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Get a life insurance quote · Get an Education Protector quote · Get a Funeral Plan quote . We are at the Durban King's Park swimming pool, and the irony of Mhlengi's Ndwedwe for the hustle and bustle of Chesterville as he began his studies at UNISA, Join Team Vitality, SA's largest running and cycling club today!. Over people were estimated to have attended the Meet me on Call for a quote today! . Swimming (Lane Swim from 4–5 pm) (Free). Title: The Chesterville Record-August 24, , Author: Robin Morris, Name: The 21, to the Chesterville Pool for their annual swim meet. summer at Brockville Speedway,” to quote driver Lafrance of the # Bandit Motorsports machine.

But in reality, discipline can be your best friend, because once you harness it, discipline becomes easier and easier to use. Disciplines form habits, and good swimming habits are what makes champions.

While most swimmers will wait around for motivation to strike them, the disciplined swimmer does the work regardless of how motivated or not they are. This swim quote should you to not shy away from being a self-disciplined athlete. Not only is it the blood, sweat, and tears that you pound into that pool on a daily basis, it is accumulated wealth. What I mean by that is once you have stockpiled hard work, once you have begun to travel down the path to success, it becomes much harder to turn around and go back.

If not, you will find an excuse. After all, we all know that swimmer who has no problem talking a big game about how successful they want to be in the water, but when it comes down to actually doing something, suddenly their big talk turns into big excuses. We are imperfect in a lot of ways, but one of the ways where we truly excel is in finding excuses.

Sometimes you need to just get of your head, get out of your own way, and get down to it. Nowhere do you see this more incessantly than in the fitness and wellness market. The promises of Six Minute Abs, losing weight by eating like crap, and so on. We are being marketed solutions that are almost always too good to be true. Everywhere we turn, we are being told that we can outsmart hard work. But it is precisely that it is so laborious and challenging that so few decide to embrace the work required to climb the summit of swimming excellence.

Be one of the few. If you are like most swimmers, probably at least a few times, right?

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Intentions are no more than wishes until they are acted upon. You can say that you want big things for yourself in the water, but until you stop waiting around for perfect conditions and take action you are merely fantasizing. No matter what your goal is — crushing your best time, swimming a 10k straight, or winning Olympic gold — whatever it is, start today.

Heck, start right now. The length and frequency of our swim season and our workouts ensure this. There are the two-a-days when your muscles are ringing with soreness, the holiday camps where all you can do is sleep and sleep before returning to the pool.

And of course, the doubt and shattered confidence that comes from under-performing in competition. Brave these moments, for they are not only temporary, but it is precisely these moments that separate champions from B-finalists. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit.

It instills everything that matters to high-performance swimming: Healthier influences turned my life around "I only drank on weekends, I loved my beer," he smiles.

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I realised that the drinking was affecting my swimming, and I consciously decided to start hanging around with non-drinkers. That's when I met Sandile. With eight full Iron Mans and five Durban Ultras to his name, he turned out to be a fantastic role model for Mhlengi. My mentors taught me to swim, and life lessons along the way Mhlengi admits, "The temptation to go back to drinking and my old life of drugs is always there.

So it is key for me to hang out with people who will ensure that I don't go back to what I used to do. They all taught me to swim, but more importantly, they are giving me very important life lessons. I am now a permanent lifeguard and I've had some great experiences in triathlons and lifesaving championships.

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He also competed in last year's Discovery Triathlon World Cup. We won and flew to Cape Town for what turned out to be a very good holiday. The people at Discovery put us up at the Southern Sun hotel and we were supposed to check out a day after the event but they allowed us to stay an extra day.