Count if 3 conditions are meet ups

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count if 3 conditions are meet ups

COUNTIF function is categorized under Statistical functions. The function will count the number of cells that meet a specific criterion. Example 3 time to learn and master these functions, you'll significantly speed up your financial analysis. Consider the following table; Simple usage; Using regular Returns the count of rows or columns that meet criteria in multiple ranges. The function can have up to arguments, meaning that you can. In this post I would like to clear up what appears to me to be a rather widespread This time two of our three sets of criteria (those having the same I would like to count if only 2 columns meets a criteria whereas other.

In fact, the above formula will return 0. Why is this happening?

count if 3 conditions are meet ups

Unfortunately we are restricted to a mere two dimensions, and so such fantasies will remain just that though this function can operate in a pseudo-three-dimensional fashion, as for example in constructions involving multiple worksheets.

Where do the results which they return 2 and 0 come from? Doing so here reveals that the above resolves to: But from where has this array been derived?

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However, rather than ignore that criterion altogether, Excel nevertheless goes ahead and constructs the appropriately-sized array to house the expected returns, i. Put this way, the task boils down to counting cells with 3 OR conditions - exactly what we did in the previous section!

count if 3 conditions are meet ups

C10, "delivered" The screenshot below shows the same formula with cells references: C10, K2 Formula 2. If needed, you are free to use wildcards in the criteria of any formulas discussed above.

count if 3 conditions are meet ups

For example, to count all sorts of bananas such as "green bananas" or "goldfinger bananas" you can use this formula: C10, "delivered" In a similar manner, you can build a formula to count cells based on other criteria types.

But what if you have two or more sets and you are looking to get a total of all possible OR relations? The former is relatively easy to build, but it is limited to only 2 sets of OR conditions.

count if 3 conditions are meet ups

The latter can evaluate any number of conditions a reasonable number, of course, given Excel's limit to arguments and characters to the total formula lengthbut it may take some effort to grasp the formula's logic. For the formula to work, one minute but critical change is needed: This tells Excel to "pair" or "cross-calculate" the elements in the two arrays, and return a two-dimensional array of the results.

How to countif with multiple criteria in Excel?

You want to get a count of items that are in stock value in column B is greater than 0 but have not been sold yet value is column C is equal to 0. The task can be accomplished by using this formula: For example, here's the right formula to count items that have 0 both in column B and column C: C7 containing a zero which is 4 in this example.

How to count cells with multiple criteria OR logic As you have seen in the above examples, counting cells that meet all of the specified criteria is easy because the COUNTIFS function is designed to work this way.

Excel - COUNTIFS with multiple criteria and OR logic

But what if you want to count cells for which at least one of the specified conditions is TRUE, i. To have it doen, you can simply write 2 regular Countif formulas and add up the results: For example, to get the count of "Cancelled" and "Pending" orders for "Apples" use this formula: To perform the same calculations in a more compact formula, list all of your criteria in an array constantand supply that array to the criteria argument of the COUNTIFS function.

count if 3 conditions are meet ups