Crazy lixx make ends meet lyrics it started

Crazy lixx in the night lyrics

crazy lixx make ends meet lyrics it started

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Luke joins the band: Without the means of performing live the band started writing new songs for what would become their third demo. It wasn't until May that the band performed on a stage once more, this time with just one guitar player and a stand in bass player, John Huldt.

Shortly after the trio entered Flat Pig Studio where the first demo was recorded to re-record the strongest track from the second demo to release it as a single. The track was Do or Die and the single with the same name was printed in copies now sold out and out of print.

The band sent the new single to record companies all over Sweden in hopes of landing a record deal but none showed any interest and the trio knew that they had to get out on the road to promote themselves further.

After the summer of Luke Rivano, an old band mate of Danny's, was asked to be the new bass player and though originally a guitarist, Luke accepted to fill the spot.

The band decided that Vic would now handle all the guitar playing himself and that there was no need for a second guitarist. With the new line-up the band hit the road once more.

During the first months of Crazy Lixx entered and won a local music competition in Helsingborg and among the prices were gigs at summer festivals and a recording in the Palace of Noise PON studio outside of Helsingborg.

The band used this to record the track No More Foolin' but up to date the song has never been printed. The summer of saw a lot of shows for Crazy Lixx including playing as opening act for Hardcore Superstar on Helsingborgsfestivalen and the band grew more popular for each Heroes are Forever: After a successfull and busy summer, at the sime time as the band was recording their third demo, Danny was contacted by a represantative from Swedmetal Records who had gotten hold of some of the earlier demos by Crazy Lixx and was interested in hearing some more material.

Impressed by the live performance of the band Swedmetal offered to release the band's unfinished, third demo and offered Crazy Lixx a record contract for their debut album. After the recording of what was ment to become the third demo was done, the two songs; Heroes are Forever and On Your Marks, get Set, Rock!

Now the work began on the bands debut album. The sound of the Loud Minority: The date was set to 1: In the meantime the band continued to write songs for the album that they came to call Loud Minority and played various gigs including a 3-day mini tour in the UK and it all culminated with their appearence on Sweden Rock Festival The band temporarly relocated to Stockholm and spent almost a month in the studio recording 13 tracks for the album. The complete track list is: The last two tracks were excluded from the first release of Loud Minority but can be found as bonus tracks on the Japan release of The album mas mixed and ready in the fall and the album was finally released in Novemberrecieving great reviews from both media and fans and a second place on the national Swedish hard rock chart.

Just as with the single release, the official release party for the album was held at Club Crazy Nights in Stockholm and during the last few weeks of the year the band played a couple more shows before setting of to the UK as a support act for Hardcore Superstar in the middle of January But I also think that the album sounds a lot more unison because, with the exception of one song and one riff, it's completely Danny and it hasn't really been that way on the previous records.

We need you!

It has always been some songs belonging to one of our former guitarists or if they haven't made it themselves they have at least co-written it with Danny and therefore they have been getting their input on the whole album too, which hasn't been bad in any way, but now when it's only one songwriter, who we other follow, it's a different thing and we have been getting a more straight line about what's going on on the album.

So in what way do you then follow the line from the previous records, musically? Well, pretty early on we got a kind of feeling because we were contacted by a computer game company who were going to make a game, Friday The 13th, and they wanted a thematic song. It was gonna be about the 80's and they couldn't afford licensing real 80's music, like hits, you know, but they wanted something that sounded like that, but was new and that they could buy out eventually, you know.

So we made the song XIII [X triple I] and that was the first one we gave to them and we felt that it was really great and that set the tone for the rest of the album quite a bit. We've had that line in mind, like action movies and horror movies from the 80's in terms of both cover and songwriting. It's far from a theme album, but still there's kind of a red line in it. Kind of a tribute to the 80's, I would almost say. Everything we thought was best with the 80's has kind of been gathered on one record in some sort of a tribute, which we nevertheless have done all the time and Crazy Lixx has always been about recreating the 80's and the early 90's sound when a lot of great albums came out.

It's always been our thing, but this time to an even greater extent. You have your foundation 30 years back in sleaze rock or hard rock or sleaze metal or whatever you wanna call it, but how do you try to always put your own imprint and your own idea to your music from that foundation? It comes pretty natural, you know. What's pretty interesting is that you have an image of the 80's sound, but when you actually listen to it you realize that you have kind of a misrepresenting view about it.

It happened a couple of times when I sent a song to Chris Laney for mixing. And then we listened to it and it sounds like computer drums with short reverbs on the snare drum and not so much guitars, so I realized that my image of the sound isn't really correct. So we have to update.

crazy lixx make ends meet lyrics it started

A lot of the 80's are great, but at the same time also shabby in many ways production-wise and that wouldn't work today, because people have completely different expectations about the sound. So we have tried to capture the feeling of the 80's, but also have a cutting-edge production. In some way we put our own print to it because we sound in a certain way and my voice sounds in a certain way. Originally by Pretty Boy] on this album that was written in '89 and very few have noticed that there's a song which we didn't write ourselves, so I think it just comes natural.

Danny has a very characteristic voice that I can't recognize from any other band, at least bands playing now. Nothing against them, but for example H. Recording techniques have changed over the decade you've been active with record releases and in what have you learned to utilize new techniques during this time?

Especially with this album we have utilized modern technology, so to speak. It's like we wanted to make a record that is very true, like "Let's use a Marshall rig and tweak it and let's do this part with a Stratocaster!

But we realized quickly that we limit ourselves in that way and in fact we used digital amps on this one and that has worked out really well because suddenly if you want to change something or fix something you just use a computer and just do it and honestly, I mean, I haven't heard anyone saying that we use digital guitars.

You know, many of the albums we look up to and get influenced by are million dollar projects and if we should try to recreate that sound, and don't have that budget and the possibility and, honestly, that knowledge doesn't really exist in the industry either, we have to utilize today's technique.

Crazy Lixx - All Looks, No Hooks (Official Music Video)

And when we started out it was something in between and certain trends regarding production were hard to combine with what we wanted to do, like close-miking drums and there were dry productions and a lot of stuff was going to be fixed during mixing.

It was very hard to get an image of the album and when you left the studio you were very undone overall. Now we have rather followed the concept that what we deliver should principally sound like we wouldn't be ashamed of releasing it as it is and the mixing guy should just fine tune it, you know. And our new guitarists Chrisse [Olsson] and Jens [Lundgren] have both great knowledge in setting the sound too. It wasn't really until we met Chris Laney that we actually came close to what we wanted.

Prior to meeting him we have been in the studio and paid a lot of money and we've been having some kind of pre-production and like, you know "Yeah, but this guitar sound and this drum sound " and they've been saying "No problem, guys.

And then in the end it sounds really crappy and you've paid a hell of a lot of money for it.

crazy lixx make ends meet lyrics it started

But then Chris came into the picture and he has definitely helped us to become what we are today and that's why we stubbornly have kept working with him, aside from one record, and it's easy to see which record is the most popular, or rather the least popular.

It's because we have a sound that he helps us with, even if he has on the new record only been mixing, but even there his input is important because he has the knowledge. We've learned from him as well, by working together, how to produce, how to structure the work, like layers and choirs and guitars and whatever.

And this isn't trying to talk shit about our former members and we've had fantastic players in terms of guitarists, but not people who have been so interested in the sound, really. Just technically very skilled. But I think the difference now is that they really know how to set the sound.

Like I had an idea in my head and approached them with a song and "Guys. I want a guitar sound like this. I have no clue of how to do it. When you write songs today, as you have put out over 50 songs, is it hard sometimes to not end up in the same kind of track as before? You know, like recognizable drum fills and vocal melodies or anything. But on the other hand, don't you get disappointed when your old favorite band puts out a record that is completely different than what they have done before?

You know, even if Dio is dead now, but if he hadn't made records that were reminiscent of what he had done before and what I dug in the 80's and 90's I would have been very disappointed. Yes, it's a little bit the same drum fills and a guitar solo and some wailing vocals and whatever, but on the other hand it's what we built our name and our band on.

Maybe we make the songs even better, but all the characteristics are still there, making it sound, you know, a little 80's, yet it sounds good. Regarding the lyrics, Danny, since you're the one who is singing them. How important are they in the whole Crazy Lixx experience? Or are the lyrics just one part, like 20 percent of everything else?

I have always imagined that it's the last important thing that you must do.

crazy lixx make ends meet lyrics it started

Like I said, we have a cover song on this record. Well, cover It was hardly released when it was written in ' But what the band reacted to was its more pubertal lyrics than what we're used to and the lyrics aren't of best quality, really. It's very much straightforward and you can see that it's written by two 19 year olds in the US in ' So, certainly there is a difference.

Sometimes I meet people who have a tattoo of one of our lyric lines, you know. And I got an email just the other day from a girl who was in a terrible accident and, you know, told us that one of our texts had helped her to make it back.

crazy lixx make ends meet lyrics it started

To me it's a little strange because I almost never write autobiographical stuff, but it's more that I try to enter someone else's mind and tell a story or something.

But I've started to think that the lyrics are more important, but it seldom starts with a text though, but that comes after a while. Often I have a hook maybe, like a chorus line and then you build something around that.

crazy lixx make ends meet lyrics it started

But I think generally that the lyrics take more room now than before and maybe it's a maturity thing too. I wouldn't say it's great poetry in any way, but still there's a thought in there and it's hard to sing about party, party, yeah, yeah all night long on a whole record, you know.

But of course it's still much about chicks and the dream of playing rock 'n' roll, so the theme is kind of the same. You know, a little bit rebellious. The band hasn't really gotten great success yet, but maybe it's about to happen and in what way do you try to get things rolling big-time? We have noticed that the video game has really helped us a lot, with what they put out, and made YouTube videos, and whatever.

Suddenly people even started to check out our old videos and write to us, like "Jason led me to you. We knew that we had made an album that we are extremely happy with, but we couldn't foresee this reception. Hopefully this will set things into motion and we can tour more and maybe do bigger stuff, but that's up to the fans, really.

And we will see if they show up to the gigs, buy records and whatever, then suddenly we will get room to work with. I mean, we played in Russia last year and we knew nothing about what welcome we were going to get. So we were like "Okay.

Let's see what happens. We've never had so many fans that, you know, were waiting for autographs and talking with us and there were like 20 youngsters that were waiting outside the venue 5 hours before the show. One guy was even from Kazakhstan, like miles away, and he had found out which hotel we were staying in. Don't ask me how the hell he managed to do that, but he stood there and he had found out that we had an interest in history and he had brought a leaflet with history about Kazakhstan, you know.

They're very into gifts. When you start going a little outside of Europe it's really common that you receive gifts. And you got this one from the Russians. Yes, and I'm still wearing it. Anyways, you know, we mentioned New Religion and that album was kind of our chance to get a breakthrough in the first place, but now, afterwards, I realize that we weren't prepared in a lot of ways.

You know, we had a good number of chances to get gigs to play, but we never really seized the opportunity and we're miles better now, I think, to deliver live and we know how everything works in a sense.