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At the time the prosecution was separated in an examining phase the so-called instruction phase and a prosecuting phase. Terranova led the examining office. He was a key figure in the Trial of the which saw many prominent Mafiosi on trial for their role in the First Mafia War in the early s that ended with the Ciaculli massacre on June 30, On May 31,he ordered the prosecution of mafiosi.


All but 10 of the defendants were acquitted. Terranova was the first to acknowledge the existence of a Sicilian Mafia Commission. He based himself on a confidential report of the Carabinieri of May 28,where a confidential informant revealed the existence of a commission composed of fifteen persons — six from Palermo city and the rest from towns in the province — "each with the rank of boss of either a group or a Mafia family.

Terranova also led investigations into the connections between the Mafia and politics. He looked into the exploits of the prominent Sicilian politician Salvatore Lima as mayor of Palermo and concluded that Lima was in league with a number of Mafiosi, including Angelo La Barbera.

In an indictment inTerranova wrote: The undeniable contacts of the La Barbera mafiosi with the one who was the first citizen of Palermo Terranova made little attempt to hide the fact that his ambition was to bring Luciano Leggio, the boss of the Corleone Mafia Family — known as the Corleonesi — to justice. The most prominent victim had been the Mafia-boss of Corleone, Michele Navarra. However, the sentence of the Bari Court on June 10,resulted in acquittals for all the 64 defendants.

The jury found Leggio guilty of stealing grain infor which he received a suspended sentence, but he was pronounced not guilty on all other accounts. Salvatore Riina — Leggio's eventual successor — was acquitted in and remained at large until his capture in The prosecution appealed successfully against the Catanzaro verdict that had acquitted Leggio and had him tried in absentia in This time Leggio was found guilty, although he had left jail after the Catanzaro trial and it was not until that Leggio was finally captured again and taken into custody.

He became the secretary of the Antimafia Commission that was established in after the Ciaculli massacre. He was re-elected in Terranova together with PCI deputy Pio La Torre wrote the minority report of the Antimafia Commission that was published inwhich pointed to links between the Mafia and prominent politicians in particular of the Christian Democrat party DC - Democrazia Cristiana.

Terranova had urged his colleagues of the majority to take their responsibility. According to the minority report: Even today the behaviour of the ruling DC group in the running of the City and the Provincional Councils offers the most favourable terrain for the perpetuation of the system of Mafia power.

However, the reports and the documentation of the Antimafia Commission were essentially disregarded. At the end of the legislature in JuneCesare Terranova asked to be re-instated in the judiciary and was appointed as the chief examining magistrate at the Court in Palermo. However, on September 25,then aged fifty-eight, Terranova was shot to death in his car along with his driver, policeman Lenin Mancuso, who acted as his bodyguard. Borgomeo is also an expert on local development and policy for the Mezzogiorno and has successfully designed and managed various initiatives addressing youth entrepreneurship and special funding for young entrepreneurs many of which have been identified as EU-level best practices.

He was on the board of Italia Lavoro spa and headed the Technical Secretariat of the Ministry for Extraordinary Actions in the Mezzogiorno as well as serving as a consultant to Mezzogiorno Ministers on employment and the promotion of freelance work and serving on the board of ISFOL.

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From toMr. Borgomeo has published various articles and essays. Mario Bortolotti Director of the Copalc Bologna s. Consortium An industrial expert and chief technician specialised in mechanics, Mario Bortolotti has worked as a mechanical designer for transport systems, project manager as well as heading the Technical Design and Foreign Facilities Offices, where he was responsible for starting activities and managing projects.

Bortolotti is the Director of the Copalc Bologna s. This sector became Mr. He started working as Personnel Officer for the cooperative and then moved on to the sales department, the technical office and in became Organisational Manager.

Inthe cooperative underwent a vast expansion in terms of turnover, employment and entrepreneurial activities. Over a period of twenty years, the initial cooperative flourished and developed into 21 new companies operating in diverse sectors.

Chiari innovatively oriented the cooperative to develop and target new experiences and realities. The social cooperative became an efficient entrepreneurial tool for the development of social solidarity. Chiari turned to the provincial level and served as President of the Provincial Sol. Co Consortium of Brescia for two mandates.

Chiari plays a significant role in the Brescia-based Confcooperative sector operating both in the field of social solidarity and serving as a member of the board. As a consultant and sector expert, Mr.

Chiari has resolved major crises encountered by social cooperatives operating in Brescia. Davies is focused on creating demand for Intel platforms via Solutions, new usage models, and ecosystem scaling.

His mandate is to bring the benefits of technology to the next billion people by working with the industry, governments and development agencies. During his 27 years with Intel, Davies has worked in engineering and manufacturing, as marketing manager for automotive products in Europe, and marketing manager for strategic accounts.

He has been director of Marketing for the Mobile Computing Group, and vice president and marketing director for the Consumer Desktop Products group. Davies received his B. For many years, Prof. De Mauro has worked on the theory and analysis of language comprehension conducting research and experiments, including practical-applicative methods.

De Mauro has also had various institutional appointments. From toProf. From NovemberProf. Over the past ten years, Prof. Egidi has visited at several universities and research centres, including: Egidi is a member of: Egidi is an associate editor of various Italian and foreign magazines, including: Egidi has authored over 50 scientific publications on issues regarding Experimental and Cognitive Economics, Theory of Organisation and Organisational Learning and the Theory of Decision Making and Limited Rationality.

Fiori also holds a course for the Master in Business Administration at the Management School on Enterprise Accounting and Extraordinary Financial Operations enterprise evaluation, fusions and spin-offs. Fiori also serves as auditor for the Bank of Italy and presides over various commissioned companies. He is on the board of the Ned Community association of independent administrators of listed companies and on the board of auditor of various enterprises.

Fiori has authored various publications.

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His publications on municipal finance and management include 14 books, numerous journal articles and policy studies. Inthat program morphed into the Social Enterprise Program, which Horton directed until As part of his executive education responsibilities, Professor Horton directs custom programs for the Center for Curatorial Leadership and the King Khalid Foundation.

Rotman School of Management at the University of Toronto. Rod was formerly the Director of the corporate citizenship practice at Manifest Communications, working with brands like Ericsson, Hewlett-Packard, Kellogg and Sears. Mariano also teaches Marketing Management at the Interdisciplinary Institute of social communications, Pontifical Gregorian University Recent publications include: Molina has served as advisor and consultant to various European Community directorates and has published books, papers and reports on a wide range of subjects, including microprocessors, multimedia newspapers, e-commerce for public administrations, the constitution of industrial clusters at the regional level, evaluation of enterprise networks and free and open source software for e-government.

Molina designed the original strategy for the Global Cities Dialogue, including the draft of the Helsinki Declaration that has been signed by over cities from all around the world. Eduardo was part of a team that, ininitiated a project to use IT to share and distribute, in real time, knowledge from areas and organizations of high knowledge concentration to areas of low knowledge density and scarce resources. The educational programme and the pedagogical model were so successful that it led, unfortunately, to the transformation of the university studies in Gotland to the Gotland University.

Out of that experience, Eduardo created two conceptual and practical models. Both, the pedagogical and the technical model have proved highly attractive to government, companies, universities and NGOs, both in the developed and, especially, in the developing world.

The platforms are fully compatible with all other existing educational technologies to guarantee the connectivity with remote areas with more rudimentary technical and economic development. Worth mentioning is the platform that integrated and allowed to share knowledge resources to the three military Colleges of education in Sweden.

Barbara Pilan began working in the field of cooperation with an educational service addressing minors. Sinceshe has coordinated the home assistance service of Crescere Insieme and manages the Multi-functional Centre Luogo della Cura in Turin.

Pilan has collaborated on feasibility studies — promoted by the cooperative movement and local agencies — to design and develop integrated services to assist families and to involve and train family assistants.

Masters in Business Administration M. Today, the organization has deployed wireless WiFi internet access to 8 regions in the Philippines and continues to reach out to underpriviledged schools and communities. One of its ambitious initiative for is to provide a floating learning center for a tribal group which are innocently affected by the countries 40 year old on-going conflict.

She is responsible for the European Social Fund, the EU's main financial instrument for investing in people, with a budget of 76 billion for the period Prior to this, she had a long and successful career in the Cyprus Civil Service, which culminated in her appointment as Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Labour and Social Insurance.