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December 2 Ver et al were acquitted by the Sandigan Bayan of complicity in the Aquino assassination. December 23, the Communist Party of the Philippines sounded the call to boycott the snap elections. Meanwhile, in separate meetings, key officers sketched Cory Aquino and Fidel Ramos their coup plans. The reformist military tried, and failed, to convince Cory that she had no chance of winning at the polls.

February 4 A member bi-partisan delegation of US senators, congressmen, and private citizens arrived in Manila to monitor the elections. At least five banks, known to have ties with the Marcos regime, experienced a run. February 7 Election Day. Broadcast alerts over Radio Veritas urged volunteers into troubled areas to stop ballot boxes from being stolen or tampered with. She vowed massive protests and daily street demonstrations if cheated. February 9 Led by Linda Kapunan, thirty computer technicians manning the COMELEC tabulation machines walked out of their posts in protest over alleged deliberate changing of election results.

A multinational team of observers cited cases of vote-buying, intimidation, snatching of ballot boxes, tampered election returns, and the disenfranchisement of thousands of voters, specially in Metro Manila, by the ruling party. February 10 Defense Minister Enrile warned of greater political instability.

February 11 Laban leader Evelio Javier, former governor of Antique, was gunned down in broad daylight. The Batasan Pambansa formally began the canvass of election returns. February 13, President Marcos took a virtually irreversible lead over opposition candidate Corazon C.

Statistical improbabilities were also cited. February 15, The Batasan Pambansa formally proclaimed Marcos winner of the February 7 elections; all 50 opposition Members of Parliament walked out in protest. Trade Minister Roberto Ongpin, speaking for the economic technocrats, assured Marcos of support if he undertook reforms in military, political, and economic areas; Marcos signed an agreement to the effect. Philip Habib arrived in Manila. Ramos would serve as Chief of Staff. Habib met with Marcos, then with Cory.

She announced that she would go around the country to sound her call for civil disobedience and non-violent protest actions; her first stops, Cebu and Davao, the coming weekend. Habib also met privately with Ramos and Enrile over the next few days. Crony banks, corporations, and media were hit hard by the boycott. San Miguel-A shares went down to as low as P Not far behind in financial fiasco was the beverage industry.

Beer quaffers had suddenly shifted to gin or hard drinks. A small number also stopped drinking Pepsi Cola, Seven-Up and Mirinda, thinking that these softdrinks were also under the control of a crony. February 18, The peso fell to P Irwin Ver placed the Presidential Security Command on red alert. Secretary of State Paul H. RAM set the coup for Sunday, February 23, at 2: Almonte detailed the plans to Gen. Enrile received information that Ver had ordered his men to prepare for a series of arrests; he wrote a letter of resignation which he said he would deliver to Malacanang the following Monday.

Aquino said she would fly to Cebu as scheduled Saturday morning to pursue her civil disobedience campaign. The five were putting final touches to a speech Enrile planned to read 36 hours later over national radio and television. Enrile would proclaim himself head of a ruling junta, the National Reconciliation Council, just after rebel troops assaulted the Palace at 2: Eduardo Kapunan and Col.

Victor Batac, were the masterminds of the attack plans. Veritas Special Edition Oct 86 Unknown to Honasan, one of his moles in Malacanang Palace had been leaking top-secret details of the coup plot to the Vers.

In January, Honasan had pressured an officer on the staff of the Presidential Security command into acting as an agent within the Palace. Irwin Ver, who immediately passed on the astonishing information to his father, the general. The Vers turned the jittery Doromal into a double agent, and he channeled accurate, up-to-date information to them.

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The Palace was the responsibility of Col. Lieutenant Colonel Rexor Ver headed the Presidential Security Unit of men, whose primary mission was to provide close-in security to the First Family. The Pasig River from its mouth at Manila Bay to Guadalupe, about 2 kilometers from the Palace, was secured by a Philippine Navy unit composed of 6 patrol crafts, 2 frigates, a demolition team, and ferry boats.

This mobile unit of men took care of choke points at the Ayala-Lozano approach, the Sta. The unit was also assigned to provide the palace with in-depth defense.

All in all they had 3, fully armed officers and men. Acting on orders from Marcos, who was in command, Ver announced to his generals that he would let Col. Ver was turning the palace into a death trap. In a garishly theatrical touch, the river was to be lit up with spotlights as Honasan and his men crossed in their boats. Alamos Alabe, a graduate of the Philippine Military Academny and detailed with the Linsi Security Agency, managed to talk his way out of Fort Bonifacio, claiming he was not a member of the military.

The would-be rebels stared blankly. Veritas Special Oct 86 Honasan and Kapunan had left the meeting earlier to make a final reconnaissance of the approaches to the Palace. By dawn, it was clear that they had been betrayed. We planned the whole action mainly under two offices: His closest aides and the chief of his security, Sonny Razon, were members of our core group; they kept the general informed of meetings and developments.

Marcos assured Ongpin that he would investigate the matter. Marcos offered the services of some of his security from the Presidential Security Command but Ongpin vigorously objected. Rolando Abadilla tried to talk Honasan out of doing anything rash. As soon as Abadilla left, at about 10 a. They weighed what they had seen on their late-night drive and discussed their options, then decided to freeze operations for twenty-four hours.

As he pored over some of the documents, two brief reports which came in at 7 A. The carpets were being shampooed and vacuumed, the shiny floors, made of rare Philippine hardwood, waxed and polished, and the huge chandeliers overhead, products of proud artisans from Guagua, Pampanga, dusted.

The marble floors were scrubbed till they shone like mirrors. Everywhere, the capiz windows were cleaned and then opened to admit fresh air.

The entire Palace was left to bathe in natural sunlight. It was my aide, then Lt. Jose Honrado, who told me of the rumors of a coup for the weekend, and who recommended that I stay in Manila.

On the other hand, Cebu was for certain. I had announced several days before that I would be in Cebu that Saturday in pursuance of the non-violent movement I had launched in February 16 at the Luneta. Thousands of people were expecting us who I imagined would be terribly disappointed and probably not as eager to give me their support if I did not come. Rex Robles was assigned to act as liaison with the diplomatic community and to tell the world their story in case the reformists were arrested.

Another reformist sent an urgent signal to a US Embassy official to seek help. It might seem as if he was involved, or responsible. The Americans brought up the touchy subject of overstaying generals and insisted that Ver resign or retire.

Or we can regroup and take a stand and take our chances. If we regroup, the possibility of an encounter is very high. But the possibility of a stand-off is not far-fetched. They assured him they could handle the situation in the camp. If I die, I might as well die here. Business Day 28 Feb 86 Cory was receiving a warm welcome from the people of Cebu. In some intersections, crowds became so excited that they literally blocked the road, thus creating momentary bottlenecks in the traffic flow.

I had two important meetings scheduled that day. Lunch with Max Soliven at the house of Mrs. Betty Go Belmonte, and later in the afternoon, a dialogue with Cory supporters, mostly neighbors of mine who wanted to picket my house in Alabang.

You will not get any answers. Ramos explained why he had not chosen to resign despite the humiliations heaped on him by Mr. Marcos and rogue elements of his Philippine Constabulary who were involved in carnaps, murder, and other crimes. He was accosted and brought to the aides-de-camp room for questioning. His men were in the process of grilling four officers…plotters of a plan to storm the palace and oust Marcos.

His illness demanded that. It was to his bedroom that the news of the Enrile-Ramos mutiny was brought. Marcos is finished, and we ought to offer him asylum in the United States. If people realized that Enrile had been planning to stage a coup and then impose a junta, most of them certainly would not have been supportive. Enrile and his men had to cover their plans and portray themselves as victims.

That settled, Enrile went to his bedroom, changed into jeans and canvas shoes, and took an Uzi submachine gun out of the closet. I had been waiting for the right moment. RAM recognized that while a significant number of officers and men were prepared to line up behind Enrile, his long political and personal association with Marcos had tainted him in the minds of many more. Malaya 23 Feb 86 She expanded the list of firms and establishments she had asked the people to boycott.

He was already inside the car when he ran back to her to give instructions: I was in the Inquirer office as usual, putting our Sunday edition to bed, when we got this call, about 2: Enrile asked to talk to me and she said Johnny was going to be arrested. Will you call the Cardinal for us? And we did try to call the Cardinal, but we were not successful because I think the Cardinal was out in Ateneo for an ordination. She sounded very nervous, and as I am very fond of Cristina, I wanted to be with her at that moment.

On my way out, I passed by the desk of Louie Beltran who was our editor then and I told him what was happening. Of course nobody knew why Johnny was going to be arrested, everybody just knew he was going to be arrested. He then gave Cayetano instructions to call the press.

Enrile began with troops. They look as if they are ready for war….

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Enrile is obviously nervous. He is the underdog. He must feel that the end is near. When I got to the Enriles, Cristina was just coming down with her staff. She was going out to a place where she was going to be safe. They were afraid that they would be taken hostage, something, or just to hide. At four, the Cory Crusaders came-a group of 20 women and 2 men.

I have to think also of the welfare of the men under me. While the dialogue was going on, we received a call from the office of Minister Enrile. They called up maybe about 3 or 4 times to ask him to go to Camp Aguinaldo already. Pedro Balbanero, the Military Police Brigade commander. Balbanero had under his custody the 19 persons led by Lt.

Salvador Mison who was in Camp Aguinaldo. It was a long wedding. Vic Batac called around five and told me that the whole operation was compromised, so we were on Plan B, an alternate plan, which was to hold out in the camp and confront the Marcos forces.

He told the Minister he knew of no order to arrest the Reformists. Just then, Balbanero saw Col. Ver and Imelda immediately excused themselves from the reception and rushed anxiously back to Malacanang.

A wedding had cost them the throne. The military fetched daughter Imee and husband Tommy Manotoc and their children from their home in Wack Wack, Mandaluyong; and daughter Irene, husband Greggy Araneta, and their children from their home in Forbes Park, Makati. Came son Bongbong Ferdinand Jr.

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The First Lady attempted a facade of calm, but she was obviously fidgety. When the Cory activists had left and he and Alex were about to leave, I asked if they would be home for dinner. He was very calm, like nothing alarming was going on. It was at Camp Aguinaldo, with Minister Enrile, where I wanted to announce my decision to our people and to the world.

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Balbanero tried to reach Enrile by phone. After thirty minutes he gave up. He and Abadilla rushed back to Camp Aguinaldo. Newsmen were kept out. They were specific about wanting Veritas. They had a VHF radio and a cassette recorder. I74 There was already a big crowd around Enrile and Ramos, waiting for the press conference to begin. Pedro Balbanero and Col. Rolando Abadilla told Enrile that Marcos wanted to talk with him. Enrile firmly brushed aside the idea. When we went to church we were already told that General Ramos and Minister Enrile had joined together and were in the office in Camp Aguinaldo.

So immediately after mass we went straight there and true enough all the press people were there, and all those people who were very close to them like Secretary Jose Almonte, and their closest aides like Greg Honasan and Sonny Razon. We were so nervous. Eventually, Enrile agreed to speak with Gen. He asked Ver not to initiate any attack against the camps that night. Ver asked Enrile not to attack the Palace.

The two called a truce of sorts. Sun Inq Mag 9 Mar Balbanero notified unit commanders of both sides about the modus vivendi by wire. The situation was still very fluid and nebulous; nothing was clear. For our part, we needed time to organize, we needed time to mobilize and deploy our forces. Behind them huddled about a dozen soldiers, some in full battle regalia. Outside, at the gates of the Ministry, heavily armed guards and tanks stood at the ready.

When the two men began to speak, the reason for the precautions became startlingly clear, for they proclaimed open rebellion, Philippine style, against the twenty-year regime of President Ferdinand Marcos. Fidel Ramos crossed their bridges, so to speak, and began the revolt against Ferdinand Marcos.

The fact is, there is a report that we are going to be arrested. We are here to take a stand. If anyone of us will be killed, I think…all of us must be killed. We do not consider President Marcos as now being a duly constituted authority. I cannot in my conscience recognize the President as the commander-in-chief of the Armed Forces and I am appealing to the other members of the Cabinet to heed the will of the people expressed during the last elections. Because in my own region, I know that we cheated in the elections to the extent ofvotes.

Aquino even if she is installed as a president. I am not even acting Chief of Staff of the Armed Forces. I think that when he made that announcement to you and to the whole world last Sunday, he was just fooling us, and he was fooling the entire world because he flip-flopped so many times already. Malaya 23 Feb 86 Cory Aquino: It was Bel Cunanan — she was also in Cebu — who told us about it.

When I was first heard the news, I was saying, is this for real? I was very skeptical. So I called up some people here in Manila to find out more about it. Ramos-or their rejection of President Marcos? In any event, the battle is joined. Inquirer 24 Feb Alex Sembrano: There in the Social Hall, while the general and the minister were talking to the journalists, we were talking among ourselves.

It was the first time we were hearing all those things-that there was massive cheating in Cagayan, that they borrowed firearms from Ali Dimaporo, mga ganoon! Our plans were all wrecked! What a way to go! Now, here are the cameras.

Are we ready to face them? If we lost, it would be evidence against us. So some of us were staying away. In the midst of military salutes, Napoleonic posturings, flashing cameras, and interminable press conferences, ex-Secretary Anding Roces was overheard to remark with wonder and amusement: For years they had nothing better to do than to march in loyalty parades and bang the heads of civilians who could not fight back.

Now they ask these same civilians to keep their asses from being blown off. Reporters were told that he was resting but he was probably awake because Ver and his son Irwin and Information Minister Gregorio Cendana came and went.

Eriberto Varona, secretary of the General Staff; and Col. They talked about military moves against the Enrile-Ramos group. There was not even a situation map in the place.

Ver notified all military units nationwide that he was still Chief of Staff of the Armed Forces. Prospero Olivas was waiting for Ramos when he was stricken ill. The doctors ordered him taken to nearby Camp Panopio for treatment.

After the presscon, General Ramos and Minister Enrile met to review the situation. General Ramos decided to go back to Crame because he was the PC Chief, his staff was there, his communications set-up was there. The division of powers between Minister Enrile and myself was clear. He would take care of the political and diplomatic affairs, I would command the military operation.

That same evening we crossed to Camp Crame. Minister Enrile stayed in Camp Aguinaldo, and we had people power on both sides. The first thing that entered my mind was to make my daughter Rachel go home to fetch the Our Lady of Fatima. So the one you saw, the Fatima, the very first one,belongs to my mother; she got it when she went to Europe. And everybody started bringing their saints already. Prospero Olivas, in Camp Panopio. The P, worth of medical equipment include emergency lights, delivery tables, oxygen gauges, Kelly pads, standing Bp apparatus, stethoscopes, sterilizers, dapplers, minor surgery set, bassinet and speculum.

Meanwhile, Mayor James Gordon, Jr. It can be recalled that the City Council has signed an ordinance establishing facility-based deliveries for all pregnant mothers in Olongapo City. At the start of the project, five barangay health centers namely Brgy. With the additional health centers, pregnant mothers will enjoy the service and equipment donated exclusively for them. Layug to take charge and re-evaluate the action plan being implemented in the city every summer vacation. Rita and Barangay Mabayuan.

Other non-government organizations such as the Philippine National Red Cross, Radio Communication Groups, Smart and Globe Telecommunication companies and Subicwater are also extending their help and support.

It is expected that a big number of residents and local tourists will set out to the beach resorts which are the primary tourist attractions of Olongapo especially during Holy Week. Olongapo City has been attributed as one of the favorite tourist destinations every summer not only for of its scenery but also for its well-maintained peace and order situation which is also a good come on of the city.

City Health Office head Dr. Tamayo said during the flag raising ceremony of government officials and employees on March 23, Torralba, said around 37, capsules of vitamin A from DOH will be distributed to intended beneficiaries next month.

According to the website of Raya Sports, the tournament organizer, the anticipated event has already drawn the participation of 12 Asian players this early. It has been reported that seven players from Indonesia, two each from Japan and Malaysia, and one from Thailand are the first foreigners to sign up for the prestigious ten-ball event.