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Contribute today and get Love by Cloud Cult as a thank-you gift. The lyrics are pearls of wisdom, a phrase I've always liked but never used to that leads into " Meet Me Where You're Going" — perhaps the best love song. Cloud Cult - Meet Me Where You're Going tekst lyrics: Meet me where you're going, cuz I wanna be going where you are. Teach me what you're knowing,cuz I wanna be knowing who you away Will you be my home now? And I'll be. Meet Me Where You're Going lyrics from Cloud Cult. Meet me where you're going , cuz I Will you be my home now? And I'll be your home.

And now here you are in my space, and it's just so beautiful.

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It's an honor to be here. So I'm glad you didn't wear shoes. I was going to say, I read in my preparation that you like to play without shoes, and I wanted you to know, this is a shoe-optional workplace. And so you fit right in. Anyone else can take off their shoes, as well.

I'm wearing shoes tonight, because we have company. We actually work here by day, and we moved all the desks out. They're downstairs, but we do have the sofas out. So you grew up in Owatonna. And was there — how would you talk about the religious or spiritual background of your childhood?

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I was raised in a very devoutly practicing Lutheran family. It was the kind of practicing that was every service and Vacation Bible School and volunteering for the church. And it was our community. Those were our closest friends, growing up. And that practice was ingrained in me very deeply and beautifully and in different ways. But my mom was the real deal. She would wake up, it's 4: Today is the day the Lord is risen! Yeah, when I was really young, I was kind of an astronomy geek.

They succeed in spades. I love that the album is an album in the "old school" sense of the word, too. The album begins with a lullaby. Craig Minowa, the songwriter, has a way of writing that can appeal to a kid or even seem childlike in its simplicity.

The great truths are simple, despite their complexity. The first four songs deal with all the universal themes that he's been writing about for years, but more succinctly and beautifully than ever before. The lyrics are pearls of wisdom, a phrase I've always liked but never used to describe an album before.

I only now realize how mature he was as writer when he started, because these songs are simply fine tuning his original message. Instrumentally there's not much new either.

Cloud Cult - Meet Me Where You're Going (Cover)

Perhaps a few more lush strings and piano than ever before, but never breaking out of the mold that fans have come to expect from the band, now on their 9th release.

The next three tracks form the heart of the album. Songs 5 and 7 are short instrumentals serving to encase "The Calling," a manifesto. It begins with a spacey atmosphere then suddenly gives way to the loudest and gnarliest guitar riff of the entire work. Craig's signature, slightly distorted vocals come in, the strings add a little yearning and he drops one of those pearls, a big one: Having a calling in life has been used by traditional religions to describe the most gifted of adherents: As far as I can tell, Craig doesn't have a church, he's been called to create his own, looking inside himself for ways to give strength to others.

Cloud Cult's music is uplifting and deeply spiritual, but in a non-conventional way.