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Premise In the past, as Adalberto Rangel, he met and seduced Maria Paula. medals with the all-Brazilian beach volleyball final between Sandra Pires and Jackie Silva . Also located in San Narciso is the Zambales Academy, one of the oldest Jorge Ferreira 17 August Match 2 União da Madeira 1–0 Santa Clara. Print edition of Manila Standard Today for January 17, 42, who was arrested at a Comelec checkpoint on the the Maria Clara . the boys' and girls' crowns in the Toby's Junior Volleyball League at .. The Capitol Grounds in Iba, Zambales, in cooperation with the provincial government led by Gov. “We are working to meet the deadline by the end of the year to address . 18, Philippine Permanent Representative to the UN Teodoro Locsin Jr. said over million people fell to seven percent as of from 17 percent in Lanie, a mom of a Grade 4 boy studying in Manila, thinks the time is.

Broadcast alerts over Radio Veritas urged volunteers into troubled areas to stop ballot boxes from being stolen or tampered with. She vowed massive protests and daily street demonstrations if cheated. February 9 Led by Linda Kapunan, thirty computer technicians manning the COMELEC tabulation machines walked out of their posts in protest over alleged deliberate changing of election results. A multinational team of observers cited cases of vote-buying, intimidation, snatching of ballot boxes, tampered election returns, and the disenfranchisement of thousands of voters, specially in Metro Manila, by the ruling party.

February 10 Defense Minister Enrile warned of greater political instability. February 11 Laban leader Evelio Javier, former governor of Antique, was gunned down in broad daylight. The Batasan Pambansa formally began the canvass of election returns.

February 13, President Marcos took a virtually irreversible lead over opposition candidate Corazon C. Statistical improbabilities were also cited.

February 15, The Batasan Pambansa formally proclaimed Marcos winner of the February 7 elections; all 50 opposition Members of Parliament walked out in protest. Trade Minister Roberto Ongpin, speaking for the economic technocrats, assured Marcos of support if he undertook reforms in military, political, and economic areas; Marcos signed an agreement to the effect. Philip Habib arrived in Manila. Ramos would serve as Chief of Staff. Habib met with Marcos, then with Cory.

She announced that she would go around the country to sound her call for civil disobedience and non-violent protest actions; her first stops, Cebu and Davao, the coming weekend. Habib also met privately with Ramos and Enrile over the next few days. Crony banks, corporations, and media were hit hard by the boycott. San Miguel-A shares went down to as low as P Not far behind in financial fiasco was the beverage industry. Beer quaffers had suddenly shifted to gin or hard drinks.

A small number also stopped drinking Pepsi Cola, Seven-Up and Mirinda, thinking that these softdrinks were also under the control of a crony. February 18, The peso fell to P Irwin Ver placed the Presidential Security Command on red alert. Secretary of State Paul H. RAM set the coup for Sunday, February 23, at 2: Almonte detailed the plans to Gen.

Enrile received information that Ver had ordered his men to prepare for a series of arrests; he wrote a letter of resignation which he said he would deliver to Malacanang the following Monday. Aquino said she would fly to Cebu as scheduled Saturday morning to pursue her civil disobedience campaign. The five were putting final touches to a speech Enrile planned to read 36 hours later over national radio and television.

Enrile would proclaim himself head of a ruling junta, the National Reconciliation Council, just after rebel troops assaulted the Palace at 2: Eduardo Kapunan and Col. Victor Batac, were the masterminds of the attack plans.

Veritas Special Edition Oct 86 Unknown to Honasan, one of his moles in Malacanang Palace had been leaking top-secret details of the coup plot to the Vers. In January, Honasan had pressured an officer on the staff of the Presidential Security command into acting as an agent within the Palace. Irwin Ver, who immediately passed on the astonishing information to his father, the general.

The Vers turned the jittery Doromal into a double agent, and he channeled accurate, up-to-date information to them. The Palace was the responsibility of Col. Lieutenant Colonel Rexor Ver headed the Presidential Security Unit of men, whose primary mission was to provide close-in security to the First Family.

The Pasig River from its mouth at Manila Bay to Guadalupe, about 2 kilometers from the Palace, was secured by a Philippine Navy unit composed of 6 patrol crafts, 2 frigates, a demolition team, and ferry boats. This mobile unit of men took care of choke points at the Ayala-Lozano approach, the Sta. The unit was also assigned to provide the palace with in-depth defense.

All in all they had 3, fully armed officers and men.

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Acting on orders from Marcos, who was in command, Ver announced to his generals that he would let Col. Ver was turning the palace into a death trap.

In a garishly theatrical touch, the river was to be lit up with spotlights as Honasan and his men crossed in their boats. Alamos Alabe, a graduate of the Philippine Military Academny and detailed with the Linsi Security Agency, managed to talk his way out of Fort Bonifacio, claiming he was not a member of the military. The would-be rebels stared blankly.

Veritas Special Oct 86 Honasan and Kapunan had left the meeting earlier to make a final reconnaissance of the approaches to the Palace.

By dawn, it was clear that they had been betrayed. We planned the whole action mainly under two offices: His closest aides and the chief of his security, Sonny Razon, were members of our core group; they kept the general informed of meetings and developments. Marcos assured Ongpin that he would investigate the matter.

Marcos offered the services of some of his security from the Presidential Security Command but Ongpin vigorously objected. Rolando Abadilla tried to talk Honasan out of doing anything rash. As soon as Abadilla left, at about 10 a. They weighed what they had seen on their late-night drive and discussed their options, then decided to freeze operations for twenty-four hours. As he pored over some of the documents, two brief reports which came in at 7 A.

The carpets were being shampooed and vacuumed, the shiny floors, made of rare Philippine hardwood, waxed and polished, and the huge chandeliers overhead, products of proud artisans from Guagua, Pampanga, dusted. The marble floors were scrubbed till they shone like mirrors. Everywhere, the capiz windows were cleaned and then opened to admit fresh air. The entire Palace was left to bathe in natural sunlight. It was my aide, then Lt. Jose Honrado, who told me of the rumors of a coup for the weekend, and who recommended that I stay in Manila.

On the other hand, Cebu was for certain. I had announced several days before that I would be in Cebu that Saturday in pursuance of the non-violent movement I had launched in February 16 at the Luneta.

Thousands of people were expecting us who I imagined would be terribly disappointed and probably not as eager to give me their support if I did not come. Rex Robles was assigned to act as liaison with the diplomatic community and to tell the world their story in case the reformists were arrested.

Another reformist sent an urgent signal to a US Embassy official to seek help. It might seem as if he was involved, or responsible. The Americans brought up the touchy subject of overstaying generals and insisted that Ver resign or retire.

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Or we can regroup and take a stand and take our chances. If we regroup, the possibility of an encounter is very high. But the possibility of a stand-off is not far-fetched. They assured him they could handle the situation in the camp. If I die, I might as well die here.

Business Day 28 Feb 86 Cory was receiving a warm welcome from the people of Cebu. In some intersections, crowds became so excited that they literally blocked the road, thus creating momentary bottlenecks in the traffic flow.

I had two important meetings scheduled that day. Lunch with Max Soliven at the house of Mrs. Betty Go Belmonte, and later in the afternoon, a dialogue with Cory supporters, mostly neighbors of mine who wanted to picket my house in Alabang. You will not get any answers. Ramos explained why he had not chosen to resign despite the humiliations heaped on him by Mr. Marcos and rogue elements of his Philippine Constabulary who were involved in carnaps, murder, and other crimes. He was accosted and brought to the aides-de-camp room for questioning.

His men were in the process of grilling four officers…plotters of a plan to storm the palace and oust Marcos. His illness demanded that.

It was to his bedroom that the news of the Enrile-Ramos mutiny was brought. Marcos is finished, and we ought to offer him asylum in the United States. If people realized that Enrile had been planning to stage a coup and then impose a junta, most of them certainly would not have been supportive. Enrile and his men had to cover their plans and portray themselves as victims.

That settled, Enrile went to his bedroom, changed into jeans and canvas shoes, and took an Uzi submachine gun out of the closet. I had been waiting for the right moment.

RAM recognized that while a significant number of officers and men were prepared to line up behind Enrile, his long political and personal association with Marcos had tainted him in the minds of many more. Malaya 23 Feb 86 She expanded the list of firms and establishments she had asked the people to boycott. He was already inside the car when he ran back to her to give instructions: I was in the Inquirer office as usual, putting our Sunday edition to bed, when we got this call, about 2: Enrile asked to talk to me and she said Johnny was going to be arrested.

Will you call the Cardinal for us? And we did try to call the Cardinal, but we were not successful because I think the Cardinal was out in Ateneo for an ordination.

She sounded very nervous, and as I am very fond of Cristina, I wanted to be with her at that moment. On my way out, I passed by the desk of Louie Beltran who was our editor then and I told him what was happening. Of course nobody knew why Johnny was going to be arrested, everybody just knew he was going to be arrested. He then gave Cayetano instructions to call the press. Enrile began with troops.

They look as if they are ready for war…. Enrile is obviously nervous. He is the underdog. He must feel that the end is near. When I got to the Enriles, Cristina was just coming down with her staff. She was going out to a place where she was going to be safe. They were afraid that they would be taken hostage, something, or just to hide. At four, the Cory Crusaders came-a group of 20 women and 2 men.

I have to think also of the welfare of the men under me. While the dialogue was going on, we received a call from the office of Minister Enrile. They called up maybe about 3 or 4 times to ask him to go to Camp Aguinaldo already. Pedro Balbanero, the Military Police Brigade commander. Balbanero had under his custody the 19 persons led by Lt. Salvador Mison who was in Camp Aguinaldo. It was a long wedding. Vic Batac called around five and told me that the whole operation was compromised, so we were on Plan B, an alternate plan, which was to hold out in the camp and confront the Marcos forces.

He told the Minister he knew of no order to arrest the Reformists. Just then, Balbanero saw Col. Ver and Imelda immediately excused themselves from the reception and rushed anxiously back to Malacanang. A wedding had cost them the throne.

The military fetched daughter Imee and husband Tommy Manotoc and their children from their home in Wack Wack, Mandaluyong; and daughter Irene, husband Greggy Araneta, and their children from their home in Forbes Park, Makati.

Came son Bongbong Ferdinand Jr. The First Lady attempted a facade of calm, but she was obviously fidgety. When the Cory activists had left and he and Alex were about to leave, I asked if they would be home for dinner. He was very calm, like nothing alarming was going on. It was at Camp Aguinaldo, with Minister Enrile, where I wanted to announce my decision to our people and to the world.

Balbanero tried to reach Enrile by phone. After thirty minutes he gave up. He and Abadilla rushed back to Camp Aguinaldo. Newsmen were kept out. They were specific about wanting Veritas. They had a VHF radio and a cassette recorder. I74 There was already a big crowd around Enrile and Ramos, waiting for the press conference to begin. An inkling perhaps as to his choice of career was that he managed to get himself a commission as a cadet officer of the UST ROTC — while pursuing his pre-med course — the only science student at that time who was a cadet officer.

Took an entrance examination for the PMA at the first opportunity and passed it — at the same time that he passed his pre-med course and met all school pre-requisites for admission to the UST School of Medicine. He chose to enter the Academy instead. His entire family father, mother, sisters and only brother was opposed to the idea. As a firstie, he represented the Academy in various track and field competitions and oratorical contests participated in by the Academy.

He was Corp Executive Officer when he graduated and was among the upper third of his class in scholastic standing. And like his classmates who were assigned in the Constabulary he drew the Constabulary when his class drew lots for service assignments. Reassigned to Recom 1, he, together with two other officer classmates under two of the training of new PC enlistees of Recom 1 — abbreviated ranger course — which men later on composed the Special Action Company of Recom 1 and to which company he was later on assigned a junior officer.

In one of his patrols, instinct and probably good luck saved him and his troops from a possible ambush by subversive terrorists at one hinderland village. Passing through said village, he refused an invitation to take supper and stay overnight there at — and even light refreshments and a little rest. He decided to push on through and camped instead for the night in the foothills outside of and overlooking the village.

Later intelligence disclosed that at the same time that the villagers were enticing them to spend some time within the village an enemy group was at the outskirts of the village and which group could have inflicted heavy casualties of his patrol — had the enemy group been able to position themselves by the hanging bridge on the route his patrol took on the way out of the village. The Augusteener December 35 www. He was deeply affected by the poverty and misery of the poor people of the hinderlands.

He gave away his personal medicines he brought for his own use, to seek villagers. Perhaps even at the outset he was never meant to be a doctor of medicine — for had he not chosen the military as a career — he could have been a priest.

From his boyhood, he has manifested a special closeness to the church. Whenever he was at Iba he never failed to serve mass and visit the parish priest, the Bishop of Zambales and the sisters of St.

He could have been a good priest too. It is likely, that his choice of the military as a carrier was influenced by his exposure to military life during his youth and early formative years. He spent his school vacations in PC camps and stations where his father was assigned and was thus exposed to the company of soldiers and young lieutenants. He could have been a good lawyer and a successful politician as he was articulate and friendly to everyone and exhibited no airs. According to one of his foster mothers — he had a way of endearing himself with people.

He had several foster parents who adopted him and whom he adopted. He had three at Baguio City, one at Lingayen, Pangasinan, and even one as far as Tacloban City who acquired during his tour in the south as a cadet. He was foremost of all — thoughtful. On the fateful day 13 Mayhe was, together with his ranger team on board a Land Rover about meters behind a lead vehicle on the way to Bontoc from Besao when they were ambushed at Sitio Banga-an, Sagada, Mountain Province by subversive terrorists on or about hours.

The lead vehicle was fired upon by the enemy hitting and wounding one officer and the driver of the vehicle — and thus immobilizing the vehicle. He had his team detrack, maneuvered his troops, returned the enemy fire, clear the area of the enemy and extricated the troops that were pinned down by enemy fire. He then made available his vehicle and driver to evacuate the wounded officer and driver to Bontoc; and personally operated the immobilized lead vehicle and maneuvered same from where it was ditched onto the road.

With him at the wheels, he had his troops and others board the vehicle and continued and proceeded with their interrupted trip to Bontoc. Met on the way by the Actg Provincial Commander of Mt. Province who came from Bontoc with reinforcements, they returned to the ambush site as ordered.

For the second time that fateful afternoon, he and his troops once more scoured and searched the area for the enemy. It turned out the enemy had returned to the area and a firefight ensued.

Dusk was sitting in, and unmindful of his personal safety he aggressively maneuvered and redeployed his troops and continuously directed the movements of his men forward by voice and hand signals — moving ahead of the other elements with them, to dislodge the enemy from their entrenched position thereby exposing himself to enemy fire and leading by example until he was felled by an enemy shot on the forehead: A senior officer of his commented that with that fatal shot the enemy killed a potential general.

His body was flown home, by helicopter, to his parents at Iba, Zambales arriving before noon at the Iba Airstrip 15 May where he was met by his parents, relatives and other town mates.

He was buried at high noon on 17 May His funeral mass was concelebrated by seven priests. Bob was awarded the Gold Cross Medal Posthumous for gallantry in action, and which medal was presented to his father in appropriate ceremonies at Camp Crame, Quezon City on 8 August We were always looking for a way to have fun.

We frequently found every small reason to be together. We were freshmen during the declaration of Martial law, too young to be really worried about late parties and stay-ins then. We had our own home curfewsso midnight curfews did not really bother us. We were sophomores when the SAS minor seminary opened. We had 5 minor seminarians to start with in our class. It was an adjustment for all of us.

We had young boys who were away from their families. They came from all over Zambales. We learned mutually immediately how to make good friends, especially we had more boys added to our class. I am proud to be a graduate of SAS. I have spent 10 years of my life in its walls. It has slowly and gradually molded us morally and religiously.

We were such a small school then and the nuns and priests around us have definitely affected our lives. SAS has given me the chance to learn and live my faith up to this day.

Back then, we took everything for granted somehow, not realizing how it would affect us now. I do greatly commend our mentors for emphasizing the use of written and spoken English in the campus.

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All of these little things that have gladly paid off now as adults. Each class change always started and ended with a prayer.

Sometimes it would be hard to stay serious when the then Sr. It was precious to recall the presence of Msgr. Byrne sitting at the particular spot at the church. We would go and visit and be blessed. Whoever he remembers to be mischievous would get a knock on the forehead with his ring.

We competed against boys and girls. If it was the game is not finished through the break, rest assured we will continue the competition until the next break.

Most of us would rather get punished than reveal the truth. This is how you find out who likes who and all the teasing during and out of the classes would start. We played on the few concrete benches by the bougainvillea bushes.

Chalks were not used but we used folded up bougainvillea leaves to scroll on concrete. The version of eco-friendly during that time. After storms, we would convince the teachers to take a long walk to the beach, just to be able to collect sea shells but really mostly to get out of the campus with their consent. Adolescence would not be normal without peer pressure. It was a positive influence in our class. We had a lot of musically talented classmates and the guitar was at the center of it all.

Most of us looked forward to the glee club and enjoyed the class musical competitions particularly the one under the supervision of Mr. We had a lot of talented classmates. In our younger years, we loved competing against the upper classmen. We competed in oratorical contest,spelling, singing, dancing and sports.

Whether we won or not, it was always fun rooting for our class. We loved our mentors as manifested in the fact that we still keep in touch with them. Simeon dela Rosa, Ms. During our Senior year, Sr. Carmen Cua was our religion and Spanish teacher.

For us girls, it was special to have younger nuns then that we could comfortably ask silly and relevant questions. Sister Victoria was our high school principal and music teacher.

We had a lot of classmates that came and went through the years. There were 33 of us in our Senior year, 19 girls and 14 boys.

Three of them have passed on away: Surprisingly, there are 14 of us based in the US. Two of us are in Australia and the rest are in the Philippines. We have become nurses, physical therapist, engineers, teachers, US navy officer, parents and other degrees that each of us have achieved. All of us are happy in our own ways. We are proud to have a priest in our class, Fr. He is currently in Virginia Beach, Virginia. I do not think any other school would have molded us to be what we are now.

Big thanks and gratitude to each and everyone that has been a major part of our lives. Though we spent our childhood together, we never expected that we would fall for each other in the end. The courting started out as a crush then into puppy love during our secondary years. Those significant moments are still vividly imprinted in my memory as I recall how Albert would do something to make our teachers allow him to sit beside me always.

Inside the classroom and inside the campus he was always tagging along. My stalker inside and outside the school! At that moment of our lives, Albert and I knew then that ours is a mutual feeling of genuine love for each other but we were also aware that it has its limits not until we finish college. We made a vow that no matter what happens, our priority goal was still to finish our studies. Parents were more conservative then compared to now.

After our high school graduation, I entered Pre-dent freshman at the University of the East and as usual he followed me and enrolled in BS Accounting at the same school making sure he kept his eye on me. And maybe to become closer to watch over me, he shifted his course into Dentistry. Ours was just another on and off relationship just like any other couples.

But we survived the roller coaster ride of love-hate-love relationship for six years until we graduated from college. There was even a time when we nearly gave up thinking that the rift was apparently irreparable. After graduation, I took the Dentistry licensure examination which I luckily passed on my first try. At that moment I decided to go back home to Iba, Zambales to practice my profession. As usual, Albert followed me on my way back home.

Our first baby boy unfortunately died of aspiration pneumonia and lived only for nine days after birth because he was a premature baby. After years of waiting, we nearly gave up. We thought God will never again bless us with a child. In we migrated to the United States. And the first years were very difficult for us. During those trying times, we hurdled much obstacles as starters and strangers in a foreign land. We lived a life of ups and downs facing odd challenges for survival in the land of Uncle Sam.

But God is really good, we were able to overcome those challenges. Amids these crises, however, we kept on praying to God to bless us even with only one child.

All those years I thought I was not meant to become a mom. But God is so unimaginably great. God gave me a miracle because I got pregnant at the age of We named our miracle baby, Justine after the combined name of my father-in-law and my dad. She was a miracle baby. She is a blessing directly from God, our most loved and cherished gift from the Almighty.

We never succumbed to any vitro approach or artificial insemination. Now she is eight years old, a very sweet and smart girl. God really knows what is best for us. God will give you the favor you ask in His perfect time.

He gave Justine to us when everything was all in place like passing the board licensure examination, a green card and my own clinic. Now we are now on our 23rd year of happy and blissful married life. Aldave, Timothy Joseph L.

Aramay, Cris Adrian V. Bolasco, Lemuel John S. De Guzman, Francis C. Dial, Mike Tyrone R. Dullas, John Rey R. Ecalnir, Evan Nicholson E. Edora, John Benedict S. Escusa, Aldrin Paul C. Falinchao, Joshua Jude P. Gonzales, Jeffrey Lance A. Herrera, Gian Carl D.

Labrador, Matt Cyrus L. Luartes, Josh Daniel G. Montalla, Raymond Darel N. Trinidad, Charles Arthur B. Zaragoza, Mico Angelo O. Acuavera, Aleza Jane B. Agrabio, Jenalyn May T. Batinga, Joanna Marie O. Bautista, Camille Anne A. Cabal, Anne Charmaine S. Castillo, Jammie Fritz C. Castillo, Rose Anne A. Dacayo, Reena Jane B. Dazo, Almee Roselle O. Dolojo, Frances Mae L. Ebuen, Honey Jane G. Ecalnir, Eva Marie Nicole E. Ecura, Rizelle Jen A. Abdon, Joan Abbygail M. Aguilon, Jianne Samantha Rae M. Apostol, Thelma Thed Jane B.

Asuncion, Edsyl May E. Costa, Velia Faye C. Dumlao, Joana Mycah E. Gutierrez, Pearl Gem M. Lao, Mary Antonnette D. Lorente, Judessa Mai Y. Mabatid, Jenni Jeanne M. Megano, Ann Marie D. Reyes, Rellene Juerell D.

San Miguel, Angelica T. Graduates… Agana, John David M. Apostol, Moses Kim T. Arcala, Noriel Lemuel E. Bundang, John Del S. Carreon, Giuliano Mikael E. Centeno, Michael Dave M. Villamin, Hannah Katreena L. Willis, Maria Isabel G. Yap, Lindsay Grace D.

Graduates… Acuavera, Don Johnson B. Agana, Gil Bryan V. Basa, Jose Lorenzo M. Borreta, John Clinto B. Bundang, Kim Luis R. Cabal, Paul Marie D. Camat, Christopher Terence R. Camba, Mark Niele B. Casaclang, Louise Paolo St. De Jesus, Mark Gabriel L. Encarnacion, Don Mackenzie T. Endriga, Marc Justin B. Forcado, Marjo Andrio G. Guevarra, Kyle Viktor C.

Labrador, Donn Alexius L. Lavilla, Darcy Edmund D. Marin, John Benedict O. Rapanut, Kurl Patrick P. Rivera, Juan Paulo C. Solovioff, Alexander Julius E. Uy, Franz Ralph V. Villamin, Raedag Paul A. Abasta, Benazir Faye V. Apostol, Alva Maidy A. Ebbay, Mary Roshen N.

Elane, Robbie Ann T. Eugenio, Francis Fatima E. Galang, Airah Nicole O. Gumabao, Una Patrixia Marie Z. Pobre, John Dominique A. Pungtilan, Paul John B. Zenaroza, Gene Carlo M.

Department of Education Division of Bataan - News and Updates

Adoremos, April Joy D. Aguilar, Maribel Lynn B. Bautista, Ellen Ann C. Bundang, Jervy Lyn D. Caasi, Sri Krishna D. Castro, Kristine Joy D. Chua, Marie Beanne C. Maniago, Areej Dianne A. Nartea, Christine Joy M. Nillaga, Judith Ian Adore S. San Miguel, Annie T. Sorsano, Dyna Rose M. Tolentino, Chelsie Amor D.

Velasco, Mara Diane B. Zarate, Ann Jeleen M. Graduates… Asilo, Lorenz Paolo G. Cayetano, Daryll Yeroen M. Daylag, Lourd Gerard C. Diano, Kenneth James D. Eamilao, Mel Charles M. Exala, John Christopher D. Laplana, Bien Jonel S. Modelo, Levi Kristian U. Navor, Gian Paolo P. Pamplona, Don Anthony T. Sionillo, Joanne Reysi M. Solovioff, Mary Joyce E.

Sombria, Lydia Faye A. Tamares, Jan Allen A. Tila, Celine Elizabeth M. Trinidad, Haydee Mae B. Trinidad, Lysa Angelica B. Villamin, Mary Rae Kate A. Willis, Margie Elline G. Graduates… Abrena, Richard Anthony D. Agana, Sean Randall V. Apostol, Aemar Rey A. Enriquez, Zea Faye I. Espinoza, Leslie Ann Q. Garcia, Pauline Claire S.

Gumabao, JanMaree Ariane Z. Luartes, Jarylle Isis G. Magno, Joanna Luz D. Mendones, Venesse Mae M. Navora, Jane Andrea C. Paguinto, Meryl Jane P. Parallag, Franz Yvette C. Reyes, Julie Ann D. Villamin, Anne Therese M. Fulgueras, Richard Benjamin T. Gavilan, John Francis M. Josafat, John Lester A. Limbag, John Paul D. Limbag, Robert Emerson D. Mallari, Paul Gabriel D. And I constantly explained it that we worked hard not only for the awards, but for the future of our children and the city as a whole.

I was thirsty, and you gave me a drink. I was a stranger, and you invited me into your home. During that time, the barangays with zero malnutrition in the city are Canturing, Abgao and Cansirong.

We worked on improving the system of our nutrition strategies for us to further reduce the malnutrition incidence from the existing 5. The activation of the BNC in every barangay is very significant since it is responsible for formulating, managing, monitoring and evaluating the BNAP, mobilizing the needed resources for the implementation of the projects under the Philippine Plan of Action for Nutrition PPAN.

Part of their functions is to coordinate and integrate nutrition-related projects and activities of government and NGOs, including organizing the community to participate in nutrition projects. At the grassroots level, a very helpful and practical function of the BNC is in the promotion of home, school, and community food production in the villages. Some of their programs include distribution of seeds and seedlings, planting materials, fingerlings, goat, chicken, duck, etc.

Adopt a malnourished child On top of this, is another innovative activity which is the adopt a severely malnourished child that is gaining support in the community.

Starting from my adoption of three severely malnourished children, each for all the members of the Sangguniang Panglungsod, heads of the department of the city government and city hall employees follow suit.

Then it was simultaneously replicated with the adoptions by the different sectors in the city like the fraternities, civil society organizations, religious groups, national line agencies and even down at the barangay level.

The "Adopt-A-Malnourished Child Program" was launched on November 29, with 95 underweight and severely underweight children aged months old as recipients. Each child was allocated P30 per meal per day budget good for days. The total amount involved was P, On February 14,we had a Love Day for these children where we had a feeding program and gift giving at the City Gym. In a launching activity of the said program at the city gymnasium, in my opening message I urged everyone including non-government organizations, private sector and the general public to help the city officials reach the goal towards zero malnutrition.

Each office or agency contributed P Supplemental feeding was only once a day. The activity showcased some identified recipients that are living along the city proper. They were fed after the launching and were given pair of slippers sponsored by Cong. Damian Mercado along with his family and a "get-to-know" between the adopted child and their sponsor National evaluation During the national evaluation, Health Assistant Secretary Bernardita Flores lauded Maasin City as it continues to aim for a healthy and well-nourished citizenry for almost 12 years already.