Cute meet love movie review

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cute meet love movie review

Not since "Love Story" has there been a movie that so shrewdly and predictably manipulated the emotions for such entertaining effect. Photos. Loreece Harrison in Meet Cute () Ramsey Hassan, Sam Blakeney- Edwards, Review this title» Rent or Buy Popular Movies With Prime Video. Bruce Greenwood in Endless Love () Rhys Wakefield and Anna Enger Ritch in Endless Love () Travis and Gabby first meet as neighbors in a small coastal town and wind up in a . The MGB actually has two carburetors, as clearly seen in the film (later US models had 14 of 23 people found this review helpful.

Beautiful intro and outro really elevate this story. Best friend Stacy is just… such an asshole, which is hard to handle when their drama is played off.

And perhaps worst of all, the writing is just not good. This was sweet but nothing that actually stood out? Also, I think my utter hatred for something this author once wrote has kind of ruined her for me.

cute meet love movie review

Well, okay, first of all, none of the emotional punches the story goes for are actually earned so it just feels… random. And jesus, this celebrity x intern thing is really so boring now. Nia is written fantastically — this is actually ownvoices for trans rep! Also the ending of this was so fucking iconic!! Scared-of-love Viola meets cute guy Sebastian on an island where everyone has soulmate bands. Love the Twelfth Night reference, but why did it have to be to two siblings from that play?

I literally want to read a full novel about these two girls. This feels like a Hayley Kiyoko song.

cute meet love movie review

I thought this was sort of sweet, but I really cannot deny that it the banter is truly badly written. None of you can ever understand how fucking cute? And it was so well-written!

cute meet love movie review

The author really knows how to drop in humor and leave it there rather than trying to force laughs. This follows Philip and Blythe, a boy and a girl stuck in a locked room for 24 hours to evaluate personality. Okay, this story works because the 1 the concept is great, 2 the stakes are really high, and 3 the dialogue is actually sort of decent. The lead female character is a total manic pixie dream girl, because we only have two male protagonists in this whole damn book, so at least one of the female romantic interests has to lack personality!

But I weirdly got vaguely invested in the couple, which… wow? And yes, it was a little bittersweet, but I actually ended up liking how this story ended. This has basically the best concept ever, in which two girls competing for a dating show end up falling in love, and I totally wish it had been a full-length novel. I would read more pages of June and Martha going on dates.

Not just forgettable characters, but a forgettable plot and events. One of the worst. Was that too forward? Not a fave, but not the worst.

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This book made me feeeeel everything. It reminded me so much of The Sun is Also a Star, not gonna lie. I was exposed to their families, their motivations, their futures. I would pay to have a whole novel about this.

Clearly this was my favorite. Oomph Not a bad story, but the characters suffered forgettable-itis. Can only be cured by further plot and character development. The characters, you guessed it, were kind of forgettable. The plot was alright, but I thought it was predictable. It had a structured plot, interesting and motivating main character, a female MC involved in science, feminist commentary, and a little bit of mystery, too.

It made me smile! Just thought it was kind of a useless story. Not bad writing, though. Something Real Really cute! And the two girls ending up together?

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Everything I needed in life. Either way, this story lacked chemistry and any background information.

cute meet love movie review

What the heck, lady? Of course my girl Nicola Yoon comes in to slay the ending of Meet Cute with this story. I loved the futuristic vibes of the story, and would definitely pay to see more.

Meet Cute: Some People Are Destined to Meet

Overall, you might be wondering why I rated this book so high when all of my notes seemed harsh. Well, I rarely rate a book under 3.

It was a tiny bit underwhelming, but an enjoyable read overall. Make sure you go out and get yourself a copy soon! I mean, who needs a significant other, anyway?