Dave wottle indoor track meet

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dave wottle indoor track meet

Results - Dave Wottle Indoor Open. Results: Finish Timing Licensed to FinishTiming - Contractor License HY-TEK's Meet Manager 2/18/ The Olympics, Dave Wottle and the Bowling Green Track Team. in the NCAA indoor track championships at Cobo Hall in Detroit. Dave Wottle Olympic Track And Field, Sport One, Olympics, Legends Florida Gators Indoor Track and Field Relay Indoor Track, Running Track, Running.

Please contact James Gildon by email at jgildon bgsu. Throwing rings are wood. Shower facilities are available but limited. No linens will be provided. The turf building at Perry Fieldhouse will be available as a warm-up area for the meet.

There will be hurdles in the turf room for use in warm-ups. Blocks will be provided by BGSU. High Jump will take place inside the track at the north end on the same Mondo Super X surface.

All track spikes and field event spikes will be inspected prior to check in at the spike check table located in the turf room. Appropriate spikes will receive an orange zip tie. You will not be allowed to check in for your race if you do not have the correct spikes!

We will have in. There will be 2 rings set up. Both girls and boys will throw at the same time. High jump will take place inside the track at the north end.

Dave Wottle Indoor Open

The meet will follow a strict rolling schedule. Athletes and coaches are responsible for paying attention to all calls for events!!

dave wottle indoor track meet

High jump will take place inside the track at the north end The meet will follow a strict rolling schedule. I fully understand and appreciate the dangers, hazards and risks inherent in the Activity, in the transportation to and from the Activity, and in any independent research or activities I undertake supplemental to the Activity. These dangers and risks can result in injury and impairment to my body, general health, well being, and could include serious or even mortal injuries and property damage.

I understand and agree that Releasees are granted permission to authorize emergency medical treatment, if necessary, and that such action by Releasees shall be subject to the terms of this Agreement. I understand and agree that Releasees assume no responsibility for any injury or damage, which might arise out of or in connection with such authorized emergency medical treatment.

It is my express intent that this release and hold harmless agreement shall bind myself, the members of my family and spouse, if I am alive, and my estate, family, heirs, administrators, personal representatives, or assigns, if I am deceased, and shall be deemed as a Release, Waiver, Discharge and Covenant not to sue the Releasees. In signing this Release, I acknowledge and represent that I have carefully read this agreement and understand its contents and that I sign this document as my own free act and deed.

I further state that I am at least eighteen 18 years of age and am fully competent to sign this Agreement, and if I am under the age of eighteen 18that my parent of guardian will sign this Agreement for me; and that I execute this release for full, adequate and complete consideration fully intending to be bound by the same. I further state that there are no health-related reasons or problems which preclude or restrict my participation in this activity, and that I have adequate health insurance necessary to provide for and pay any medical costs that may be attendant as a result of injury to me.

I further agree that this Release shall be construed in accordance with the laws of the State of Ohio.

dave wottle indoor track meet

If any term or provision of this Release shall be held illegal, unenforceable, or in conflict with any law governing this Release the validity of the remaining portions shall not be affected thereby. If you dont know your username and password, you will be able to create one or retrieve your existing account by following the instructions below. You will use the same account to enter all meets run through DirectAthletics. It opened doors that would not have been opened to me.

I watched that race as a teenager and have viewed replays of it many times and it seems almost impossible that you were able to come from so far behind to pass so many runners in the home stretch. When you came off of the final turn did you envision winning or did you just kick and things fell into place? My mind was like a little computer and with each step I noted how much I was gaining on the leaders as my mind continually recomputed my chances to catch them.

So at the start of the home stretch I was aiming for a bronze medal. I just wanted to pass the first Kenyan and move into third place. DW I felt that I had won because in my peripheral vision I sensed that he was no longer even with me and had fallen behind with his lunge and fall at the finish. So I raised my arms in victory, but three hundredths of a second is impossible to humanly detect.

So even though I thought I had won, I was glad it was confirmed by the photo finish film. How did the race develop compared to your pre-race strategy and, in hindsight, was it a good move to stay out of traffic especially the way Arzhanov was fouled by Dieter Fromm on the back stretch of the first lap? DW Since I was recovering from the tendonitis I came down with five weeks before the Olympics my training mileage had been hampered.

I never would have wanted to give my foes 15 yards and try to come back in the end. My strategy if I was in the shape I was in for the Olympic Trials would have been to be at the back of the pack or in fifth or sixth place and out of trouble. I would have rather stayed in contact with the pack.

What were your initial thoughts on being the Olympic champion? DW They had two gigantic black scoreboards at each end of the Olympic stadium so when the race ended I raised my arms as I thought I won.

dave wottle indoor track meet

But I was standing around, Ouko and Boit were talking and no one really knew what had happened. I was walking around thinking I had won, but wondering along with everyone else. The way I found out was when the whole world found out. I was in a daze. So I did take a victory lap. I jogged around the track and waved at people.

I saw my wife who was very excited and hugging my teammate, Doug Brown, the steeplechaser, who was sitting with her. My coach and his wife were also in the stands. Also, my parents were there and took a video of the race. But they were so excited and jumped up and down the whole way so the video is just a jiggly unviewable piece of footage.

How exciting was it to be on the top of the podium with the Gold Medal around your neck as the Star Spangled banner played? DW I was only 22 years old with very little international running experience and it was indicative of how I was in a daze when I forgot to remove my hat during the playing of the National Anthem. It was instinctive and I just did everything I had done as a child. I put my hand over my heart and faced the flag.

The way I found out was at the press conference when an Australian reporter asked me if I was protesting something by covering up my USA patch on my singlet and keeping my hat on. I had just put my hand on my heart and forgot about my hat so this was the first time I realized that anyone had noticed and wondered if I was making a political statement. The ceremony was pretty close after the race.

dave wottle indoor track meet

We went under the stands and they took a urine sample which was followed immediately by receiving our medals and the press conference. The Munich Games were marred by the terrorist hostage taking and killings. Describe your memories of this tragedy and its affect on you, your teammates and others. I was still there training and getting ready for the 1, meters.

dave wottle indoor track meet

My roommate was Frank Shorter and his wife, Eloise, was sleeping on our balcony. I went out the next morning for a run in the back end of the Olympic Village and reporters got a hold of me and asked what had happened.

After the games resumed, and it may sound cold-hearted, knowing that I still had the 1, meters left I had to block the tragedy out of my mind. At the Olympic Games an athlete cannot be thinking about two things. The Olympics were delayed one day and the athletes all concentrated on the Memorial Service. But after Avery Brundage announced the Games would resume, I decided that I would reflect on what happened afterward and focus on my event.

With your decreased training volume prior to the Olympics was it difficult to have the stamina needed for the 1, meter distance and the multiple rounds? I felt so strong and became overconfident. I missed the 1, meter final by about the same three-hundredths of a second that I won in the meter final. It was just a breath away for qualifying. It was one of my greatest disappointments along with not breaking the World Record in the mile.

I really would have loved to have the chance to compete in that 1, meter final. I felt great which made it hurt even more. DW We had living quarters that were like an apartment with three bedrooms and a kitchen.

Steve Prefontaine was not in our quarters. I was only 22 years old and was really taking in the experience of competing internationally. Also, my wife and I were on our honeymoon so she was travelling with me much to the chagrin of Coach Bowerman.

How unusual is it that Frank Shorter and I are the last Americans to win Olympic Gold at any distance of meters or longer and that we were roommates in Munich. You were known more as a miler and 1, meter runner prior to some great efforts in at meters.

How was your mental approach different at these distances and which did you prefer racing? DW Hands down I always preferred running the 1, meters and the mile. When I ran the meters at the Olympic Trials it was a speed workout for me.

But when I tied the World Record it rightly became the event for me to focus on. But I loved the mile, its strategy and the balance between speed and endurance. The mile and meters were the elite track events and there was still an aura to breaking the four minute mile.

I never trained for the meters, always for the mile.

Dave Wottle High School Open

The order of events in a track meet included the mile first so I raced it and the meters was an after thought. I also felt insecure in the meters as I was up against runners moving up from the meters who had much better leg speed. What are your memories of that race and how did it build your confidence as far as competing with the best in the world leading up to the Munich Olympic Games? It was similar to the Olympic meter final except that I had contact with the field.

I started moving up on the first turn of the second lap and then Jim Ryun took off on the back stretch. I made a comparable move and moved up to about third place on the outside. I was in second place on the turn and started my kick with about meters to go as I was about to come out of the turn. I was running for place and the record came about because Jim Ryun ran that fast third meters and I followed him. It gave me a lot of confidence for Munich since I came in with the fastest time in the world.

You were injured between the Olympic Trials and the Munich Games. What caused this to occur and how did it affect your training? We had a short three day honeymoon and then I reported for training with the U. Bill Bowerman had been very much against me getting married and wanted me to postpone my wedding but there was no way I was going to tell me future wife six days before our wedding that we had to delay it until after the Olympics.

I wanted to prove to Coach Bowerman that getting married had no effect on my training and I made the mistake of running a hard workout without warming up properly. I felt that I could compete with anyone, but it was short-lived due to my injury. Prior to the Games I only was able to get my mileage up to 13 to 15 miles per week.

I normally would have been running 70 to 75 miles per week. So, I was down mentally going into the race. That was a tough time to have done so well at the Olympic Trials and then to get injured and be unable to train the way I needed to.

Plus the Olympics were almost two months after the Trials which is too long to remain in peak form, even if uninjured.

You raced the mile at the NCAAs as a freshman in What stands out from your first national track championship? In you placed second in the NCAA mile and brought your personal best for y down from 1: How was it racing Marty Liquori in the mile and what in your training and development as a runner contributed to being such a breakthrough year?

DW That mile at the nationals was one of the most unusual races I ever ran because I led for the first two laps. I had brought my times down and felt competitive and went out in the lead. No one would pass me so I stayed out front. Finally someone took over on the third lap and Liquori made a break with meters left. He won in 3: And he was probably right. As far as why showed such improvement, you have to put things in perspective. At Bowling Green Sid Sink was the leader of our team and helped me greatly.

I went from 15 to 20 miles a week in high school to 70, 80 and even 90 miles a week in college so it took a while to build a base during my freshman year.

Then it came into fruition when I was a sophomore. Putting more mileage under my belt contributed to my strength and it all started to come together in You missed the track season due to injuries. What was the severity and duration of the injuries and how were you able to build to such a great comeback in ? DW During cross country season in the fall of just before our conference meet I developed a stress fracture in my left fibula which knocked me out for about six weeks.

Then I came back and trained for about two weeks. But I was favoring my left leg and developed bursitis in my right knee. This kept me sidelined for another seven weeks. After I got back into training I ended up with a mirror image stress fracture in my right fibula. So I missed the last part of cross country season and all of indoor and outdoor track. I was disappointed as I felt that could have been a real good year for me and this motivated me to get back. I went up to Canada with Rich Schnicker, the best man at my wedding, and we ran in an all-comers meet in Ontario.

I got on the shoulder of the leader and had a big smile as I was so glad to be back in competition. We had a great team of distance runners at Bowling Green and they just brought me along. I did use a soft heel cup to cushion it a bit. I ran in Adidas Gazelles which had little padding.

DW It was in Baton Rouge and was so hot! I felt horrible afterward. You raced your personal best mile of 3: How did that race develop and how difficult was it to beat a competitor as tough as Pre? DW The whole idea for the meet started about two weeks earlier. He was able to make it happen.