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Recently, I met them for about an hour at their Shastri Nagar home. reflects their state of inner joy and peace – what you will find in people who love what they are doing and do only what they love! I have realized that there's no success or failure. Let your child live and learn from Life's experiences. I am blessed to have had his friendship and love in my Life. how to cope with the rigor of raising a special child, treated Malathi like an outsider. . No significant music composition offers, no clamor from interview seekers, no major titles It can be very humiliating and surely the fastest way of ridding yourself of your ego. Of course, you have only yourself to blame. . I had gone to meet a renowned psychiatrist Nagaswami; I was reporting irrational bouts of anger. You wanted someone to love you, but she is not interested. .. Daily Mail UK · Dalai Lama · Damadam Mast Kalandhar · Dame Evelyn Glennie · Damini · Dan Brown .

Well if you are Vaani, you just let go, you melt and dissolve in the magic and beauty of the moment, and you tear up. I was more reflective. It is my absolute, all-time favorite SPB number. And I sent a prayer in gratitude to the Universe, to Life, for creating and nurturing this man, so that his exceptional voice could light up our lives! So I ask him the most logical question: Does he feel happy, accomplished…? He beams his famous, big, adorable smile. But let me tell you truthfully, I did not come into this industry with any goal.

I had no idea. I had then thought that I will not last beyond a couple of songs. But I have survived here, somehow pulled along…you can say! So, I often reflect on these past years with a sense of immense gratitude; I am grateful to the Almighty for giving my lifetime a sense of purpose.

That my singing has made so many people happy makes me happy. I feel I am blessed. I chose singing because it made me happy while engineering did not give me that sense of joy. I taught myself to sing better and continue to learn to sing better with every new song and every new music composer I work with.

I sing both for my inner joy and to earn a living. It is so humbling when people come to me and tell me that they feel I have sung a song especially for them.

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I am very happy when I am able to deliver what my captain, the music director, wants out of me. I can totally empathize with my friend. But only he, neither his business doing better nor his marriage being saved, can pull him out of the rut he finds himself in. It is the nature of worries and anxieties to debilitate. If they are holding you hostage, it only means that you have allowed them to be that way. The human mind plays tricks on you all the time. It consistently strives to take you away from what is and gets you to attend to what once was or what may possibly be.

So, most of the time, you are not present in the now.

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And happiness is always in simply being — present, in the now! When you impose conditions on what is, unhappiness sets in. There was a time when I did not know, or understand when I eventually got to know, this secret to living. I remember waking up in my air-conditioned bedroom in the nights, some years ago, sweating. Sleep evaded me for months on end.

I would pace up and down a long hallway in my apartment each night — worrying, fearing, feeling angry, guilty, helpless. I knew what I was doing was stupid. But I just could not sleep.

I could not focus on the present. Once I went to a live concert of R. Besides, working out is a happier way of dealing with a challenge than complaining about a bad back!

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And yet he has the ability to laugh? So truly, genuinely, happily? Mano lives alone in their Santhome home in Chennai. Vaani is curious to know how Mano copes on a daily basis — now that Mahema is not with him anymore.

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She is always there with me. I work on the endowments we set up to keep her memory alive, I write books celebrating her Life, I create art which sells and the proceeds go to support causes. You know, when Life has a Purpose, it is easy to deal with Life.

Mahema taught me this. I live by this principle to keep myself going, happy and living in the moment. I live each day as it comes. Ask me about today and I can tell you how I am feeling, how I am coping. But I can never say anything about tomorrow, nobody can.