid of the stuff they did not need.

Buying and selling paid the bills for the trip. Old original parts and project bikes keep people coming back Events like Davenport, centrally located from both coasts, as well as regional events have weathered economic, political, and Mother Nature for years, and will survive as long as people want to buy a part they can look at and feel good about the transaction. EBay and other selling methods may take some cream off the top, but the business and social side of the swap meets will out live us.

Davenport is going on 44 years and looking at the big picture, is the most successful by many standards. Shelby Robert Luland Shelby, ya nailed it. It's not about money to me but being with people I care about. Some of them only one time a year. More than once I've gone home with out even covering my diesel but the three days with my friends was worth every dime.

Bob L Thank you Bob, the vendors, friends and our customers is why we put up with everything else.