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I don't think much will be missed as just about everyone closes down over this holiday period, so there will be very few press releases or announcements made from the labels around. There are already a stack of titles building up for reviewing come January and I will start those on my return. What I do want to mention is a few titles from that are still to be reviewed.

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Those will be added next - whenever that is. Just wanted to let those awaiting these reviews know that they are coming! I continue work on the MelRock Awards That's about it for now. Friday, December 16, Pre-View: I have every record and just about every one of the many side projects.

Despite being a massive fan, I have been pretty hard on the guys in my most recent reviews of Mindfields and Through The Looking Glass.

This is what it is all about folks. This is the exact reason I do this site - this is genius. While offering a preview of the tracks that make up Falling In Between, I almost feel as if I'm writing the official review for the album. I'm not - a more detailed final review will follow soon Again, without prefacing my final review - this is a stunning record.

Already I would rate it as one of the very best records of the band's entire career. I have only had the full album a few days - it might just end up their best. I have spent a month with 6 tracks and a few days with the remaining four songs.

There is absolutely no doubt in my mind that Falling In Between features a little of everything Toto have ever been and will, without doubt, appeal to every single fan the band has ever reached out to. I'll make a number of additional observations in the final review, but a couple of particular points should be made now. This is a record with an amazing sound. The production is layer upon layer deep and the individual performances are some of the best I have heard from the guys.

The percussion on this record is second to none as far as Toto's history and the songs are just as diverse, yet perfectly cohesive in the scheme of the album's flow. Something else which I am seriously in awe of, is the seamless way the different vocalists appear and work with each other through the record.

There are 5 lead vocalists on this record and sometimes 3 or 4 in any given track! Yet never once does the record sound disjointed or a song appear out of place.

I have added this special feature because from time to time there is a record due that captures the attention of a lot of people. This 50 minute record has something for every Toto fan old and new and then something. The song is very progressive and together with the hard crunch of the guitar and some amazing swirling keyboards, the song reminds me of the best from Dream Theater.

The band has really gone out of it's way to be different, yet in a way that is going to appeal to fans. Take this track - the heaviest of the album - when was the last time you heard an album title track that features two verses, two quick choruses and no further lead vocals past the 2 minute 20 mark!

Not only that, but Bobby Kimball sings the verse like I have never heard him power and new boy Greg sings the chorus.

Dying On My Feet 6: This is a stunning track that highlights the genius that is this album. A laid back mid-tempo verse with a subtle riff and prominent piano riff doubles in pace for a bridge that features another heavy and in your face guitar rip before the song reverts back to it's original pace.

This is a perfect contrast, but what I couldn't believe is the u-turn taken after the second chorus. From out of nowhere a massive orchestral break drives this song into the audio equivalent of cinematic widescreen. There are instruments and layers flying every which way and can only be described as glorious.

Without warning the song reverts back to how it started, but now with a Lukather solo to accompany. Ok, so we are back to chorus time, but there is still another u-turn awaiting. No, not to the first anthemic interlude, but rather an even more complex, progressive instrumental outro that lasts close to 2 minutes. Before you even realize, the song is bursting with heavy guitar riffs and then a massive horn section!

On my count that's about 5 different vibes within a 6 minute song. I have never heard anything like it and suggest that fans of the oldest formation of Toto will really dig this track.

Bottom Of Your Soul 7: Easily the most commercial number, this will be the most familiar sound to fans of 80s Toto. This mid-tempo ballad reminds me of the moody I Will Remember from Tambu - certainly the vibe and the percussion is very reminiscent of this track. The kicker is the chorus. A mellow Lukather sung verse gives way to one of the biggest choruses of the record, but with none other than the masterful Joseph Williams up front. It's a definite return to Seventh One as Williams and Lukather duet through the rest of the track.

King Of The World 4: This is the most 80s sounding track of the album and again reminds me of the uptempo melodic rock moments from Seventh One and Isolation.

David Paich features as lead vocalist during the verse and Lukather takes the bridge into the chorus, where Bobby Kimball takes over and supplies another short, but memorable powerhouse vocal.

The very catchy and commercial chorus is everything anthem loving Toto fans will be hoping for! For whatever reason, the track reminds me of the ultra high-tech feel and sound of Mr. Mister's Welcome To The Real World album - very 80s, but so high-tech that the sound appears timeless.

The instrumental break is again something that I have never heard before, yet it remains so recognizable to fans and true to the Toto legacy. This is a somewhat more stripped back track than some of the multi-layered orchestral parts of previous tracks.

The song is a guitar driven slow-to-mid tempo groover, with a real swagger. But the chorus is once again bathed in multi-layered glory. Basically, this is very heavy come chorus time, but relatively organic and features a blazing guitar solo.

I asked Luke where the rest of the track was! He basically said he wanted people to want to play it again. That they will, as it is over way to soon! A Luke sung ballad, the song builds with subtle rhythms and a prominent piano part, then explodes into a single massive and passionate chorus and in a blink of an eye it is all over.

Taint Your World 4: Yes, Bobby Kimball suggests "you don't want to fuck with me" during the chorus! And who would argue with his statement at the end of the track??

You'll have to wait for that! One thing springs instantly to mind the second this track fires up - Van Halen! Yep, this is Lukather at his Eddie Van Halen best and man, he sounds good.

This is Toto's Hot For Teacher. The chorus is fast and furious, the vocals are layers deep and again the band take a side trip for a curious instrumental break. Let It Go 5: He fits into the band perfectly.

What is most enjoyable about the track is the fact it continues the pace of the last track, but runs mainly on a snappy rhythm section. Lush instrumentation and multiple use of a pre-chorus bridge keeps things hopping around! This soulful and spiritual ballad is stunning Greg, Bobby and David Paich all sing on this, each one taking a verse there is no definitive chorus as such.

This is the ultimate build-up song. Starting slowly, the vocals are hauntingly passionate and really capture the emotions of the listener. The bridge between the verses is multi-layered and is short, yet even more intense. With each passing minute, more layers of vocals and instruments are added to the song and when a simply stunning Bobby Kimball bursts through the speakers, every single hair on your body will be standing on end.

The last minute of the song is so thick in vocals, sax and keyboards, you will need that 5. No End In Sight 6: Steve Lukather sings the verse, while Bobby Kimball delivers the chorus. The transition is so smooth you'll have to go back to hear where one takes over from the other. The tempo starts slow, but builds and jumps around. The chorus and song itself takes a few listens to get into and getting a handle on the layered percussion takes another listen after that!

Some of the instrumental passages remind me of Seventh One again So that's a look into the most anticipated release of I'll spend some further time with the album and deliver a more extensive full review in a few weeks time.

E-Online are claiming Van Halen are again looking for a new lead singer. Their story is just not correct. More a commentary on the state of guitarist Eddie Van Halen's personal life, the piece incorrectly speculates that the band no longer features vocalist Sammy Hagar. Not true and management have again confirmed that with this short statement delivered to me this afternoon: There is no activity in the Van Halen camp, nor is there any planned activity for the foreseeable future.

Anthony stated that the band was on hiatus and that he hasn't talked to either of the Van Halen brothers for sometime. The very respected bassman will instead tour with Sammy Hagar's solo show in Joining the group on guitar is axe slinger Tracii Guns, formerly of L. Guns and Brides of Destruction. A new bass player will be announced shortly. The newly revamped Quiet Riot will enter the studio in January to record new songs for their next studio release, the first new material from the band since the release of Guilty Pleasures in Look for Quiet Riot on tour in !

It may not even need to be said, but the future of Brides Of Destruction is in serious question. Guitar genius Michael Thompson is back with a new instrumental solo album. MT Speaks is available now via his official website: The introduction message from Michael delivers more good news: I've got some cool stuff planned for the future.

I'm also planning to re-release my album MTB How Long also containing two previously unreleased tracks plus a new song written by singer Moon Calhoun and myself.

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More signs of an industry in turmoil and still trying to figure out what it is doing! This lifted from Business Week Online. As has been true since the start, iPod owners mostly fill up their players from their own CD collections or swipe tunes from file-sharing sites. Now legal downloads may be losing their luster. According to Nielsen SoundScan, average weekly download sales as of Nov. Says independent media analyst Richard Greenfield: Apple, which launched the digital music revolution, may now be holding it back.

Critics say Apple's proprietary technology and its refusal to offer more ways to buy or to stray from its rigid 99 cents a song model is dampening legal sales of digital tunes.

NAPSwhich sells both subscriptions and downloads. People are bored with that. The European release has been pushed back by one week and is now scheduled for January Two Steps to The Sun. The Mob Rules bonus track. MR-X has been updated. Online today is a very special set of tunes: This 2CD set of songs features 38 tracks - all stripped back and delivered as organically as can be done!

New Videos have also been added. Suncity Records have announced three new singings for the new year. The details are as follows: The yet to be titled Dirty Rhythm CD will be a five-track album with a bonus multimedia video. The label describes the tracks as " This band will deliver the never before released album Groovin' On The Backside.

With perfect hooks and melodies to have these tunes in your head for weeks. Smokin' guitars, which is synonymous with all Suncity Records releases. What also really struck me with this material was the sensational late 80's, early 90's big stadium ballads which have to be heard to be believed.

Perfectly crafted hard rock. Forming in as a five-piece, it was ten tough years of touring, writing and recording until these boys stuck it big time when they got signed to Universal Records USA. Again in the label's words: Over the first ten years as a band Heaven's Wish achieved some quite substantial highlights, which included picking up the best band award for In the band were getting ready for a tour of Hawaii when tragedy stuck.

Jim, the bass guitarist committed suicide. After that fateful day the band never really recovered and the band really suffered having Heaven's Wish split up.

The band currently does one-off shows in their hometown of Detroit and still getting great reviews everywhere they play. Gathering up tons of unreleased material over the years, It is now time for the boys to get back in the studio and belt them out on another full length album. Heaven's Wish signed up for a two CD deal, which will please fans to no end. Some of the songs you can look forward to hearing are: Also with the label - things are moving along very nicely with South Station and you can expect a release date for their first album early in More information on all these signings at the label's website: The pair had been blood brothers for many years and set aim to create the best and true metal music that had ever been created!

The line-up was completed by Urban Breed, the amazing singer and extraordinary frontman from the band Tad Morose and the young and extremely talented drummer Oskar Belin. This ambitious project took over one year to finish and not a single track on the album is less than one hundred channels!

On Nosferatu the band is combining the musicality and the classical elements of bands like Iron Maiden, Judas Priest and Helloween! Nosferatu will be released in Japan on December 16 through Marquee Inc. Nosferatu will feature the following tracks: Screams In The Night.

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Visit Bloodbound online and leave a comment in the guestbook: Avian is the American progressive-power metal band of guitarist Yan Leviathan and vocalist Lance King. To download the new full MP3 song Single Blade of Vengeance from their new CD, go to the bands official website at the following location: To download the new full MP3 song Souls in Pain from their upcoming CD, go to the bands official website at the following location: The band rocked it s way down the East Coast from Brisbane to Melbourne and along the south to Adelaide playing 25 shows in a taking it back to the fans tour breaking some new territory along the way.

The initial limited edition double disk sold out pretty quickly and rumour has it that the disc has now gone gold. The Jets have also just set up a new myspace site: So check 'em out! Both stereo and the wonderful sounding DTS 5. The 10th Anniversary Concert package also includes a bonus Producer Erik Norlander explains in the booklet's liner notes that he and Lana made this decision since live versions of these two songs already appear on the Return to Japan CD released in The 10th Anniversary Concert is the perfect companion to Lana's Storybook DVD released in which was more of a documentary release.

Since the 10th Anniversary Concert contains one complete concert performance, the two DVDs go hand in hand with no redundancy. With stellar vocal and musical performances along with brilliant visuals and production, this title is a must have release for all fans of Lana Lane!

Erik Norlander ; 2. Secrets of Astrology Erik Norlander ; 3. Erik Norlander ; 4. Curious Goods Part One instr. Erik Norlander ; 6. Athena's Shadow Lana Lane ; 8. Nevermore Lana Lane ; 9. Garden of the Moon Erik Norlander ; In the Hall of the Ocean Queen instr.

Erik Norlander ; Redemption Part One instr. December Moon Erik Norlander ; Destination Roswell Erik Norlander ; Athena's Shadow Lana Lane ; 6. Nevermore Lana Lane ; 7. Garden of the Moon Erik Norlander ; 8. Erik Norlander ; 9. Release shall happen in Europe on Frontiers Records in March New Jersey metallic rockers Teos today announce their new line up featuring vocalist Danny Knight. Danny brings a powerful melodic dimension to the Teos sound, as well as the longest hair.

The band is currently writing material and recording demos for a forthcoming release. New tracks can be heard on their MySpace page, and photos are on the official website. Tour dates for January and February will be announced shortly. Also coming is 's The Fourth Decade Renaissance Records due for release early spring of followed by a tour expected to run fro several months following the release For further updates please visit www.

From the opening riff it s clear old-school melodic hard rock is what Walk The Sky is all about. She was different from everybody else".

The series premiered on December 2,shortly after the release of Hilton's sex tape, [40] and was a ratings success; its first episode attracted 13 million viewers, increasing Fox's adult 18—49 rating by 79 percent. A jewelry line designed by Hilton was sold on Amazon. Originally planned for a small release, high demand led to increased availability by December Its introduction was followed by a percent increase in Parlux sales, primarily of the Hilton-branded perfume.

The Simple Life was canceled by Fox after three seasons in following a dispute between Hilton and Richie. Neither Richie nor Hilton spoke publicly about their split, although it was speculated that they fell out after Richie showed one of Hilton's homemade sex tapes to a group of their friends. Shooting for the new season began on February 27, The album reached number six on the Billboardand sold overcopies worldwide.

Australia's Urban Cinefile, describing Hilton, wrote that she "spends most of her screen time flicking her hair as she delivers lines like 'books are those things you read. In early August, Hilton signed a licensing agreement with Antebi for a signature footwear line Paris Hilton Footwear, featuring stilettos, platforms, flats, wedges and a sports collection which reached stores in Hilton's love for dogs led her to create a canine apparel line, Little Lily by Paris Hilton, with some of the proceeds benefiting animal rescue, in early The Genetic Opera[] she played Amber Sweet, the surgery and painkiller-addicted daughter of a biotech magnate.

Movies called her a "hopeless twit as an actress". In MayHilton won the Female Celebrity Fragrance of the Year Award at the Fifi Awards[] [] in July, her sixth fragrance for women, Sirenwas introduced, [] and in August, she appeared in the fifth episode of Supernatural 's fifth season.

In February, Hilton introduced a fragrance line, the Passport Collection, with perfumes inspired by cities such as ParisSouth Beach, Florida and Tokyo[] and also a mobile application which became available for iPhone and iPod touch. It was so unique. It would be hard to recreate that. She is larger than life and her house is like Paris World. In June, she peformed at Summerfestin Milwaukeein front of 50, concert-goers.

Rotten Tomatoes gave the film a 93 rating based on 28 reviews, [] with Hilton receiving acclaim for showing her vulnerability and giving audiences a glimpse into the dark side of fame. Hilton's other social media-themed project was Hollywood Love Storya six-episode series that aired on Viceland between July and August Critics suggest that Hilton epitomizes being a celebutanteexemplifying the famous for being famous phenomenon [6] —a celebrity for no particularly identifiable reason other than inherited wealth and lavish lifestyle.