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AgonSwim Weekly Wonders of Age Group Swimming – 1/28/

Ethan Yeager, 13, Saline Swim Team: y free () – Yeager improved his third in the boys' free at the BBSC Circle City Classic. at the Alaska Age Group Championships hosted by Soldotna Swim Team. With all the college meets going on all around us, who knew the age group Below are the AgonSwim Weekly Wonders for the weekend of January , Circle City Classic Invitational hosted by Brownsburg Swim Club. Simmons lopped seconds off his breast at the Great Alaska Open. Circle City Classic results, teams, top swims, personal best, latest news and more . Fox Valley Swim Team, 4, –, 6, , 2, Maverick Swim Club logo.

This small group tour is limited to six guests and for ages six and up. This tour offers an octopus feeding while learning about these fascinating creatures. This tour is at 4: This tour limited to 14 guests and all ages. Then the Avian Experience is for you. Join an education bird and their trainer to learn how diving sea birds adapt to life below the waves. Learn all about the birds at ASLC with the birds!

This experience is at 4: Tour limited to 14 guests and for ages six and up. Sea Otters are more than just cute! On the Sea Otter Experience, learn about how these remarkable marine mammals survive in the cold waters of the North Pacific Ocean. Join our animal care staff and observe a feeding or animal enrichment session. Tour limited to 14 guest and is open to all ages. There is so much to see this summer, you may even work up an appetite or want to grab some coffee while you are visiting.

Grab a cup of coffee or a quick meal and snack to fuel the rest of your day in Seward. Prices listed do not include tax. All tours and encounters require purchase of general admission. All guests under the age of 16 must be accompanied by a paying adult. The disease advanced quickly. Animal Care and Veterinary staff made all attempts to make Sugar as comfortable as possible, thereby ensuring quality of life to the end. Sugar was born in May Known for her animated personality, Sugar was a favorite among staff and visitors.

Having worked at the Center sinceI can't imagine not having such a well-trained and beautiful animal in our midst. She will be sorely missed. Pam Tuomi, Senior Veterinarian said. A necropsy will be performed at ASLC in hopes of learning more about this disease.

About Steller Sea Lions Steller sea lions are the largest member of the eared seal family. The species ranges across the northern Pacific Ocean, from Japan through the Aleutian Islands and southeast Alaska to northern California.

Divided into eastern and western regions, the western population is currently listed as endangered. Woody was humanely euthanized Monday following a rapid decline due to age-related complications. In the wild, male Steller sea lions almost never live beyond their teens. While male sea lions typically lose a significant amount of weight in the fall, Woody lost more weight at a faster rate compared to previous years.

Despite attempts by animal care and veterinary staff to reverse this trend, he lost interest in food and stopped participating in regular feeding sessions over the past two weeks, culminating in profound weight loss.

A necropsy is currently being conducted. While female Steller sea lions typically live longer than males, Woody was the last remaining member of this original sea lion cohort. Sugar died this past March of bone cancer and Kiska died in of pancreatic cancer. Woody is survived by two offspring, Ellie born in June and Forrest born in July Ellie and Forrest are the first Steller sea lions born in a North American aquarium since the s.

Their births were part of a maternal investment research program. He was well-known for his sheer size topping out over pounds inlarge personality, and curious intelligence. Children have grown up knowing him. He commanded attention and will be missed beyond measure.

Healthy oceans, healthy planet. World Oceans Day activities for all ages will be available on June 8 from 9: A Field Guide for Children. Nose 2 Nose enhances the underwater viewing area with a new Octopus Grotto where visitors can walk or crawl inside, see amazing fish models handcrafted by Alaska taxidermist Tom Kaiser, and learn more about resident octopuses and other marine dwellers. The exhibit also offers an array of interpretive installations and fun activities for the entire family.

In addition to seeing eye-to-eye with octopuses, sea lions, seals, and a number of fish and bird species, Nose 2 Nose visitors will be invited to: Visitors will also not want to miss the wild sea lion cam. Pupping season has begun on Chiswell Island and visitors will want to check the Nose 2 Nose gallery monitor for any new pups that may be ready for their close up!

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The new exhibit Coastal Impressions: In addition to exploring exhibits and activities, visitors will want to be sure to set their watches for the marine animal feedings scheduled on June 8! Fascinating and informative presentations by ASLC staff will continue to be available daily in the galleries throughout June and July, including: Reservations are recommended for all encounters and tours and age restrictions apply.

Alaska SeaLife Center hours through September 4,are: We cordially invite the public and media to observe this exciting and memorable event. Harbor Seal Release When: Friday, September 19, at 3: Staff observed the area for 24 hours to determine if the mother would return.

At the time, the seal pup was a newborn and would not have survived on its own without Response Team aid. After authorization for the rescue from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration NOAAGobi was brought into the Center where she received immediate veterinary care and treatment for wounds on her head and chin.

University of Alaska Fairbanks

Throughout the summer, Gobi learned to swim, hunt for fish, and socialize with other seals. After a final veterinary exam, the female pup met weight criteria and staff determined she was ready for release. Once a seal is admitted to the Center, it is closely monitored by the veterinary and animal care staff at ASLC. We especially thank Shell Exploration and Production, ConocoPhillips Alaska, and BP Alaska for their generous contributions to the Center in support of wildlife rescue and oil spill response readiness.

The Alaska SeaLife Center operates a hour hotline for the public to report stranded marine mammals or birds,and encourages people whohave found a stranded or sick marine animal to avoid touching or approaching the animal. Visitors to the Center can watch the activities of the otter and its care-givers through viewing windows near the Discovery Touch Pool.

The pup, now a healthy pound, 2-month old female, was found stranded as a newborn in Port Moller, Alaska after being entangled in a fishing net. The otter was brought to the Alaska SeaLife Center on July 12 where she immediately began receiving intensive, hands-on care. Sea otter pups must be fed every two hours and constantly groomed to keep their fur clean. Due to the maternal care required by young otters, pups this age are deemed non-releasable by the U.

As she grows older, solids are being slowly increased to incorporate a larger variety including shrimp and crab. U is the next step for this young otter to become more independent.

This will allow her to care for herself, with continued around-the-clock support from our animal care team.

AgonSwim Weekly Wonders of Age Group Swimming – 2/10/2016

Once a sea otter is admitted to the Center, it is closely monitored by the veterinary and animal care staff at ASLC. The evaluation assesses seven areas: The Center for Interactive Learning and Collaboration CILCestablished inspecializes in the access to applications and the utilization of videoconferencing for live interactive content and professional development, as well as web-based collaborative learning environments for lifelong learning.

On September,the one-month-old calf was found stranded near Trading Bay in western Cook Inlet. He gradually progressed from suckling from a tube to drinking from a bottle.

Over the next few months Tyonek steadily gained weight and grew stronger, becoming more playful with his caregivers. White Large Animal Research Station conducts long-term research with muskoxenreindeer and cattle. Housing[ edit ] UAF has several student residence halls on both lower and middle Fairbanks campus.

Housing is offered year-round. All halls are smoke-free, as is the entire campus. Each hall has a kitchen, laundry facility, exterior door hall access system and maintenance services.

The halls vary from each other slightly to suit different preferences of the student population. Additional housing locations on campus are available to graduates, families, employees and nontraditional students. As per the ASUAF Constitution, there is a president, a vice president and no more than 20 senators, all of whom must be in good academic standing 2.

Senators, the president and the vice president have terms of one full academic year. The Senate meets at 4 p. Alaska Nanooks Alaska vs. Air Force ice hockey game University of Alaska Fairbanks sports teams are the Alaska Nanooks, with the word Nanook derived from the Inupiaq word for "polar bear.

The school colors are blue and gold. The Nanooks play home games at the 4,seat Carlson Centerlocated in downtown Fairbanks.