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We All Could Meet Up OR We Could All Meet Up?

could meet up

Meetup brings people together in thousands of cities to do more of what they want to do in life. It is organized around one simple idea: when we get together and. At Tesla, I came up with an idea to hold monthly Web Development meetups where employees could learn from each other and the external. North Korean leader's preference for the plane opens up a world of meeting possibilities.

It helps people connect face-to-face with other people who have similar interests and hobbies. Being a passionate Meetup attendee myself, I wanted to answer these three questions: How are people currently using the Meetup app?

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Are users facing any usability issues while using the app? If yes, what can I do to help solve these issues through design? This is a UX case study that explores those various questions. I do not work for nor am affiliated with Meetup.

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This is a passion project, enjoy! My Goal Redesign the app to solve for current pain points.

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Those who want to host their own group and those who want to attend. In my case study, I wanted to capture both sides. Provisional Personas Based on the exercise above, I crafted two provisional personas. In order to improve the app, I first had to gain insights by observing people using the app while recording their interactions.

I wanted to target a location that Meetup users would likely be hanging out at.

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I came up with scenarios that tested for the following topics: Through affinity mapping and analysis, I focused on addressing the top 4 issues that were most painful for the user. Here is what I came up with: I thought this would take me back to the previous page! Once users discovered that the plus icon was a join button, they quickly tapped the icon again to find out that they could not undo their request.

could meet up

This dilemma describes one of the 10 usability heuristics of UI design. Ideate Solutions After identifying the pain points, I was ready to start solving these issues. UI Sketching Sketching is a great way to get your thoughts on paper without being committed to a single design.

Meeting these folks opened up new opportunities for me, like sitting on a weekly design board for a CSS framework we were building in-house. Creating the right niche is necessary Think about what topics and technologies you could see yourself explaining or talking about, and be aware of what technologies your company is using on a wide scale as these are usually good places to start when deciding on a niche. For our meetup we wanted to promote front end technologies and software design in general.

This was a bit too generic of an idea and we quickly pivoted to talks specifically around Angular, single page application development, and state management. This helps you understand the larger community and what may be missing or not being talked about. The information you gather from attending these meetups will help you build your micro version of the community.

Within two months we already had well over 50 people coming to each event and those numbers got even better.

could meet up

I think that this large turnout really did help to get many individuals on our teams to understand and standardize concepts and patterns they were struggling with. Make everyone feel comfortable You need to prepare from the beginning to be accommodating to all attendees.

Of course have snacks and drinks available if possible, comfortable seating, high quality presentation equipment. Consider streaming the event internally to further your reach to individuals who cannot make it to the room or attend the event in person. Let attendees know that if they have suggestions, would like to contribute or want to speak at future meetups that you have a process for submitting talks.

This will make them more willing to engage with the speakers and the host. Similar to the Angular Code of Conducthaving a code of conduct that speakers and guests adhere to is a great idea. Understanding how speakers and attendees should act and how to make others feel included is very important.

Having a code of conduct and sharing it only takes a few minutes, but it may go along way in setting the tone for how others act and interact during a meetup and what is to be expected. Another area we tried to help people feel welcome was by soliciting feedback and asking for ideas on future talks or if there was anything they would like to hear about that we could change about the meetup. The feedback you get will help to provide better content each month and broaden your context.

could meet up

By not being afraid to ask and reaching out to individuals that are well known in the community, I was able to get solid speakers, which in return drove me to create better beginner level topics compliment the guests topics. I joined our guest speaker in presenting at some of the meetups, but I also opened this slot up to anyone who wanted to speak. The variation of difficulty levels in talks on the same night helped to make sure that everyone was getting something valuable out of each meeting.

One idea we had was to make our beginner level talks into somewhat of an open mic night, where developers who wanted to speak just needed to have a presentation ready to go. We did get several employees to do this on occasion. These are just a few of the things required of a host. By committing to these events and these duties I have definitely come out a more polished speaker, less terrified when talking to a group of people and more confident in my ability to talk about my craft.

I put myself in situations where I had to make something happen each month and strive to do better each meetup.

could meet up

Most companies will probably be more than willing to chip in and help you succeed, my company was very supportive. In retrospect After a successful six month run, I have a newfound respect for other meetups and the work it takes to organize and hold an event that contributes value to a group of engineers.